Happy Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages

1. Wishing you guys many more years of togetherness. May all your life moments get blessed and experience pleasant joy & comfort in your life.  

2. Happiest anniversary to my favorite couple in the town. You guys make life beautiful. 

3. We wish you the best
anniversary wishes of the year. You are the perfect couple anybody could exemplify as. 

4. May each year brings with itself more love care and Harmony. Wishing you guys the happiest anniversary. 

5. We make sure that your wishes come true this year. May this year bring loads and loads of happiness for you. 

6. Wishing you guys the most thrilling wedding anniversary. May you keep annoying each other for ages.

7. On this wedding anniversary promise yourselves to be bound by new promises by forgetting about the mistakes and follies to the core.

8. May this year bring so much joy in your life that you forget all the worries. May this wedding anniversary bring tonnes and tonnes of joy to your life. 

9. Each year brings with itself emotions and values. Learn to celebrate them this year with your wedding anniversary. 

10. May you guys continue annoying each other and make sure you never get tired of each other. Wishing you guys the happiest anniversary

11. You made my life extremely happy and thrilling at the same time. Besides, you have added new wings to my flight. I am being glad and grateful for this amazing journey with you. Happy anniversary.

12. Happy anniversary, my dear wifey. You make my life so easy. You are my ferroro to my rocher.

13. You are the best person to talk to every night. Thank you for standing by my side. Wishing you the happiest wedding anniversary my love. this bond is stronger and stronger with every passing day

14. Promise yourself that your ever-lasting bond will continue for years to come. Let this year offers you the joy, happiness, and love that you need in your life. Sending you happy wedding anniversary wishes.

15. We wish you the divine blessing this anniversary. May you be blessed with loads and loads of happiness.


Anniversary Wishes and Quotes
16. Hey the power couples up there, you deserve every single bit of happiness. (Married anniversary wishes)

17. May this year, you brim with more and more opportunities. May this year you both become a better version of yourselves. Wishing you guys the happiest of marriage anniversary wishes

18. May this year prove to be a pretty amazing year for every one of you. Wishing you guys the happiest wedding anniversary. 

19. This year promise yourselves to be bound by amazing bounties of god as you deserve them all. Wishing you loads and loads of nuts. 

20. Happiest anniversary to my power couple. You guys have shown the true essence of love to the world out there. 

21. Continue being that amazing and refreshing may you achieve all the heights of the sky. (Married anniversary wishes)

22. Wishing you the most memorable and amazing married anniversary wishes. You are the best couple in the town. 

23. May this year you guys explore the bounties of divinity which has been showered upon you. (Marriage anniversary wishes)

24. Happiest wedding anniversary, my favorite couple. (Marriage anniversary wishes)

25. Happy anniversary wishes, wifey! You make my life so beautiful. (Marriage anniversary wishes)

26. Happy anniversary, hubby! You have made me love all of myself love you a little more. (Happy anniversary wishes)

27. May we celebrate the ‘n’ number of anniversaries together. Wishing you the best. (Happy anniversary wishes)

28. Happiest Anniversary, my love.
(Wedding anniversary wishes)

29. My life is incomplete without you. You are my better half. Happy Anniversary. (Anniversary quotes)

30. Wishing you guys the best of the wedding anniversaries. (Anniversary quotes)


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Inter-Caste Marriage is Right or Wrong?

Hinduism did not explicitly state that an individual from other castes was not to be married, but that it deliberately encouraged marriages from the same castes to support society. So, in inter-caste marriage, there is absolutely nothing wrong.

What is inter-caste marriage?

Inter-caste marriage means the marriage between one of the partners of the Scheduled Caste and the other of the non-scheduled Caste to be used as a marriage for this Scheme. This marriage is legal under the law and is properly registered under the 1955 Hindu Marriage Act.

Are inter-caste marriages in India successful?

When the marriage is inter-caste, the basis is just lust. This union goes even further if the couples don’t mess with their families and their lives. If it does not make marital arrangements, so your partner is not allowed to play caste cards with your family and society. Following are the benefits of inter-caste marriage:


1. There is no end to thoughts and experiences:

When two separate persons of faith marry, their thinking and perspectives shift. Acceptance rises and the tolerance towards people from different backgrounds grows. Your thoughts are widespread, and every day you see life differently which is one of the major benefits of inter-caste marriage.


