How to Create an Impressive Matrimonial Profile?

An onset of online matchmaking and online matrimonial websites have led to a major shift in the ways people seek their life partners. Marriages that used to be set through family matchmakers earlier have evolved dramatically. Whether you are using an online marriage bureau, dating site, or a matrimonial Indian site, one thing that remains constant is your profile.


Your matrimonial profile plays a major role in whether or not a potential match would connect with you or not. A matrimonial profile isn’t just a digital profile with a picture and unattractive bio descriptions. Matrimonial profiles are a science of attracting your desired match.


Don’t understand how? Well, let me help you understand the aspects of a matrimonial profile and how you can use it to create a lasting impression.  


  • A picture.

Your profile picture plays a major role in determining your profile score. Yes, pictures aren’t enough representation of who you truly are. But hey, like it or not, when you set on a path of finding a partner online, the first point of contact would always remain a picture.


Amongst the thousands and millions of profiles, online a person can accept or reject you with a mere look at your profile.


As they say, the picture says louder than words. Hence, always keep an appropriate profile picture on your profile.


So what exactly is an appropriate profile picture? Well, not too casual and neither too formal. The one that brings the best of you and the one that suits your profile. Get a picture or two clicked in a studio if required. Don’t dress too casual, i.e. t-shirts with silly writeups on it or too formal, i.e. suit. Dress in the color that suits you. And aim for clear pictures.


Many matrimonial sites allow you to keep multiple pictures in your profile. Use it to your advantage to show who you truly are.


How to Create an Impressive Matrimonial Profile

  • A bio description.


Let’s dive right in. Here are big no’s for your bio descriptions.

  • Spelling errors.
  • Grammatical errors.
  • Religion mentions.
  • Details that are already mentioned in your biodata.
  • Boring essay on who you are.


So what should a bio contain?


A small, witty description of yours that is fun and not so bland. It should also include a hint of what you are looking for in a partner. As simple as that. Yet, we have seen some insanely silly bios that are bound to get rejected.

Here’s a fun intro we suggest,


An avid book reader and a travel enthusiast with a mark in 12 countries across the Globe. A tech nerd, professionally and passionately, seeking for a tech geek to explore together.


Well, that’s neither too bland nor too descriptive. It is attractive enough to intrigue interest in another person.


Search online and learn how to write a matrimonial profile for boys and girls. Every platform operates differently. Hence, write according to the audience you are going to meet online.


  • Your biodata.


Your matrimonial biodata is as important to you as your resume while landing a job. When you seek a person online, how do you know their details? Through, a biodata for marriage. Yes, your marriage biodata contains all essential information that is required for an arranged marriage setup. Whether, it’s your caste, occupation, qualification, nationality, or passions.


If you are facing difficulty creating a biodata for yourself, we can help you out. We have curated 9 gorgeous marriage biodata template with appropriate formatting that can help you get an attractive biodata in no time. We can make you a marriage biodata online for free. Just connect with us and request our service.


Check our attractive template overview, here.


So, what are you waiting for? Nailing these 3 aspects of matrimonial profile can help you attract the most suitable match for yourself with the utmost ease. We can help you with your biodata at Cupid Knot. We can also suggest the kind of pictures that suits appropriately for your profile. After all, we are the professionals. And we don’t mean to brag but hey, we do know better than you when it comes to matchmaking and that too online matchmaking.


Connect with us and begin your search for a life partner.

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