7 Things Men Look For in a Woman

Over the centuries we have learnt that for men and women to make a successful relationship or marriage there must exist compatibility. However, you couldn’t look at a person and assess their compatibility with you.


The sensitive aspects of compatibility arrive at a much later stage in a relationship. The initial phase begins with attraction followed by certain common traits that make men certain of their attraction towards a woman. And attraction in today’s time isn’t limited to physical appearance and beauty.


You see it is easier to find your ideal match through numerous matchmaking sites in India if you’re clear of what to seek in your woman. Availing the Indian matchmaking services allows you to find your ideal match without the need for compromising.


Let us guide you towards the prominently observed criteria in the checklist of men when they seek for a woman.


1. Knows what she wants.

It is widely misread notion that men like women to play around with what she wants. Men are more attracted towards women who are clear with what they want without playing around.

Such women exude a sense of confidence and are more attractive to men. Women like these don’t waste time on people who don’t fit into their expectations criteria. Their entire existence doesn’t rely on the mere acceptance of a man.


Things Men Look for in A Woman


2. Kind, understanding and empathetic.

Be it, men or women, both of them seeks for a partner who is kind-hearted not only towards their relationship but also towards the people outside. Besides, men don’t wish for a woman who stays in an imaginative world and has built a set of unrealistic expectations from their partner.


Men are generally more attracted to a woman who understands the ebb and flow of life. Besides, it is quintessential for a woman to have an empathetic attitude towards their partner in life. You see, looks and beauty might gain your attention at first but these are the core values that make you a better person.


3. Good at expressing herself.

Men are usually less expressive than women and being expressive is what exactly men look for in their partner. Men don’t want a woman to expect them to be a mind reader. Instead, men wish woman to clearly express what she feels and what needs to be done to work out on the problem. In most cases, men are usually more attracted to women who are great communicators.


4. Emotionally stable

Emotionally stable women are what attracts men the most. No one has undertaken a mission of repairing your damaged self. Emotionally stable women are aware of their actions and don’t blame circumstances for their life.


They are in and out in total acceptance with themselves and doesn’t require a partner to share their emotional burden with. You see, mean craves for a happy relationship as much as women and only two stable individuals make for a healthy relation.


5. Independent

Lastly but not least, men expect their woman to be independent. You see, relationships or marriage these days aren’t 50-50. It is in fact 100-100 efforts of each partner. Rather than expecting a better half, men these days expect for a partner in crime.


Men Look For Woman


6. Accepting.

Men want the woman who is accepting towards the dreams, aspirations and goals of their partner.
The woman or man, a relation could be successful only when there is a mutual understanding and respect towards the growth of each partner. Men are attracted by a woman who isn’t lost in their own world and takes a keen interest in their partner’s life also.


7. Appreciative and supporting.

Your partner is your biggest supporter and worst critic. Men appreciate the presence of those women who are supportive of their partner. Partners should be a morale booster and not doubt feeders.


It isn’t the secondary aspects of your personality that a man is attracted to but an underlying core values that make you unique and special to them.


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