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Finding a life partner has never been this easier. While we are not opposed to love marriages at all, we also firmly believe that sometimes love is all you get to find through an arrange setup. No, arrange setups aren’t boring. But, conventional setups indefinitely are. After all, who in this today’s times of modernity agrees on marrying someone just because a caste and religion list checks first.

Yes, religion is important, and caste matters. But that aren’t the only parameters to seek while looking for a life partner. What matters the most is compatibility. IF you ad your partner clicks in the right way, there won’t be a failed relationship for you.

Now, Cupid Knot is an Indian matrimonial site and unlike the marriage bureau in Gujarat, it doesn’t focus on profile match. We focus on people’s matches, that is we look for the love quotient. In a way, we play ours in blooming love between two potential matches. Coming back to the point, ours is Jain matrimony and we have a vast database of potential bride and groom across the Jain community. Hence, if you have one specific criterion for finding a Jain partner, begin your search with us today.

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You may ask advantage of ours over other online marriage bureau and matrimony Indian sites. Well, let us help you out. 

  • Others would focus only on aspects of religion but we would focus on compatibility. There’s nothing like a perfect match but potential and compatible matches.
  • We focus our services on specific communities of Jain, Agarwal, Maheshwari, and Marwari. Hence, we definitely are better for these communities rather than other matrimonial websites. We have a vast and huge database for these communities. Besides, we understand these communities in great nuances. Hence, we are the best for you.
  • Ours is an online matchmaking platform. However, our matchmaking services are offered with complete offline assistance. Hence, people of either age group can easily access us. You don’t have to go through complex processes to find your life partner.
  • We don’t offer services for individual searches. Instead, we understand your needs and find the potential match from our database for you. Hence, you won’t have to go through the tedious process of searching and rejecting hundreds of profiles before even finding one suitable profile. Let us know your needs and we shall find you a life partner accordingly.
  • We understand the privacy and sensitive aspect of marriage. Hence, we won’t reveal your identity ever. With us, you can find a match while maintaining complete confidentiality.
  • Profiles sent by us are verified thoroughly. Hence, there are no loopholes or chances for encountering fraudsters in our profiles.
  • Our services aren’t completely free. Yes, we offer trial services to get you familiar with us. But with our premium services you get access to the best potential matches and expert consultation. Finding a life partner isn’t a logistic science but neither is it a simple task. We cater to your needs as you wish us to. Besides, we are called professionals for a reason. We definitely know better than family matchmakers.


Speaking of our membership plans, we have three curated plans to cater to your needs. Each of these plans is crafted specifically for our customers with varying needs. You can check our membership plans here.

Register with us today. And, take the first step towards your partner search. If you don’t find us fruitful you have nothing to lose. But hey, we are sure you would love our services. With us, sooner or later you are bound to find your perfect match.

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Not that we are trying to glorify the concept of perfect one but hey there’s someone out there, meant only for you. We agree that the should of better half and perfect life partner is vague. And for all the right reasons. After all, no one is perfect enough to complete you or mend your broken pieces. But we would like to disagree, gracefully if you ever say that having someone out there meant for you completely, is a myth.

We are the cupids and unlike the online marriage bureau, we are in the business of online matchmaking services. We won’t settle you for anything just because the religion and caste standards fall on the same page. From a compatibility check to an intrinsic goal check, we believe in exploring various parameters while searching for a life partner for you.

So before we walk you through our matrimonial services, let me help you understand who we actually are. First things first, we are based in Surat and our service offerings are available across India and even abroad. We might not yet be on the list of best Indian matrimony sites, but hey we aren’t anywhere less either. We might not have years of experience on our back but one thing we can say with certainty is that try hard but you won’t find a Jain Matrimonial as good as us.

As our name suggests, we are the cupids. We love playing cupid and help people find their imperfectly perfect one. So instead of being an open search platform, where the number of frauds is greater than the success stories, we play the role of being a matchmaker. That is to say, we would search and send you profiles that might suit your personality the best, by sourcing them from our database. Speaking of which, we have our associates spread across the country and they help us build this vast database of potential Grooms and brides in India. Oh, and we also offer subsidiary services to complement your matchmaking experience. Having said that, we can make a biodata online for you. We also offer astrology consultation to meet the Indian needs of matchmaking.

Find Your Soulmate Using Matrimonial Service

All in all, we reduce the burden of sourcing through thousands of profiles before finding the perfect one. We simply send you the best matches for you.

You may ask, why Cupid Knot?

Well, what is the first thing you think of when you hear of matrimonial websites in India? Last chance, right? When you have nowhere else to look for you would pave your way through the matrimonial site. But at Cupid knot, we encourage you to make us your first choice. We will make the process of finding your life partner so much easier for you that you won’t have any hassle at all. We are the experts in matchmaking and we firmly believe that advancing a society such as ours requires experts who understand the nuances of marriages to great depth. When you replace us with your family matchmakers you open yourself to options outside your social circle. You find someone compatible with you rather than settling with unneeded compromise.

Now, availing of our services is as simple for adults in their forties as it is for someone in their early twenties. We have a well-curated Android and IOS application that is easy to use for people of all ages. When you register with us we would send you suggestions sourced according to your requirements. You can either accept or reject the suggestion through this mobile application. As simple as that. No complex processes, no technical glitches. Besides, our offline assistance is available all week round during our working hours.

Now, when we specialize in communities of Jain, Agarwal, Maheshwari, and Marwari and we haven’t found anyone as strong as us in our niche. Our matchmaking services are confidential and help you maintain your privacy. Yes, registration is free on our platform but we so have membership packages curated for our customer needs. Lastly, we promise you nothing but the best matchmaking experience so that you can find your life partner in no time.

Begin your search for a life partner with us today. Register with us and allow us to help you.

How A Perfect Cupid Profile Will Help In Your Partner Search

Long gone are the days when finding a life partner was an expertise of family matchmakers. Times have evolved and bought along with it the changes in societal structure. Despite being the prevalent way of getting married, arrange marriages in India have evolved drastically. Technology has paved its way in the way arrange marriage functions.

The mushrooming number of matrimonial sites in India is evidence of how evolved the field of matchmaking is in times of today. There is a continuous increment in usage of these best matchmaking sites for finding a life partner. While some of these online matrimonial offer free matchmakings, there are Indian matchmakers that offer their professional matchmaking services for a premium. The selection of either depends solemnly on the preference of each individual.

We have often heard people citing that matrimonial sites aren’t reliable for making a choice of a life partner. Well, if that would have been the case, there would not have been the increment in matchmaking platforms across India. According to us, the search is difficult only when you have an unclear picture of what to seek in your life partner. Otherwise, with a perfect cupid profile, your search should be nothing but easy and feasible. 

Speaking about the importance of matrimonial profile while searching your partner, always remember it is the representation of your personality and your chance of creating a first impression. We cannot place enough emphasis on the role of content in your matrimony profile. 

Always source thoroughly before updating a picture on your matrimony profile.


Cupid Knot - Indian Matrimonial App | Matchmaking


As said, it is your profile that creates a firsthand impression about you. And like it or not, pictures are the decision-maker of whether your profile would be accepted or rejected by others. Try to put your best look forward in case of matrimonial profile. Obviously, deceiving shouldn’t be the case. 

The about me section could turn the tables.

Yes, that is how powerful the role of description section is in your matrimonial profile. Our advice would be to present your fun, witty and enthusiastic personality through your bio descriptions. Don’t be bland and repeat that monotonous information already present in your biodata. 

Here are our 2 cent tips for your bio descriptions.

  • Give clarity regarding your passion. 
  • A hint of what you’re looking in your partner.
  • Mention those qualities that describe you best.
  • You can always go overboard with your creative funk style. 


Let me cite you one of the examples of basic profile description. 

I am a 25-year-old girl pursuing a career as an IT specialist in one of the leading multinational companies in Mumbai. I live with my family of 4 at our beautiful abode in Bandra. Fitness is my passion and regardless of my schedule, this is one thing that remains constant in my life. I love hogging on food, travelling to different countries and engrossing myself in good reads. It is the little things in life that makes me happy and it is those little things that I seek in my partner.

Now, you don’t need to hone creative writing skills for that perfect bio descriptions but you can at least ensure that it is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Now, when your bio is this comprehensive it would eventually eliminate the encounter with unsuitable matches.

Your search for life partner becomes extremely easy and effective when there is a clear picture of your wants, needs and persona in your matrimony profile.

Are you looking for trusted matrimonial sites in India? At Cupid Knot we offer individualised matchmaking services to our clients by maintaining their confidentiality. We don’t reveal their identity while making a search of life partner for them. We offer our niche services to communities of Jain, Agarwal, Maheshwari and Marwari.

We also provide membership plans which are suitable for all and services like Biodata creation and Astrology Consultation too.

Download our free matrimony app on Android and IOS app now and allow us to help you in your search of a life partner.

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Why Is It Important To Take Vacations In Married Life?

“Travel and you would know what exists, wander and you would know why. “

Travelling changes us in a way that is behind our comprehension. It rejuvenates our mind and soul and is undoubtedly the best therapy for our stressful lives.

You might wonder the relevance between marriage and travel and how the later positively impacts the quality of our married life. You see, it is easy to find your life partner through numerous online and trusted matrimonial sites in India. But none could help you create a perfect marriage. The responsibility of healthy marriage lays in the hands of partners that make a marriage. 

Travel is one such therapy that helps you revamp your marriage. Wondering how? Well, this blog would walk you through the importance of travel therapy in your marriage.

1. It rejuvenates your relationship.

The choice of destination doesn’t matter as long as you have a partner willing to take a vacation with you. Obviously without your kids. The hustle and bustle of everyday lives drain us and we are left with little energy to work on our marriage. Aren’t we all aware of the constant efforts that marriage requires? Well, vacation is exactly what you need. In a vacation, you can switch yourself off from the outside world and engross yourself with your partner. You would be spending that much required time together away from the chaos of your normal lives. In our chase towards everyday lives, we lose the essence of who we truly are. Travel helps us to rejuvenate our marriage in ways that cannot be explained through words. 


2. It helps us to deepen our relationship.

When you’re alone in the company of your partner, you have no choice but to talk with them.  You would get to communicate with your partner about the things that truly matter. Besides, you get to experience things on a deeper level. Our everyday lives are ruled by superficial matters that impact our marriage lives. But, a vacation can help you cherish the time together, keeping all the hurdles aside.  Vacation offers the much-needed calm in our rather stressful lives to reconsider the aspects of our married lives.



3. You get top to add fun experience to your marriage.

Marriage becomes dull and boring if it is not rekindled with spark every now and then. Vacation allows you to indulge in fun activities together. Be it skiing, hiking or just enjoying amidst the crystal clear beaches. What matters is getting an opportunity to spend time with your partner. Years after years what keeps the marriage strong is an ability to laugh together and vacation would give you hundreds of happy moments to laugh together.


4. You can address serious issues.

Now that you’re away from kids and relatives, you could finally focus on important underlying issues in your marriage. If you’re on the verge of calling off your marriage take a vacation with your partner before that. If both the partners are willing to work on their marriage, a vacation could perhaps give the best restart to marriage. Vacation gives you all the time with your partner to resolve conflicts keeping all the bias and judgements aside.

So if you have made a mistake of undermining the importance of vacation in marriage, we urge you to take one immediately. 


Is someone near to you looking for a marriage (matrimonial) sites in India? At Cupid Knot, we offer individualised matchmaking services to our clients through our Jain/Agarwal matrimonial site. We maintain complete confidentiality of our clients while making a search of a partner for them. We also provide membership plans which are suitable for all and services like Biodata creation and Astrology Consultation too.

