It is said that no combination of words in the alphabet series of  A to Z can never explain the concept of the word mother.
According to the the urban dictionary, mother  is the one who gives birth to a baby and raises him or her with total love and affection.  But in a lifespan of every individual,  who gets married in the later stage of the lives,  they are blessed with a mother in law.
The  term mother in law brings a feeling of an  argumental relationship in our mind.

Who is this lady?
Mother in law is that lady who is given equal rights and duties just like your own mother the only difference is that, that she is  the mother of your spouse.

When you enter a new family ,  the one person you can connect to is your mother in law specially for a daughter in law.  the relationship between these two ladies among all the relationships of the world is considered as the most delicate one. While it  is possible   for them to Bond  quickly,  it is very much common for them to have a tensed relationship due to the shaky arguments caused by the difference of opinion.
Due to the daily soap operas or we can say Hindi serial,  We tend to not accept  this particular relationship.  Hindi serials have shown the ladies as the one man show,  who are considered as the villains who torture  the daughter in law just because they are envy  of  her existence in the family.  The tantrums shown by the ‘Saas’ in the “Saas Bahu Operas” one the  helpless and soft hearted Bahus,   is not the exact scenario today. In fact  nowadays ,  the mother in laws have become a lot more modern and supporting than before.
There are so many values one can incorporate from these ladies who can can be referred as the One Man Army,  striking the old concept of  one man show. she binds the family together and accepts the new member wholeheartedly.
In a case of son-in-law she treats this new man just like a newborn baby and values him more than anyone else in the family. She supports him  in all the aspects she can.
And in the case of daughter in law she polishes the  raw diamond sent to her by  a mother. Every mother teaches her child the key values like Patience, Kindness , Selflessness and to never give up before a marriage.  But a mother in law,  teaches the qualities of acceptance , family bonding and to love everyone.

She become the support system to the daughter in law because of the experience she has gathered with her wisdom and expertise . Her existence in one’s life is very important as this is one of the most beautiful bond made because of the marital knots.
And lastly,  it is said that -” God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers ” and here at Cupid knot we say that -” When you found your love,  And your mothers could not reach you , you were gifted by a mother in law who loves you unconditionally as her own child “.

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