6 Best Marriage Advice For Newly Weds

Marriage is amongst the most beautiful aspects of the life of any individual. And while every marriage story is different, there is no dearth of myriads of marriage advice on the internet.


While some of the advices are absolutely nonsensical, there are certain advices which could truly help the newlyweds sustain their initial years of marriage.

The onset of the Internet saw a rise in the best matchmaking sites in India. And while these Indian matchmakers would help you find your life partner, no one could help you attain a seamless marriage. It is through years and years of never-ending efforts that you could truly make your marriage successful.


1. Prioritize your marriage.

Marriage is one of the most special relationships in the lives of every individual and while life is all about striking balance, it is advisable if you could prioritize your marriage. You see, there is a huge difference between dating and marrying. And when you are at the beginning of your married life, it is better to put in some extra efforts to know about your partner.


We don’t advise you to wave goodbye to your independent life, however, it wouldn’t harm much to choose your partner over a binge-watch.


Best Marriage Advice


2. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Be open to new experiences with your partner. Everything isn’t meant to go as planned or imagined in your mind-set. You would be surprised with new talents of your partner and annoyed with their habits. When you begin sharing a home with your partner that is when you would notice tremendous changes in them.


We advise you to let that soak it and not overwhelm yourself with negativity. You would eventually get used to staying with your partner.


3. Nothing will stay the same.

You won’t be in the constant state of marital bliss. Things would annoy and frustrate you at times. But we advise you to let that pass as nothing in life remains constant. On days you would be surprised with the exceptional bond of your marriage and on days you would find difficulty even bearing your partner. This is absolutely normal and it would be wrong to label your marriage as unhappy.


4. Be grateful.

The first year of your marriage plays the most crucial part in defining the fate of your marriage. Love wouldn’t be enough to bind you together with your partner. You would have to practice gratitude for every day in your married life.


Marriage is about offering cent percent efforts by each partner to make it work. Be grateful for the little things done by your partner. It’s about developing a positive mindset.


Best Marriage Advice For Newly Weds


5. Be selfless.

Love is meant to be selfless. Stop keeping counts on what your partner did wrong and what all great things you did for them. Be selfless when it comes to your marriage. Give it everything it deserves to keep it alive and healthy. Besides, the little joys of life lie in offering your selfless self to others.


The more you give in your marriage, the more benefits you would reap in the long term.


6. Take some time off.

It’s okay to step aside and have some alone time with yourself and your friends. You’re bound to get agitated with your partner at times. An ideal couple doesn’t do everything together. Instead, they maintain enough personal space and foster meaningful relationships apart from marriage.


The key to a healthy marriage is sticking together but not at the cost of each other’s individuality.


The initial years are perhaps the most difficult yet beautiful years of your marriage. With an attitude of never giving up, you could actually make your marriage the best relation of your life.


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