Download our free matrimony app on Android and IOS app now and allow us to help you in your search of a life partner.

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The story of love and companionship, not so cliche.

Isn’t all we do, all we are and all we aspire to be, because of love? Love is what keeps us going and it is what makes everything worthwhile. It is falsely being glorified as sacrificing and compromising, wherein, in reality, there is nothing as empowering and as comforting as the strength of pure love.

While the trending show of Indian Matchmaking portrayed a rather covert picture of what it takes to get married in Indian society, this refreshing tale of Harsh and Kriya is a perfect example of how the presence of equality, trust and nurturing makes for a perfect relationship. 

This is how it all started.

We all miss our college days, don’t we? While some of us gained friends for a lifetime and collected splendid memories, some of us found our innocent love, probably for a lifetime. 

The spark in Kriya and Harsh tale began when he first met her during a debate competition. Awestruck by her wits, Harsh hardly spoke a word in the competition. Despite being in different sections, Harsh somehow managed to get in touch with Kriya. While Kriya didn’t pave in much to the attention, she somewhere was aware of the Harsh’s liking towards her.

As they say, woman’s instinct can never be wrong!! 

From waiting in college corridors before lectures to hanging together in the name of group studies, he always found a way to spend time together. But as any normal teen would say, Kriya was expert at delivering “We are just FRIENDS” dialogue. Soon long drives became a norm and texting became a habit. It was not until they were separated by a distance that Kriya realized a special spot for Harsh. Okay, the separation was not so dramatic, it was just a Dubai visit and they were not able to talk for 3 consistent days. From regular talks to no talks at all, the realization dawn upon her and she knew she can’t spend a day without talking to him. She knew it with surety that Harsh was the one. 

Enjoy life


They started dating and after a year of making insane memories together, they graduated in 2017. Kriya with her biggest of dreams and aspirations shifted to Mumbai for her further studies in Entrepreneurship management. It was the first time they were not seeing each other for weeks. As they say, distance hardly matters, ever. They managed through thick and thins and managed to keep their love afloat. 

Relationships are not built on compromise, they are built on love.

Kriya started her entrepreneurship academy for young children and incorporated Think Young at a mere age of 22 in 2018. Startups, as we all know, is much more than a fancy name. While she rushed between Mumbai and Surat taking seminars and growing her mind baby, Harsh through his seamless support made everything seem possible. Fast forward to 2020, today they are engaged and are looking forward to their wedding in December. 




They are setting perfect barometer for life partner standards. Love isn’t the lovey-dovey text that you wake up to, love is standing beside your partner and pushing them through barriers. It is offering mutual respect to an individual’s career, choices and decisions. It is not letting the age-old notions stop you from believing in your partner. 

We all are ordinary but what makes us exceptional is the little extraordinary things we do. At Cupid Knot, we wish this inspiring couple a beautiful future ahead. We are sure 2020 is now to end on a better note.

Is someone near to you looking for availing best matrimonial services in India? At Cupid Knot we offer individualised one to one matchmaking services through our Jain and Agarwal matrimony India. We maintain complete confidentiality of our clients while making a search for the best suitable matches for them and we have membership plans suitable for all. We even provide services like Biodata creation and Astrology Consultation.

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Tips on Building Better Relations With Your In Laws

Marriages, they say is the union of two people who agrees on never giving up. However, marriage is much more than just the two people involved. It is said in India that marriage is the unification of two families. That said, in-laws are amongst the most important part in the lives of any couple. And as important as it is to maintain your relationship with your spouse, it is equally important to develop a cordial and happy relationship with your in-laws.

You see, it is easier to find your life partner through numerous matrimonial agencies in India. These Indian marriage agencies would help you find your partner based on various parameters. But when it comes to finding a perfect in-law family none of the magic formula works. The only formula is striving to make it perfect whenever you get married. Like every relationship, this too could be the best relation of your life if properly worked upon.


