Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services is a platform to help those registered with it to find the  best possible match in a convenient and friendly manner. We at Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services believe in creating  happy and fulfilling  relationships that lasts lifetime.

We understand and value that marriage is not only the unison of two souls but two  families. Going by this fact of life, we follow the age-old, traditional set-up when it comes to searching for an alliance with the help of the available technologies that speeds up the entire process. Amidst our efforts to strike a perfect balance between traditions and technology, we tend to create bonds forever.

Marriage is a Bond held together, by a Glue called Love.

Sahaj Banthia

Two souls dwelling into one, Signifying the families unison. Marriages decided by Almighty, Are knots tied for Eternity..

Siddhant Banthia

Our Team

Success Stories

A successful alliance is a treat for lifetime. At Cupid Knot, we don't just believe in creating a perfect match but celebrating one too. This page is entirely a dedication to such wonderful couples out there who found their 'better half' through Cupid Knot. We wish them all the happiness and togetherness in the world. Great Going..!!
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