10 Undeniable Reasons to Love marriages.

Marriage is beautiful. Without a doubt, it comes with its own share of hardship and struggle. But in an end, it is an incredible association of two imperfectly perfect humans.


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1. A partner for life

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and with marriage, you gain a partner for a lifetime. Whatever you do in life, you would always have someone looking up for you. From the worst panic attacks to the best ravioli, you would’ve someone to share everything, however stupid or negligible it may be.


2. Your partner accepts your flaws

No one would accept your flaws as beautifully as your life partner. In their eyes, you would always remain an absolutely perfect human. Isn’t it beautiful to have someone with whom you would be completely and absolutely comfortable with?


Love marriages


3. A trustworthy friend

You get yourself a worst critic and a best friend when you get married. The friend who would listen to your endless talks and banters. The friend you could trust your entire life with. The feeling of companionship is overwhelming and you get to experience it every day in your married life.


4. You get a strong teammate.

Let’s face it. Independence is fun but we all crave for companionship or a helping hand. Your partner is your strongest teammate. Together as a team, you help achieve the goal, aspirations and dreams of each partner.


5. You get a sense of security.

With a comforting partner by your side, you stay more relieved and less anxious. You get a partner to talk about anything. There remains a sense of security that you wouldn’t be alone even in your downfall.


6. You get to take your family forward.

Marriage isn’t a compulsion to take your family forward. However, the ties of marriage make it easier to create a safe and protected environment for your children. However meagre it may sound but the piece of paper does actually make the relations stronger.


7. You stay emotionally connected.

You can be emotionally weak and cry around this person, without the fear of judgement. Partners help in gaining emotional stability. And the more stable you are, the happier your life is.


Love marriages


8. You always have someone to talk to.

Be it your new business idea or the gossip banter about your office, you could talk about anything with your partner. You could bare your soul to them.


9. They push you to extreme ends.

They know you inside- out and they would do everything to help you be the best. They would be your constant supporter, motivator and cheerleader. They would never allow you to settle for anything less.


10. You get to connect at a deep level

Marriage is much more than beautiful looks and huge finances. It allows you to connect with your partner at a deep level. It is an extremely beautiful feeling to get connected at a deep understanding level with another human. Marriage helps you stay rooted.


Marriage isn’t an easy way out. You just need to have a reason to hold onto marriage. After all, it is amazing to have someone, together with by your side.


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