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In order to be able to avail the services offered by Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services, you

need to register as a member and agree to follow & comply with the terms and conditions of

use (also, referred to as, Agreement) in full capacity.

Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services preserves the right to amend, alter, modify or change any

terms and conditions with prior notice to the user.

*Terms and Conditions of Use –

1. Eligibility Clause –

 In order to be eligible to register and avail the benefits of matchmaking service, the

individual must have attained the minimum marriageable age in accordance with the

provisions of the law.

 Once you have registered here, we assume that the individual whose account has

been created has attained such an age well before the registration.

 The registration procedure involves an in-depth verification of the profile and only

then shall your profile go live. This might take from 24 to 48 hours.

2. Sustainability Clause –

 On completion and confirmation of the registration process, the agreement shall be

valid until the member wishes to continue to enjoy the benefits of services offered by

Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services. Although, Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services

reserves the right to deny/cancel your registration/ membership and/or

deny/terminate your access to the site after providing a sufficient notice to you via E-


 You also have the discretion to discontinue/terminate your membership for

whatsoever reason to be intimated via mail.

 In case your membership is terminated by breach of any condition of the agreement,

you will not be entitled to any membership/subscription charges already paid.

3. Content Clause –

 Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services collects two types of content viz. Public information

and private information. Further details of which is shared in the Privacy Policy


 Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services allows members to submit information on behalf of

your child, sibling, friend, etc provided they don’t object such content being put on the

site. If any such person named hereinabove doesn’t want such information to be

published, he/she may request for the removal of the information. He/she shall have

to provide sufficient and appropriate evidence/proof that such information pertains to


 You understand and agree that Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services may delete any

information, message, photographs or profiles (hereinafter referred to as ‘Content’) if

it finds it to be offensive, illegal or in violation of the some rights, and/or harmful or

threatening to the safety and security of any user/member.

Following is an inclusive list of the content of the content that might be considered

illegal or say prohibited on the site. Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services reserves the

right to remove such illegal or obscene content. Also, it shall investigate and take

appropriate legal action, if need be against anyone who violates this provision and/or

it may also terminate/deny/cancel the membership without any refund as stated

earlier (in Clause 2) –

 Content that is offensive to any particular social group or promotes &/or

favours any racial community or group or for that matter hurts the sentiments

of any such group or community.

 Content that promotes hatred &/or fear amongst the individual of any caste,

community or religion.

 Content that harasses or threatens and /or advocates to harass or threaten

any individual &/or community.

 Content that involves transmission of unsolicited bulk e-mail, junk mail, mass-

mail, commonly referred to as spamming.

 Content includes any information that is found to be false, misleading,

abusive, obscene, defamatory or in promotion of any illegal activity, or in

violation or infringement of someone’s privacy or personal rights.

 Content includes any material that exploits any person on the basis of caste,

age, gender and/or religion or solicits any personal information from such a

person or any such unauthorised access that harms his/her privacy for any

commercial or unlawful purposes

 Content includes any obscene/pornographic/vulgar pictures or textual

material uploaded in the user’s personal profile and or transmitted via e-mails

or chats

 It is advisable for the members/users to not include in your profile any landmark

location, address or any sort of contact information viz. mobile numbers, social media

account details, e-mail id’s, etc., as such information is a part of your private

information and the same shall be communicated to the other user/member upon

verification of his/her profile and interests shown, if any. The same shall apply to you

in the opposite place.

 The users / members shall have to fill a online KYC form which is an extra measure

of security taken at our end. Not only this will help us obtain the requisite information

about you but shall also help us to make detailed analysis and find a suitable match

for your profile.

4. Privacy Policy Clause –

 The members who publish/post the content on the site shall be solely responsible for

it. Also, it shall be your responsibility, if you share/transmit any such information to

other users/members.

 We collect two types of information from the members for the services we offer.

These are – Private and Public Information.

Public Information is any information that can be & is displayed on the site for

the purpose of search viz. name, age, gender, height, photograph, short video etc.

Private Information is the one that allows any member to make or initiate

contact with the other users/members registered on the portal for the availment of

services offered here viz. email-address, credit card number, a user – specific

password, mailing address, contact number(s), etc.

 By posting any content on the public arena, you grant the other members an

irrevocable right and non-exclusive exposure and usage of such information. This

information is not intended to reveal any of your private information.

 The private information that you submit on the portal shall be broadly used to help

you find a suitable match. We use such information for an in-depth analysis to help

you find a suitable match in the traditional and conventional fashion but by making

the best use of the available technologies. Althogh the same shall be shared with the

parties from whom the alliance is sought only upon prior permission from your end.

 We understand that the financial information that you provide is highly confidential.

With due respect to your privacy, we make sure that the same is secure with us.

 No part of the private information that you provide us shall be disclosed to anyone,

except in accordance with the provisions of law.

 We do not rent, sell or make available on hire or loan any of the personal information

to any individual or organisation, unless purposely required by law.

5. Indemnification Clause –

 By accepting the terms of use, each member/user agrees to indemnify, defend and/or

hold harmless Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services, its directors, board members,

officers, agents, employees and successors from and against any and all the

liabilities, losses, expenses, damages, costs or claims that might arise in

consequence of the use of your account or due to the contravention of any terms and

conditions or infringement of intellectual property and/or any other rights.

6. Disclaimer –

 Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services only facilitates the exchange of profile of different

users from varied background and that it should not be taken to be any matrimonial offer

/ suggestion/ recommendation from our end.

 Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services shall not be responsible for any incorrect/ inaccurate/

misleading/ false content posted on the site by any member/user. Also, it cannot be held

responsible for any act/ conduct of the user/member registered on Cupid Knot

Matrimonial Services.

 Under no circumstance shall Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services be held responsible for

any loss/damage arising in & during due course of the usage of the services offered or

by the usage of any content posted or transmitted by any user/member.

7. Legal Enforceability Clause –

 All or any of the provisions of the Agreement shall be enforced and are governed by and

in accordance with the laws prevalent in the Indian subcontinent at any point of time.

 All Jurisdiction are subject to the judicial proceedings or the judiciary mehanism at


By registering on Cupid Knot Matrimonial Services, you agree to have read the above

terms and conditions of the Agreement and shall follow or abide by the same in all

manners and at all times.

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