Inter Caste Marriages

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In a beautiful country like India, different cultures, traditions, and customs exist. In a country with a population of 1.34 Billion, one never knows where love can be found; it could be by sheer chance or by a little longer process of Indian matchmaking. But do we have to marry within our community? Can we not marry someone outside of our community? Do such inter-caste marriages work?


According to recent statistics, only 5% of Indians got married outside of their caste. Does that make you think that such inter-caste marriages do not work out?


Well, we are here to tell you that inter-caste marriages do work. We are not saying that such a marriage would be a cakewalk, but then no marriage is. Every marriage that has worked out has required an immense amount of work from both the wife as well as the husband and includes understanding and sacrifices that have nothing to do with which caste they belong to and you can find such someone on matrimonial sites as well.


Inter Caste Marriages


Real-life stories of inter-caste marriages that have worked!

Let us look at a few stories of couples who have had inter-caste marriages,


Rahul and Suchitra – “We fell in love when we were both studying in the 10th standard. I pretty much always knew that this is the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Though my family has always been okay with the idea of me marrying someone from another caste, his family was a little bit more stringent. We are both Hindus but I belong to an Agarwal family and him from a Terapanthi Jain).


However, once it was time to get married, it took a bit of convincing on his part, but his parents finally agreed. We got married and are about to celebrate our 7th anniversary this June. I think what worked out the most for us that we were both ready to listen when the other had a problem.”


Vidhushi and Param– “You can call our marriage as a semi-arranged one. Our parents are the best of friends and always wanted both of us to marry. My side belongs to a caste above hers (I am a Digamber and she is a Shvetamber) and everyone seemed to think that it would create problems in the future. We have not faced anything of those sorts. We observe both our customs and traditions and are very happy together.”


Teertha and Vamshi– “My mom and dad belonged to two extreme sides of the caste system, my mom to the highest (Agarwal Jain) and my dad to the (Deravashi Jain) and such a marriage is considered almost illegal by the society. However, both were adamant enough to want to marry only each other.


Their families decided to accept their marriage, as they could see that there was no turning back for my parents. Today, they are spending their 28th anniversary and I have never seen them happier.”


Inter Caste Marriages


What should you look for in a partner?

Seeing the above stories, we can now tell you in affirmative that inter-caste marriages do work. But should always keep in mind that for any marriage to work out, a lot of effort is required by both sides. Therefore, you have to choose your partner carefully. Below, we have highlighted a few points as to what one should look for in a partner.


  • Emotional maturity: An utmost factor is an emotional maturity; a marriage can only work if both sides are mature as a marriage requires an immense amount of patience, sacrifices, and understanding.


  • Honesty: Being honest with each other is the only way a couple will be able to survive. Honesty can help resolve misunderstand rather than turn them into big fights.


  • Respect and sensitivity: A marriage can work only if both the parties are respectful towards each other and are sensitive to each other’s needs.


  • Physical affection: Physical affection is as important as emotional affection. It feels good to know that you are wanted by the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with.


  • Loyalty: A marriage is a long journey, and there can be quite a few disturbances on the way. One will have to remain loyal through thick and thin.


  • Empathy: Understanding each other at any point in time is the most crucial in a marriage, without it, any marriage would wither.


Therefore, in these modern times, it is safe to say that we can let go of the old ways of sticking to our caste when it comes to marriage. Marry someone with traits that have been listed above and with traits that you want in a partner.


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