Marriage Tips You Should Steal From Your Parents

Since our childhood, we have always seen our parents as the epitome of a loving, healthy relationship and growing up, learning from them, we have set high expectations for ourselves and find a partner that treats you just like your parents treat each other. So, here are some tips from Cupid Knot which you surely steal from your parents to live a successful married life.


Holding on :

You have learned everything from your parents, theirs is the only relationship you have witnessed up close, so whatever knowledge you have regarding a married life comes from them.


We have always wondered why our parents hold on to each other even after their disagreement. They fight but they always come back to each other. The bond they share is precious and has evolved over the years.


Time is the best teacher :

Time is the best teacher and it teaches you persistence. Your parents started from scratch at a very young age. Hard and difficult times bring out the bond you have for each other.


It’s in those times that you come to know what your partner needs from you and how you realize what you have to offer. Your understanding of each other goes deeper and with each passing year, there is a new chapter in your book.




Looking out for each other :

Your parents have the most sacred comfort zone, which needs years and years of endurance. They have seen the good as well as the hardships in raising their children, they have maintained relationships with their respective families together, they have built their own family together and now they know what the other person stands for and their ideologies.


Your dad will always know what your mother is going to say even before you go to her and they take decisions on each other’s behalf. Knowing your partner inside out requires a lot of attention and dedication in your relationship.


Find perfection in imperfections :

Your partner might lack a few qualities that you hoped for, but nobody is perfect and they don’t have to be. Your dad might be the lazy one, and your mom is the one with OCD or vice versa. You both have your share of flaws and the more you discover them, the more perspective you’ll gain.


Putting yourself in their shoes will make it easier for you when the same thing comes up again in the future. The acceptance parents have for each other is something in itself. Your mother might rant about a hundred things when it comes to your dad but at the end of the day, she will come around and stand by it when she needs to.


In sickness and in health :

This vow has so much depth to it, that it explains a marriage perfectly. You must have seen your parents standing by each other at times of sickness and times when money was tight. It’s in those times of celebration as well as a sickness which has brought them closer and intimacy just keep growing from there.


It’s about not leaving your partner alone in any circumstance because humans need their closed ones at two most important times.


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How to be a partner in your married life and not a superior

Marriage is a compromise. And even though that’s something we don’t want to believe in, it is a fact! But this roller coaster ride can be super fun with the right person by your side. We believe calling it a compromise just demeans it and makes it sound like a decision that went wrong.


We expect our partners to be perfect and somebody with the same intensity and emotions as ours. Marriage brings with it a different dimension of emotions, you both are new to and unaware of.


Treating it like an espionage would make things interesting on both the parts. Here’s how you can grow together to enrich each other’s lives and be partners, not superiors.


Share Responsibilities :

Everything after tying the knot is going to be somewhat different from your earlier lives. And sharing moments where you both help each other would not grow your love, it will also be a pragmatic step for your day to day life.


From finances to household chores, everything is easier if you help each other out. Adjusting to new people and families is one of the few things that people are afraid of. Make them accustomed to the family norms and customs would make your partner feel homely.


Respect their Emotions :

Everybody handles emotions differently. You come from a completely different background and so does your partner. What you are dealing with might be completely new for your significant other. Understand that coming from different lives and different places shapes you in a particular way and one shouldn’t be judged for that.


Unlearning things is the best form of learning and it is applicable to marriage more than anything else. Try sharing every little thing and doubt with your partner and don’t hesitate in telling them if you’re facing difficulty adjusting in the new married life of yours.




Welcome, