How to Keep The Love Alive In a Marriage

Marriage tends to get boring and flat after years of staying together in close proximity to your partner. However, it is in the hands of each individual partner to undertake this responsibility of rekindling their love. Nothing worth having ever came easier and same is the case with marriages. You have to nurture it every day till the end to make it work.


Much importance is laid down on how you find your life partner. But you see no matter how much time you spend on best matchmaking sites, none would guarantee you a partner with whom marriage could be a smooth ride. None of an Indian matchmaker could assure you lifelong effortless love in your marriage. It needs to be cultivated and here are fewer common and easier ways of keeping that flame of love burning.


1. Prioritise and spend time alone.

Marriage is the most important relationship in your life and you have to understand this first to keep your marriage healthy. Prioritize time with your partner over a show you love binge-watching. Some years into a marriage and you would be overloaded with responsibilities of kids and family.


How to Keep The Love Alive In a Marriage


However, don’t put your relationship on the third seat whilst these other responsibilities. Go on date nights with your partner be it a small dine-in at your favourite restaurant or a hike nearby.


2. Communicate

Now that you have known your partner in their most vulnerable state and you know everything about them, you might run out of topic to discuss. However, the healthiest way of rekindling any sort of relationship requires active communication. Find some time out every day, no matter your busy schedule and talk with your partner.


Talk about your day, the show you’re watching or the activity you’ve started to learn. These light and happy conversations every day keeps the tensely and negative situations away from your marriage. Besides, listen as actively as you speak.


3. Plan yearly vacations with your spouse.

Surely, you’re overburdened with the responsibilities of your kids. But it is rather a prime necessity for couples to take some time off and indulge in each other’s company.


Go on a vacation with your spouse leaving your children with your parents. The holiday doesn’t necessarily have to be an exotic week-long getaway. Even a weekend away from your responsibilities could help you spend quality time with your partner.


Love Alive In a Marriage


4. Do things together.

Doing house chores together is a great way of spending fun times together. You can also sign in for a new activity class that you could both enjoy. Watch your favourite shows together and indulge in competitive games. In short, do anything and everything that would allow you to spend time together.


5. Surprise them.

Revisit those initial years of your marriage when you showered your partners with presents and surprises. Surprises are as important after the 5th year of marriage as they are in the initial year. You don’t necessarily have to go to great ends and show grand gestures. Surprise dinner at a favourite restaurant, gifting them their favourite podcast or book, roses and occasional love notes are a great way of rekindling love.


Marriages are exceptional and it is in your hands to make it extraordinary by not letting that love fade.


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