2. You have new things to remember:

The marriage with someone from another caste is a reality that involves learning new knowledge. Their way of life and cooking, you will hear how a certain society is. You will also have several festivals that will make your home more enjoyable and rejoice. That is why life is turning into a peaceful journey which is another inter-caste marriage benefit.


3. You have intelligent children:

According to an inquiry, in inter-religion marriage, the children born to parents from diverse castes are generally cleverer and know even more about the world outside. Because genes vary, children are smarter compared to children who are born to parents of the same caste.


Some Indian states provide currency advantages for inter-caste marriages and some also offer government job opportunities that contribute to the inter-caste marriage benefit.

Problems for inter-caste marriage

  • Parents and family members deem it an offense to their honour, and the “bloodline” of their family is considered diluted.


  • The resistance of parents and relatives of the family leads to family feuds. Some families still reject their children for their transgression. They reject their children.


  • The Murder of honour is a major problem in India, and schooling or economic development is of little importance for the tribe.


  • The differences in lifestyles and behaviors may be a problem considering the compatibility of partners from different castes.


  • Inter-caste marriages in India face difficulties engaging with members of the group in small and remote communities where residents know each other.


  • Children from inter-caste couples can find arranged marriage problematic as a negative characteristic can be seen on the inter-caste mark.


  • Problems related to wealth legacy and proprietary controversy are common when inter-caste marriage


To sum-up

Living in the same building with two separate castes implies a greater degree of adaptability. You do not sometimes choose to adopt their customs or cultures, but you certainly learn to adapt according to their rituals. For example, if we take one of the quotes on inter-caste marriage like you have a pooja to do, you can help you do it in any way you can. You will learn to agree with other people, regardless of whether you believe it or not, to observe a certain faith, custom, and rituals.


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What is the best advice on choosing the right man to marry?

Should I marry a man who can support me financially or should I choose someone with whom I connect emotionally? I don’t love him but he has all the qualities my parents want in my future husband. What should I do? How to choose the best life partner out of the many prospective candidates?


Yes, girls are often confused about the right man to marry, with whom she wishes to spend the rest of her life. She may find one man attractive, another man well settled, or the third one very family oriented. So many choices confuse a girl more.


Online matrimonial services offer relief to both the girl and her family. Many Indian matchmaking services provide girls advice and counseling to help them choosing their desired life partner. Here are a few marriage tips which can help girls to make the right decision while selecting their soul mate.

 Identify the qualities you want in your future husband


  • Identify the qualities you want in your future husband

This is the first and most important point to consider while looking for boys for marriage and deciding on the right man to marry. You might want to write a list of the things you desire in your partner and the things you aren’t willing to compromise on.


  • Decide your preferences One man may be fair and handsome but is arrogant, one man is kind and friendly but is not financially sound and so on. Matrimony services help you list down your order of preferences which will help you decide the key qualities you are looking for .


  • Choose a man who respects you It is very important that a man respects his wife. So be careful and choose a man who supports you and respects your decision and life goals. He should bring out the best in you while also making you feel comfortable. Matchmaking services provide you an opportunity to interact with potential partners.


  • Reliable and Trustworthy The key to a successful marriage is a strong bond and trust between two partners. So many marriage tips suggest that you look out for possible traits which show that your man is possessive or lies or hides things from you. In this case, you should only choose men who you can fully trust.


  • Check his emotional quotient
    Make sure you connect with your partner emotionally. He should be able to divide his time equally well with you, his friends, family and work. This is surely one of the best advice for marriage while choosing the right man to marry.


Choose a man who respects you


  • Assess his friendships and family relationships
    Matrimony services advise girls to notice how he behaves with his family, friends, or people he spends time with. If he displays a lot of conflicts in the family or friends group, then you might reconsider your decision.


  • A man who shares your values and beliefs
    Matrimony services gives girls advice to check the boy’s bio-data and evaluate accordingly. Be it religious beliefs, life goals, financial goals, building family relationship, having kids etc.