1. Make them feel wanted.

Relationships work best when the people involved know that they are wanted. If you want to make close relationships with your in-laws assign them importance in your life. Your in-laws hold significant importance over your spouse lives and in all honesty, they need to have a strong position in your life too. Don’t exclude them from your lives in the name of privacy. Let them help you with child care or house management, they obviously have years of experience you could benefit from.


2. Understand them.

Glitches in relationships are absolutely normal but what is not okay is that you label that relationship worst before even trying. We, humans, seek for perfection in everything and when it comes to our closed ones we put our lot of expectations on them. We expect them to understand us truly all the time but on the contrary, we won’t even pay heed towards their opinions. You see relationships are based on ebbs and flow, be it with your spouse or their parents. You could maintain a cordial and close relationship with your in-laws by simply putting yourself in their shoes. Put in efforts to actually understand them as individuals. Because you become more accepting of their flaws when you realize that no human is made of cent per cent positive traits.


matrimonial services


3. Appreciate them.

Appreciate the efforts put in by them for easing your life. Express your gratitude the same way you would be thankful for your parents. You see, despite glitches in your relationship with them, your in-laws would never expect anything bad for you or your partner. Besides, we all know how little acts of gratitude and appreciation could mend the relationships and make them stronger.


4. Listen to them.

In all honesty, you could make everything work if you develop a habit of listening. Advises coming from your in-laws would sound less irritating when you would understand the intention behind it. You see, they have years of experience, be it about marriage relationships, house management or child care. Don’t take everything as a personal blow towards you. Instead, listen up and see if their advice could be of any help to you. Even when it doesn’t make sense to you it is better to listen first and then ignore than completely ignoring them.


5. Let go of things.

The key to any relationship, for instance, is letting go of little things. Stop holding on to words and your in-law’s actions that hurt you. It is obviously better to communicate the glitches but you need to understand that certain things just cannot be in your control. Be more accepting towards their flaws just the way you accepted your parents. Things would definitely turn out better this way. Don’t let the little irritating traits of theirs bring hurdles in your relationship with them.


Is someone near to you looking for a matrimonial site in India? At Cupid Knot, we offer our personalised and individualised matchmaking services through our Jain and Agarwal matrimonial site. We maintain complete confidentiality of our clients while searching for a suitable match for them.

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6 Best Marriage Advice For Newly Weds

Marriage is amongst the most beautiful aspects of the life of any individual. And while every marriage is different, there is no dearth of marriage advice on the internet. While some of the advices are absolutely nonsensical, there are certain advices which could truly help the newlyweds sustain their initial years of marriage.

The onset of the Internet saw a rise in the best matchmaking sites in India. And while these Indian match makers would help you find your life partner, no one could help you attain a seamless marriage. It is through years and years of never-ending efforts that you could truly make your marriage successful.

1. Prioritize your marriage.

Marriage is one of the most special relationships in the lives of every individual and while life is all about striking balance, it is advisable to prioritize your marriage. This is because there is a huge difference between dating and marrying. And, when you are at the beginning of your married life, it is better to put in some extra efforts to know your partner, better. We aren’t advising you to wave goodbye to your independent life. However, it wouldn’t harm much to choose your partner over a binge-watch.


Best Marriage Advice For Newly Weds

2. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Be open to new experiences with your partner. Nothing in life ever goes as perfectly as we plan them. Especially marriage. This is because marriage is full of surprises. And, you would be surprised to see the new talents of your partner. You can also know their annoying habits and get used to it.

When you start sharing a space with your partner, you start experiencing new changes in them. However, some of these changes might be overwhelming. We advise you to absorb those changes instead of diving in negativity. You see, you would eventually get used to staying with your partner.

