15 Myths About Marriage: Busted

Planning to get married? Well, you could begin your search for a life partner by choosing the best marriage sites in India. Moreover, an all India marriage bureau can make your life partner search extremely easy. But before you begin your partner search, answer this.

Are you willing to let go of age-old notions relating to marriage? If not, you won’t be satisfied with your marriage ever. This is because marriage is much more than what we know of it.  We are aware of more myths than facts. Hence, a reality check for you.


Let’s bust some most popular marriage myths.


1. Partners should share common interests.

Partners don’t need to share exact similar interests, every time. On the contrary, the partner should have different likings and interests. Moreover, differences in personality are as important as the similarities.

Having a distinct taste keeps the marriage lively. Besides, partners won’t get bored of each other with different interests to share.

2. One should marry before 25.

Well, there is no perfect age for marrying. Marrying at 30 is as normal as marrying in your twenties. This is because maturity, sensibility and security come at a different age to different people. Besides, there are numerous reasons to decide when to marry. So, don’t let anyone define perfect marriage age for you.

3. Your partner must know what’s wrong with you.

Your partner is as much of a person as you are. They cannot figure magically as to what is going in your head. A successful marriage is built on communication. Communicate what you expect from your partner instead of waiting for them to guess.

Not, everyone is mature enough to communicate clearly. Hence, learn talking before heading towards marriage.

4. Marriage requires you to lose individuality.

Yes, marriage makes strong teams. But, every team is made of strong individuals, right?

You see, marriage requires you to do things together. But don’t lose your individuality while working for a perfect marriage. Because can you recall of a team that works better with weak team players?


15 Myths About Marriage


5. Fidelity is only cheating physically.

Cheating your partner is wrong, be it physically, emotionally or financially. So, no affair is not the only reason why marriages end. When people cheat emotionally and financially, it breaks the trust, which in turn leads to divorce.

6. You have to follow the order of events.

Every marriage is unique and you don’t have to follow the commonly followed order of events for a successful marriage. Kids aren’t the only way out to take your marriage forward. Every couple needs to mutually agree on common grounds before making big decisions.

7. Kids make your marriage strong.

Planning kids is a huge responsibility. Kids don’t come with a magic wand of solving everything. Address your core problems before planning kids. Because kids can make your life beautiful only when your marriage is sorted.

8. You have to avoid arguments.

Arguments aren’t dead-end for marriage. In fact, conflicts are an important part of every marriage. You have to resolve them together to make your marriage work.

Healthy arguments are always the best. It helps you improve your marriage. But, it requires you to set aside your ego and listen to your partner.

9. All you require is love.

Yes, love is important. But it isn’t the only thing that keeps your marriage strong. Marriage requires compassion, Understanding, Respect and commitment to make it work.

Love evolves but trust and honesty form the strong foundation of your marriage.

10. Marriage needs to be perfect.

No one has a perfect marriage. In fact, marriages were never meant to be perfect. Ups and downs are common in marriage and like every relation you have to work on it. Put in your efforts and make things right. Lows in your marriage don’t make it a failure.


15 Myths About Marriage: Busted - CupidKnot


11. Counselling works only in serious problems.

It is advisable to seek professional help right from the time when the problems creep in. When you rush in at the last moment, more often than not problems in marriage become irreconcilable. Don’t wait till your marriage hits rock bottom.

12. Marriage work on its own.

Marriage requires two partners who are willing to never give up. That’s all. Such commitment pushes them to put in efforts that keep the marriage alive.

13. Opposites stay strong.

Opposites attract. Now, we have heard this enough number of times that we have begun to believe it wholeheartedly. Indeed, opposites attract but vats differences in the basic core values between partners stem unsolvable differences over a period of time.

14. Couples do everything together.

Couples don’t need to be a partner in everything. Each partner should foster relations outside the marriage. Attaching all your expectations from a single person and relation leads to dependency which isn’t good.

15. Your partner completes you.

Your partner doesn’t complete you. They only need to compliment you. Expecting your partner to be your better half in everything would only lead to unfulfilled expectations.

Some of these myths are repeated with utmost casualty and normalcy everywhere. So much that we have started to foster unrealistic expectations from marriage.


Get rid of these myths before they begin to impact your married life.


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