Choosing the right man to marry is a big decision and not one to take lightly. There are many qualities a girl wants in her future husband. But all qualities cannot be found in one single person. You can get the best marriage tips from Indian matrimonial services.


Cupid Knot is one such trusted and secure Indian matchmaking services in Surat. They provide girls advice by assessing their bio-data and providing suitable matches as per their preferences. Cupid Knot will help girls find the right man to marry and build a good future with them.


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Impact of Smart Phones and Social Media in a Relationship

Social media entered our lives as a boon and became an excellent way of staying connected with our friends and families. However, over time we became so engrossed in social media that it is now an inseparable part of our lives.


Our smartphone has become so essential part of our existence that we are building our potential relationships over the phone. The mushrooming growth of numerous trusted and genuine matrimonial sites in India in itself is an indication of our craze for being online.


Smartphones indeed made us smart but somewhere we lost our emotional apathy. We curated our virtual world and found a shelter there whenever this real-life seemed exhausting. Of all the good things that a smartphone and social media bring to our lives, it snatches from us the intricacies of relationships.


Here are some of the scientifically proven ways of the impact of smartphones and social media on relationships.


Phones and Social Media in a Relationship


1. Our addiction has led us to ignore our partners.

You see, it is not completely bad to make use of social media. But as we all know overuse of anything is dangerous. Do you recall the last time when you went to bed before checking on social media? To the top, we wake up with a notification on our phones.


Now when you make use of your smartphone for checking your social media now and then even while spending time with your near dear ones or your partner, they tend to feel neglected. They come into a sense of believing that somewhere their presence itself is not enough for you. Could there be any worse feeling than that?


2. You enter into a constant state of comparison.

Life isn’t always as peachy and gay as it seems on social media. When you make overuse social media, you start comparing your relationship with happy couple stories posted on your Instagram.


You live in a constant state of comparison which further leads to jealousy, despair, and unhappiness in a relationship. Stress due to social media is a real thing and should not be ignored. 


3. It becomes your shelter to avoid problems.

Social media becomes a magical world for you and you find its shelter to avoid critical discussions. Instead of arguing and finding solutions to your relationship you find your way towards distraction. And Social media or say in general smartphones works as exceptional distractors temporarily. The line between reality and the virtual world seems to be diminishing and it is harmful to your relationship.


Impact of Smart Phones and Social Media in a Family


4. Pause in communication.

When the partners in a relationship begin finding the use of social media more convenient than talking with their partners, the relationship sinks to the bottom.  We, humans, are easily distracted and social media indeed is the best distraction.


The thread of relationship is strengthened through communication. Lack of it would lead to relationship failure. There is no doubt to the fact that smartphones have an impact on relationships. And the best way of not letting it affect you is by setting the terms of its use. Confused? Well, all I mean is know when to turn off these nasty devices and concentrate on your relationship.


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5 Ways to Woman’s Life Changes After Marriage

Marriage is said to be an equal partnership between two people who are willing to spend a lifetime with each other. However, life doesn’t remain an exact similar version of how it used to be before marriage. Every person, individually as well as a couple goes through a series of drastic changes after marriage.


And while some changes are negligent or too meagre to notice, it is not the case every time. Speaking of change, women be it in India or any other country goes through a series of drastic changes in this new phase of their life. 


Finding your perfect better half isn’t a hard task through myriads of best Matrimonial Services in India. However, finding a partner with whom your life won’t change on a fundamental level after marriage is quite an impossible task.

  • These are some of how women’s life changes after marriage.


1. Identity crisis.

From miss to Mrs, everything about women’s identity changes when she gets married. And although marriage is considered to be equal it is no mystery that women often sacrifice more in a marriage than their male counterparts. Women lose their individual identity to a great extent and all their life matters now involve the combined decision with their partner.


While it is absolutely normal to have a strong marriage partnership, the individuality of each partner needs to be preserved. 




2. Priority changes.

No matter how forward your in-laws might be or how freeing your husband is, but you cannot argue with the fact that your husband’s family becomes your foremost priority. It is unarguably necessary that this change of priority takes place to grow new relationships. However, this change in priority shouldn’t be at the cost of your fundamental values.


