A Beginners Guide to matrimony

Beginner’s guide to marriage.

To love and being loved back is an exceptional feeling. Marriage is nothing but the beautiful unification of these two people who promise on never giving up. Your wedding may seem all dreamy and peachy but when it comes to marriage all it requires is efforts on your part for the rest of your life.

The search for ideal half is made easier with the presence of numerous best matrimonial agency in India. But are you willing to make your marriage as perfect as your wedding? The initial phase of being married might surprise you, astonish you, might hold down your expectations and on days would overwhelm you. But with this beginner’s guide, you can work on your imperfectly perfect marriage.



1. Stop dwelling in dreamy paradise.

Marriage indeed is beautiful but there are high chances of ruining it if you couldn’t distinguish between your dream and reality. You see all those rom-com movies you grew up watching have distorted your view of reality. Every day isn’t going to be peachy with your life partner but neither would it be forever gloomy. Just accept this fact and you might enjoy your marriage more than repenting it.



2. Talk it out.

With marriage, you share your most vulnerable and wonderful self with your partner. In the midst of being perfect, don’t miss out on the conversation. Don’t get too habituated that you run out of topic for conversations. Communication is extremely important for the survival of any sort of relation.


Beginners Guide to marriage


3. Be grateful

The initial phase of your marriage might overwhelm you. But be grateful for the presence of your partner. Be grateful for the little things they do for you. You see getting married brings along with it drastic changes in both of your lifestyles. It would take time but eventually, you would find ways to stay on the same page.



4. Surprise

Just because you got married doesn’t mean you put an end to all the special things you did for your partner. Plan surprises for them as you did while you were dating, no matter how small the surprise. You see, the efforts are what keeps the light of marriage alive.



5. Accept

Living together will bring a set of its own confrontations. You might not like a habit or two of your partners. But the same would be the case with them. Accept their flaws as graciously as you accept their strengths. Just get off that idea of perfect husband/wife.



6. Avoid negative talk.

By negative we mean extreme statements of divorce and leaving. Frustration is as normal a part of marriage as happiness is. Work on your anger and instead of venting try understanding your partner. Avoid threats of divorce with every passing argument. Act like a mature individual and confront real issues with your partner in a civilized way.



You see marriage is extremely difficult. It was never meant to be easy. But it is worth every dime of efforts it takes to keep it alive. After all, it is an exceptional feeling to have someone by your side for a lifetime.


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