How much should you be spending on wedding?

Weddings in India are widely known for being ostentatiously flamboyant and opulent. Usually extended over a period of 3 days or more, weddings here are indeed a spectacular event to witness. However, that in no sense indicates the other not so expensive weddings less beautiful. Weddings are beautiful no matter how lavish or private it gets.

Weddings indeed are an expensive affair and not everyone is rich enough to afford themselves a wedding in palaces and luxurious hotels. And even if one could afford an extremely lavish wedding party, it is an individual perspective behind the psychology of spending that determines the amount to be spent on a wedding.

You could easily find your life partner amongst the varied matrimonial sites in India. The service of online kundali matching might make the process easier. However, when you begin your wedding planning, you would have to pause, think and make a crucial decision of budgeting your special day.

There is no precise and statistically accurate answer to how much spending is too much or too little for your wedding. However, we could at least help you arrive at a certain decision regarding the spending.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize!!


You could easily find your life partner matrimonial sites in India.


Is a luxury wedding, the luxury you could actually afford? Well, the fairy tales and all those extremely gorgeous wedding pictures have made you believe that weddings aren’t special if not celebrated on a grandiose scale. We urge you to break this belief before you begin your budget planning for a wedding. Every wedding no matter the scale of its celebration is beautiful.

You see the law of economy applies here. You might have numerous various ways of utilizing your money. It might be to buy that new car or getting an ownership stamp of your own house or saving on securities and funding for future and family or paying off the loans quickly. Does the luxury wedding top the priority chart of these expenses? You see, you have numerous expenses but the money source remains constant. Prioritize your needs and you would arrive at the decision as of how important it is for you to spend on your wedding.

It might be the case that you could actually afford the palatial wedding, however, spending on weddings might not top your priority list. It’s absolutely normal to have a different perspective on this matter.

Well, if you’re throwing a wedding party let’s help you in preparing a list of activities that would include expenses.
1. Venue booking.
2. Caterers.
3. Decoration.
4. Gifts.
5. Rings.
6. Wedding attires.
7. Service fees.
8. Guest accommodation.
9. Entertainment expenses.

We would advise you to sit with your parents and firstly jot down the budget for your wedding. You could then prioritize these activities and allocate the funds to them. If you could plan and implement it smartly you could actually make your wedding a smooth ride.

To conclude, spend on your weddings but not at the cost of your future. Be smart about the choices you make at this phase of your life.

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