3. Nothing will stay the same.

No one is in the constant state of marital bliss. There would be things that would annoy and frustrate you at times. But we advise you to let that pass as nothing in life remains constant. On days you would be surprised with the exceptional bond with your partner and on days you would find difficulty even bearing with your partner. However, this is normal and it would be wrong to label your marriage as unhappy from mere ups and down.

4. Be grateful.

The first year of your marriage plays the most crucial part in defining the fate of your marriage. Love wouldn’t be enough to bind you together with your partner. You would have to practice gratitude for every day in your married life. Marriage is about offering cent per cent efforts by each partner to make it work. Be grateful for the little things, your partner does for you. It’s about developing a positive mindset.

5. Be selfless.

Love is meant to be selfless. Stop keeping counts on what your partner did wrong and what all great things you did for them. Be selfless when it comes to your marriage. Give your marriage everything it deserves. Try and keep it alive and healthy. Moreover, don’t the little joys of life lie in offering your selfless self to others?

The more you give in your marriage, the more benefits you would reap in long term.

6. Take some time off.

It’s okay to step aside and have some alone time with yourself and your friends. You’re bound to get agitated with your partner at times. An ideal couple doesn’t do everything together. Instead, they maintain enough personal space and foster meaningful relationships apart from marriage. The key to a healthy marriage is sticking together but not at the cost of each other’s individuality.


The initial years are perhaps the most difficult yet beautiful years of your marriage. With an attitude of never giving up, you could actually make your marriage the best relation of your life.

Is someone near to you looking for an online matrimonial site in India? At Cupid Knot we offer our individualised matchmaking services by finding profiles of suitable matches for our clients. We maintain complete confidentiality of our clients without revealing their identities. With our niche in Jain, Agarwal and Marwari community we offer personalised matchmaking services through our Jain matrimony India. We have different membership plans suitable for all and we also provide services like Biodata creation and Astrology Consultation.

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7 Things Women Look for in a Man

Gone are the days when women had little or no say in the choice of their life partner. The ambitious and educated women of today are aware of their worth and are not willing to settle for anything less than they deserve.

There is no common set of rules that makes a man perfect for the woman they want. Each woman looks for distinctive individuals in their partner and it would be wrong to generalise what women look for in a man. However, there are certain traits that tend to remain common in things woman seek in a man.

With the onset of numerous matrimony related services in India, it has become easier for a woman to find a man of their wants without having the need to compromise.

1. Honesty

Long-lasting relationships are based on the foundation of truth and honesty. Moreover, relationships see a dead-end rather soon when it lacks honesty. Of all the traits women expect their man to possess, honesty is the most prominent one. Women love a man who is honest about their needs, wants, expectations and priorities. It is easier for women to digest a brutal truth rather than being hanged on a cliff of uncertainty.

2. Maturity.

It is fun to be around someone who could be a kid at times but knows exactly when to hone their cape of maturity. Women tend to look for men who are mature enough to understand deep complications of life and the one who doesn’t see a world through a black and white lens. Thus, an individual who is mature enough to undertake the responsibility for long-lasting relationships attracts the women at large.


Things Women Look for in a Man

3. Emotional stability and presence

No, masculinity isn’t the only thing women look for in their man. More than masculinity women looks for a partner who could engage at a deeply meaningful level. Women are naturally attracted to men who are emotionally stable and possess a trait of emotional empathy. What good would be your partner if their macho characteristic stops you from expressing yourself? It is much easier to get along with an emotionally stable man then their opposite counterparts.

4. Ambition and goals.

After all, what is life without goals, dreams and aspirations? It is said that a man dies when he stops himself from wandering in his dreams. You see goals and aspirations are what makes each individual different from others. Having something to look forward to gives a charismatic touch to your personality. That spark is what women actively seek in their partners.

5. Confidence

Be it man or woman, both looks for a partner with a strong individual personality. Overconfidence is dangerous but lack of confidence is more lethal. Individuals with undulating confidence in themselves tend to attract more women.