Your parents would still be as important as they were before marriage, your career, and your friends too shall hold that equal importance. Dependency creeps in when you dissolve your entire existence in the name of marriage.


3. More responsible.

Marriage makes you more responsible. You no longer make self-centred decisions at the cost of other’s happiness. Your partner’s acceptance and happiness would matter as much to you as your own. Be it your spending habits, your health care routine, budget planning, or career planning, your choices and decisions would reflect a sign of a responsible individual. As a partner, you would be more responsible for growing and nurturing your marriage.


4. More forgiving.

You would take your ego and attitude problems by being more forgiving. Marriage is a relationship that becomes more important to you and you naturally become more forgiving towards your partner. You let go of minor glitches that arise in your relation by making it strong.




5. Letting go of personal space.

You become comfortable in revealing even the most vulnerable side of yours to your partner. You share everything with your partner and somehow let go of that personal space. Marriage would be more of us time rather than me time and you would eventually get used to it.


Marriages are dreamy, beautiful, and charismatic. A relation of such extreme importance in your life would surely change your life and accepting it with an open embrace would help you settle quickly.


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7 Ways Man’s Life Changes After Marriage

Marriages are exceptionally beautiful and are among-st the most important part of the lives of every individual. And while the marriages bring with them an abundance of happiness, it also changes the lives of individuals to a large extent. Change is constant but the changes that occur after marriage in men and women are drastic and enormous.


An Indian matrimonial agency could help you find a better half. But none of the best matrimonial agency in India could help you find a partner with whom your life won’t change after marriage. Accepting this change is the only way you could make your married life happy and fulfilled.


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Here are some of the ways in which a man’s life changes after marriage.


1. He becomes more responsible.

Men would behave like young teenaged boys even when they hit their twenties. Yet as soon as they get married, they outgrow themselves and are suddenly the men who are more responsible and mindful. Marriage may be validated merely by a piece of paper but the set of responsibilities it brings cannot be put to words.


Men adapt the responsible mannerism not only towards their spouse but towards their finances, attitude, behavior, priorities, and whatnot. Marriages change them in ways that are quite difficult to explain but easy to envision.


Man’s Life Changes After Marriage


2. He gets serious with career progression.

Although we have progressed to the times when the responsibility of a family, specifically in terms of financial wealth isn’t limited to men, there still exists an undefined urge amongst men to provide the best for their families. Men tend to become more serious with their plans for a career as soon as they get married.


Although both spouses could provide individually for themselves, thrive for progress, success, and promotion increases amongst men with their marriage.


3. He becomes socially involved.

Men might hate socializing but become unimaginably accepting of social life once they get married. They open themselves to social lives sometimes even at the cost of their comfort.


4. He needs to ace the game of balancing.

Accept it or not, men need to balance their priorities such that he could spare enough attention to their spouse without giving up on family time. Especially in a country like India where men live with their parents even after marriage, this act of balancing is crucially important.


Though he is often jammed between the pull of partner and parents, he somehow manages to balance these two relations exceptionally. On a different note, Balancing isn’t merely between these two relations but all relations of his life.


5. He becomes family-oriented.

Men who hardly spent family time before marriage becomes family-oriented after marriage. The mere attention of their lives which was directed towards friends now seeks for family time with equal zest.


6. His personal space gets disturbed.

This cannot be argued enough. The lives of men, especially their personal space changes drastically after marriage. From getting a lifetime room partner to sharing the majority of wardrobe space with their partners, men let go of a large proportion of their personal space after getting married. And to top it off his night out with his boys’ gang too gets sacrificed at times.


7. He becomes more attentive towards your needs.

Of all the changes men go through after marriage, he becomes exceptionally attentive towards the needs of their partner. Possessiveness, obviously coming from a good place becomes his natural behavior. The same men who were reluctant in acknowledging their emotions earlier become more kind and expressive after marriage.


7 Ways to Man’s Life Changes


While some of these changes are overwhelming for them, most of these changes make them better as a person and partner.


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