3 Most Important Thing in Marriage

Marriage is amongst the most beautiful yet most complicated of human relationships. It is labelled differently by different people. However, given a choice, I would term marriage as overwhelming yet worth it. It is such a wonderful feeling of loving someone and being loved back. I might see glorifying the marriage but in all honesty, I have never seen a relationship more pious, purer and stronger than marriage.

The advent of Internet at the beginning of 21 st century gave rise to numerous top matchmaking sites in India. These matchmaking services in India became prominently known amongst people for finding a life partner. And without a doubt, these matchmaking sites changed the way marriages took place in the Indian subcontinent. However, the onset of matrimonial sites didn’t change the fundamentals of marriages.

Marriages did and still rely on these 3 most important aspects to keep it strong.


1. Trust and honesty.

Marriages lie strong only on the foundation of truth and honesty. Even the copious amount of love couldn’t save a marriage from sinking if it lacks truth and honesty. When you make a promise of a lifelong commitment to a person, you have to be prepared for changes. Because changes are inevitable. At times you might even question the love and validity of your marriage. But what keeps you strong in such moments is a blind trust on your partner and their sheer honesty. You see, stronger the fundamentals of your marriage stronger are the chances of it to withstand all the storms. Trust cannot be built overnight. It requires years and years of conditioning to place your blind trust in someone. When you could do that thing with ease you should consider your choice of partner to be appropriate.


2. Communication.

The concept of soul mate is vague and there doesn’t exist a seamless voyage when you undertake a journey of marriage. Marriage is a commitment to stick together no matter what. And how do you plan on sticking together? Well, nothing beats communication when it comes to strengthening your marriage. As long as there exist communication, there is a solution to almost every problem. The key to a healthy marriage is communication in any forms, be it listening, talking, arguments, sharing or anything else. As long as you could talk it out you are in a better position.


3 Important Things in Marriage


3. Patience, forgiveness and selflessness.

Are we the same person we used to be a year back? Absolutely not. Similar is the case with marriage. People changes and so does the people in marriage. In all honesty, marriage is the summation of patience and forgiveness. Forgive your partner as easily as you forgive yourself for your mistakes.
Make your partner your priority and do everything you could to make them feel special. It is essential for you to understand that your partner might behave differently because of various external factors at times. It might cause them to behave absurdly. But that doesn’t necessarily mean bad marriage. Just like phases of life, marriage too has its own set of ebb and flow.
If you’re wondering about the absence of love in this list then let us tell you that the very meaning of marriage would cease to exist if there isn’t any love in it. Love would always be the prominent motivating force that would help you to put in diligent efforts required in marriage.

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