Things Women Look for in a Man

6. Men who are clear with their wants.

Women don’t expect their men to be perfect. But they do look for someone they could be vulnerable with and vice versa. Women don’t like reading too much into a personality. They want someone who is clear with what they want and possess an exceptional ability to express themselves.

7. Chemistry

Last but not least, women seek a man with whom they could establish chemistry. Every relation is meant to be fun. If a man cannot treat her woman with equality, the chemistry would eventually fade away.

These not so comprehensive list includes the basic traits that are inevitable to the list of things woman look for in a man.


Is someone near to you looking for availing best matrimonial services in India? At Cupid Knot we offer individualised one to one matchmaking services through our Jain and Agarwal matrimony India. We maintain complete confidentiality of our clients while making a search for the best suitable matches for them and we have membership plans suitable for all. We even provide services like Biodata creation and Astrology Consultation.

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15 Myths About Marriage: Busted

Planning to get married? Well, you could begin your search for a life partner by choosing the best marriage sites in India. Moreover, an all India marriage bureau can make your life partner search extremely easy. But before you begin your partner search, answer this.

Are you willing to let go of age-old notions relating to marriage?

If not, you won’t be satisfied with your marriage ever. This is because marriage is much more than what we know of it.  We are aware of more myths than facts. Hence, a reality check for you.

Let’s bust some most popular marriage myths.

1. Partners should share common interests.

Partners don’t need to share exact similar interests, every time. On the contrary, the partner should have different likings and interests. Moreover, differences in personality are as important as the similarities.

Having a distinct taste keeps the marriage lively. Besides, partners won’t get bored of each other with different interests to share.

2. One should marry before 25.

Well, there is no perfect age for marrying. Marrying at 30 is as normal as marrying in your twenties. This is because maturity, sensibility and security come at a different age to different people. Besides, there are numerous reasons to decide when to marry. So, don’t let anyone define perfect marriage age for you.

3. Your partner must know what’s wrong with you.

Your partner is as much of a person as you are. They cannot figure magically as to what is going in your head. A successful marriage is built on communication. Communicate what you expect from your partner instead of waiting for them to guess.

Not, everyone is mature enough to communicate clearly. Hence, learn talking before heading towards marriage.

4. Marriage requires you to lose individuality.

Yes, marriage makes strong teams. But, every team is made of strong individuals, right?

You see, marriage requires you to do things together. But don’t lose your individuality while working for a perfect marriage. Because can you recall of a team that works better with weak team players?

5. Fidelity is only cheating physically.

Cheating your partner is wrong, be it physically, emotionally or financially. So, no affair is not the only reason why marriages end. When people cheat emotionally and financially, it breaks the trust, which in turn leads to divorce.

6. You have to follow the order of events.

Every marriage is unique and you don’t have to follow the commonly followed order of events for a successful marriage. Kids aren’t the only way out to take your marriage forward. Every couple needs to mutually agree on common grounds before making big decisions.

7. Kids make your marriage strong.

Planning kids is a huge responsibility. Kids don’t come with a magic wand of solving everything. Address your core problems before planning kids. Because kids can make your life beautiful only when your marriage is sorted.

8. You have to avoid arguments.

Arguments aren’t dead-end for marriage. In fact, conflicts are an important part of every marriage. You have to resolve them together to make your marriage work.

Healthy arguments are always the best. It helps you improve your marriage. But, it requires you to set aside your ego and listen to your partner.


15 Myths About Marriage: Busted - CupidKnot

9. All you require is love.

Yes, love is important. But it isn’t the only thing that keeps your marriage strong. Marriage requires compassion, Understanding, Respect and commitment to make it work.

Love evolves but trust and honesty form the strong foundation of your marriage.

10. Marriage needs to be perfect.

No one has a perfect marriage. In fact, marriages were never meant to be perfect. Ups and downs are common in marriage and like every relation you have to work on it. Put in your efforts and make things right. Lows in your marriage don’t make it a failure.

