6 Reasons for Increasing Divorce Rate in India

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Marriage is an act of sacrament in India. And, ending this marriage on whatsoever ground is still not considered normal. Yet, in recent decades we can see an increase in the divorce rate in India. There is a common notion that the reason for the increasing divorce rate is because of an increase in love marriage. Let’s break that notion for you.


The increasing divorce rate is related to various social aspects. Arrange marriage is still prevalent in India. And, divorces in arrange marriage setup are as common as love marriages.


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Let’s walk you through the 6 common reasons for increasing divorces in India.


1. Women’s independence.

The status of women has changed over the years. They are no longer mere housewives. Women today are financially, socially, physically, and mentally independent. This comes in the way of an age-old mentality where women’s only role was to nurture families.


Besides, society is still hesitant to see women progress. Hence, even the so-called progressive ones lose their cool when the women are doing better than their spouse. This is particularly true about the financial aspect. Men still cannot digest it when their wives earn better than them.


Ego clashes lead to dissatisfaction from marriage. This in turn leads to divorce. Women these days are ready to walk off a marriage that isn’t working for them. Increasing women’s independence has much to do with increasing divorce rates. Even when it cannot be explained on paper.


Increasing Divorce Rate in India

2. Trauma.

This includes both, physical and mental trauma. Physical abuse by men on their wives is an age-old problem. We won’t say, there aren’t any cases of physical abuse on men. But generally speaking, women are exploited by their husbands for ages. Domestic violence is a major reason for increasing divorce cases.


Mental trauma is less spoken of but it definitely leads to marriage failure. The educated and modern cohort is okay with working women. But they are not okay with shared responsibilities when it comes to household chores. Working women are expected to manage jobs, families, children effectively without any helping hand from husbands. Hence, women walk out of such marriages that are mentally traumatic.


3. Relations with in-laws.

Nearly 68% of married couple stays with the parents. As they say, marriage in India is with families. While the families can help sustain a marriage, they also are the root cause of divorce in many cases. The degrading relations within laws often lead to divorce. The most common cause being the relation between mother in law and daughter in law.


When the relations worsen and become toxic, marriages dissolve. There are many cases where extreme involvement from a girl’s family has resulted in divorce.


4. Dominance.

As mentioned earlier, women these days are financially, mentally, physically, and socially independent. Women must have a choice and voice in their relationship. But, dominance still exists. The man of the family still takes all the major decisions. Be it for childcare, spending, relationship, or others. Hence, when a woman feels overpowered they walk out of marriage.


The same scenario applies to men. A manipulative hold of wives would often lead to divorce. Modern marriages seek equality. And, when that is not the case, marriages dissolve.


5. Adultery.

Affairs outside marriage are quite common. But, hey just because it’s common it’s not the right thing to do. Earlier, women use to let go of their husband’s affairs because they were Dependent on them. Besides, society wasn’t accepting of divorcee women back then. Not much has changed even today. Though, partners these days would mutually end the marriage instead of stretching it.


The percentage of women cheating on their partners is as high as the other. So, either way, anyone can walk out of the marriage, when the partner is caught off guard.


Divorce Matrimony in India


6. Lack of communication.

Many modern marriages fail just because both the partner grows distant with time. Daily life takes a toll on the quality of marriage. Communication stops and instead of resolving the issues, partners end the marriage. As they say, communication is more important than love in marriage. Those who know it, preserve it.


Is increasing divorce rate a matter of worry? Well, definitely if the root cause of marriage failure is something that can be figured. That is to say, most of the marriages end for baseless reasons. Marriage like every other relation requires efforts. When the efforts stop, relation dies.


Lastly, divorce doesn’t mean the end of life. As the quote says,

“Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. The tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage.” You can always remarry. Or you can stay single. Life is beautiful.


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How to Resolve Problem a Married Life?

So you have found your perfect match and you have already tied the knot with them or are about to, thinking that everything would be a seamless flow. Well, sorry to burst your bubble. But there doesn’t exist anything like a perfect marriage.


Or we would like to say blissful marriage for eternity. Marriage, just like every other relationship is a process of ebb and flow and hey, if you cannot accept the lows you won’t be cherishing the highs. 


Problems are eminent in marriages. No marriage could be like, hey we promised forever bliss and we should not fight at all. Marriage is a series of arguments, misunderstandings, frustration but it is also a part of love, communication, a sense of togetherness, and companionship. Focus on the aspect of marriage you want to and your marriage can be a blissful ride. 


Now, in India, where marriages are usually ordained through an arranged setup, love usually blooms at the later stage. But, trust, respect, and mutual understanding is the part that forms the fundamental base of a strong marriage.


Now, whether you have found your life partner through family matchmaking, online or Hindu matchmaking, matrimonial Indian sites, or online marriage bureau or dating platform, you need to understand that no one can assure you a hassle-free marriage life. That is to say, marriage-like every relationship needs efforts.


More than anything else. And when the marriage becomes complacent problems arise. Most of the time these problems are addressable and can be resolved simply through easy ways. 

Here are 5 ways to resolve problems in your marriage. 


5 ways to resolve problems in marriage.


1. Communicate.

Communicate, communicate, and communicate often. Don’t undermine this powerful tool. It’s simply phenomenal. There is hardly anything that a conversation cannot resolve. If your relationship lacks clear, hearth through conversation, you need to work on that. 


When you communicate you naturally let go of misunderstandings that are the root cause of all problems. Don’t merely communicate about the problems in married life. Talk of each other lives, routines, goals, aspirations to keep the communication alive. 

2. Stop burdening the relationship with expectations.

Marriage is the most important relationship in your life. But hey, it’s not the only one. You need to stop burdening your partner with over expectations. He/ she is just a person like you and others and they cannot always be true to what you expect them to be. Hence, revise your grounds and let go of unnecessary expectations that are absolutely inessential. 

For an instance, expecting your husband to be the sole bread earner, your entertainer, your wish fulfiller, your mind reader is wrong. Besides, never burden your partner with the responsibility to make you happy. It’s your sole responsibility. Your partner can only enhance or amplify it.

3. Seek help. 

Don’t hesitate to visit a professional to help you with marriage. Seek marriage counselor helps and advise if needed. Don’t wait till you see a dead end in your marriage. Every small problem when not resolved bursts when things get out of control. 

Seeking help from advisors isn’t bad. It’s healthy and must be regarded as normal.

5 Way yo Problem Solution

4. Don’t bubble up. 

When anything of your partner affects you, irritates you, or makes you sad, you need to tell your partner. Don’t let small things bubble up. Because problems don’t resolve when you end up bursting like a bomb. So, never take this act of communicating how you feel negligently. 

5. Say what you want.

Your partner isn’t your mind reader. The sooner you realize this, the sooner would be your marriage an easy way for you. Most of the grievances stem from the very fact that your partner doesn’t understand you. Well, if they don’t make them understand. Put in efforts. Tell them why doing things a certain way is important for you. There is nothing that talking upfront, clearly cannot resolve. 


Now, I won’t say following these steps would resolve all your marriage problems. But we firmly believe that it can address the root issues that would help you strengthen your marriage. Not, every marriage that ends in divorce saw a dead end. In most cases, all it needed was effort work from both the partners.


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