How to make your own biodata

16 Jun 2022 , By Cupidknot

Talking about biodata, it is a piece of document that covers major aspects of your life, prominently, your education, family, occupation, personal interest and biological details. However, in times of today, you can agree that the presentation of information is equally important to appeal to anyone else.

Being in a matchmaking industry we cannot place enough emphasis on the role that matrimonial biodata plays in finding a potential match. 

Are you looking forward to availing Matchmaking Services in India? Well, there is no doubt to the fact that matrimonial sites in India are mushrooming at a rapid rate. The popularity of best matrimonial sites in India these is increasing, and the growing user base is offering enough evidence to support it. 

Now, whenever you would try making a profile on one of these popular matrimonial sites you would have noticed that the file section emerges where you would be required to upload a marriage biodata.

Don’t fret. You won’t have to spend hours designing that perfect biodata. We have got you covered. At Cupid knot, we help our clients by preparing their biodata for marriage in English. We have designed 9 attractive wedding biodata each with unique significance specifically for our clients.

Read this guide, on biodata selection to choose that one marriage biodata template that fits perfectly for you.

Cupid Knot Darpan Biodata

Just like a mirror, this biodata for marriage proposal would help you to express yourself the way you are. Now, we are not into favouring of pink for women and blue for men, but the bubble pink of this biodata would fit perfectly for you if you have a vivacious and vibrant personality. We recommend this biodata for someone who is fun, bubbly and outgoing in nature.

Cupid Knot Mangal Biodata

The biodata you choose speaks a lot about you than the information within it. This Mangal biodata of ours is apt for individuals who wish to portray sophistication. The maroon colour would blend perfectly with such personalities helping them stand apart without grabbing too much attention. It’s refined, elegant and simply effective.

Cupid Knot Tulsi Biodata

Just like the pious plant of Tulsi, the teal green of this extremely beautiful biodata is especially for individuals who are humble yet likes to keep their life private. The subtle gold hues on this biodata are offering balance to the teal green making it perfect for people who are balanced in nature.

Cupid Knot Lakshmi Biodata

Just as the name suggests this Lakshmi biodata is perfect for the profile of women. The pink-purplish hues of colour give it a very appealing look making it perfect for women who are sociable in nature. Go ahead with this biodata if you wish to portray your creative and charismatic nature.

Cupid Knot Agni biodata

As the name suggests, Agni, this biodata is a perfect fit for individuals who are ambitious and focused in nature. The vivacious coral shades of this biodata offer it a very affable look. Go ahead and make a choice of this biodata to show your completely raw nature.

Cupid Knot Varmala Biodata

This Varmala biodata is exceptional with a balance of perfect blending colours. It’s for people who still believe in the beauty and magic of vibrant colours. It’s neither too loud nor too bland. It’s merely perfect, just like you. 

Cupid Knot Chandan Biodata

Just like the fragrance of sandalwood is unmissable, this biodata is all things plain, simple and appealing. Get on board with this Chandan biodata to portray your simple modish life choices. The basic undertones of blue and yellow are perfectly complemented to make your biodata stand apart.

Cupid Knot Haldi Biodata

There is no colour as cheerful as yellow and this Haldi biodata is an apt example of it. Portray your bright effervescent energy with this minimal Haldi biodata and you won’t be disappointed.

Cupid Knot Shankha Biodata

This Sankha biodata speaks louder about your personality than anything else. The toned-down yellow still exudes brightness and cheerfulness. The apt amalgamation of colours on this biodata is perfect for you to portray a fun and adventurous personality along with your responsible nature.


So what are you waiting for? 

Download our Cupid Knot app now from App Store or Play Store and start building your online biodata for marriage. The search for a life partner is just a profile away.

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