11. Counselling works only in serious problems.

It is advisable to seek professional help right from the time when the problems creep in. When you rush in at the last moment, more often than not problems in marriage become irreconcilable. Don’t wait till your marriage hits rock bottom.

12. Marriage work on its own.

Marriage requires two partners who are willing to never give up. That’s all. Such commitment pushes them to put in efforts that keep the marriage alive.

13. Opposites stay strong.

Opposites attract. Now, we have heard this enough number of times that we have begun to believe it wholeheartedly. Indeed, opposites attract but vats differences in the basic core values between partners stem unsolvable differences over a period of time.

14. Couples do everything together.

Couples don’t need to be a partner in everything. Each partner should foster relations outside the marriage. Attaching all your expectations from a single person and relation leads to dependency which isn’t good.

15. Your partner completes you.

Your partner doesn’t complete you. They only need to compliment you. Expecting your partner to be your better half in everything would only lead to unfulfilled expectations.


Some of these myths are repeated with utmost casualty and normalcy everywhere. So much that we have started to foster unrealistic expectations from marriage.

Get rid of these myths before they begin to impact your married life.

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Heartwarming Ways to Propose Your Soulmate

The feeling of being in love is exhilarating for every person, regardless of them being a man or woman. Relationships have much more to it than mere love but without love, any relationship is merely a house of cards. When two people are deeply in love to the extent that they are willing to share lifetimes together, more often than not they take a step forward by making a decision to marry.

Now if you have your deep cultural ties with India, you must be aware of the tradition of arranged marriages. The modernised form of this arranged marriage could be witnessed through mushrooming trusted and popular matrimonial sites in India. These matrimonial sites in India have bought ease in making a search of better half based on myriads of criteria. And while it is easier to find a life partner it is extremely difficult to find innovative ideas to plan for that perfect proposal.

Well, fret not. We’ve got your back. Read this through and if this doesn’t seem like a helpful proposal guide, you would always have Instagram and Pinterest to your rescue.


1. Dance proposals.

These proposals are circling the Internet and are winning the hearts of people in millions. And why not? Could there be a better way of asking out your partner to marry you? They say dance is one of the finest expressions of love. If your partner is likely to enjoy a grand proposal or gesture of love in public, this is what your marriage proposal should be about. You don’t necessarily need to dance right in front of Eiffel Tower or some crowded place in New York to get this right. All you need is a good narrative, some fabulous moves and balancing timings with friends to make this an act of remembrance for your partner.


2. Go old school.

Flowers and chocolates aren’t too cliché yet. They still work wonders for grand gestures. If you’re good with your words, pop in sweet little notes before your grand proposal. Lead them towards final proposal through sweet little surprises throughout a day. Go for a special day especially if their birthday is falling somewhere near.


Propose Your Soulmate


3. Go extra mile while being lavish.

This is in no way to encourage you to burn a huge hole in your pockets. However, if you could afford to do so why not go an extra mile by making it a proposal of extra grandeur. We have all seen the videos of International proposals right in the middle of Eiffel Tower, Canals of Venice and private yachts. Well, plan for a trip to their favourite travel destination and bring your creativity to use. Plan for that perfect proposal and this way you would also get to spend the much-needed quality time with your beau.


4. Starry night proposals.

Even little could be magical if planned skilfully. Find yourself a secular place, preferably in the outskirts of the city with clear skies. Arrange for a firework show and right when your partner is beaming with glee, kneel down on your knee and pop the question.


5. Adventure proposals.

Your adventure freak partner deserves a proposal as adventurous as their love for adventures. The place and timings play the most important role in such proposals. Pop up the question on your weekend camping getaway or in the depth of oceans while your Scuba diving sessions. There are millions of inspirational videos out there on the Internet to help you plan that perfect adventure proposal. And as dreamy as it may sound it is dreadful to plan such proposals to perfection.

In this Instagram savvy world, there is no dearth of inspiration to plan a proposal. Just do it to make it right.


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