Don’t ever date a Nice Guy. Here’s why

03 Mar 2022 , By Cupidknot

A request notification from your dating app pops up when you’re texting your friend about your weekend plan. You check the profile. The guy’s handsome and well qualified and seems like a nice guy. Instants after you approve the profile, a message pops up from them. 

The chatting begins and it’s hardly been a day and they ask you for a date. You politely denied but the guy won’t stop. They keep pushing you to go out with them. When you decide to become firm, they abuse you and call you a characterless woman. 

Ever happened? 

We wish only if you would have known how to differentiate a nice guy from a good one. 

But worry not! We assure you some guidance through this blog. Let’s start. Shall we?

First things first. What's a nice guy?

A nice guy displays overwhelming kindness towards women with expectations of immediate romantic or sexual rewards. 

Traits of a Nice Guy: 

They put women on a pedestal

Nice guys are prone to put women on a pedestal. They do it to the point of making them uncomfortable or bored. A nice guy coincidentally has all the same hobbies as them. They have similar world views and opinions. 

They won’t say anything that will create a disagreement or offend the woman in front (only up till the point they get a rejection). They find even the lamest of their jokes funny and laugh too loud at them. A nice guy will literally drown women in unnecessary flattery. 

A Nice guy’s dishonest

They are dishonest by their very nature. Their agreeableness to women’s every opinion and perspective is just a pretence. They aim to deceive them through emotional manipulation. They will tell them, ‘I’m a good guy.’ Literally!

Nice guys are losers

Nice guys after a rejection, generally respond in a two-step approach.

They initially ignore the signs of disinterest and relentlessly continue their pursuit of you. They will push you to be verbal: ‘I’m not interested, leave me alone.’

Once a nice guy realises defeat, they go mad. They will start with calling names, then pass judgements on her character, comment on her personal appearance. Finally cap it all off by saying something along the lines: ‘i’m out of your league anyway.’ Basically, they make sure the bridge fully burns down and nothing’s left. 

They have no respect for women

No matter how nice guys pretend, deep down they have no respect for women. They are around them because they want something from them. It’s that simple. 

Sometimes they will check on the woman they are with every ten minutes while others, they will go leaving her banks of unresponded messages for days. This sort of behaviour shows clear disrespect.

A nice guy’s completely unaware of himself

They rarely accept their fault. Instead, a nice guy keeps repeating the same tired, empty messages, getting more and more resentful after every rejection. 

Their inability to self-reflect and self-improve leads them to a life of bitter cynicism and painful rejections.

A nice guy might seem like a perfect gentleman to date at first, but with careful observation, you should be able to judge. These energy suckers will not only drain you out but also drag your morale down and do everything under the sky to make you feel bad about yourself when they leave. Therefore, next time you come across a nice guy, run away!

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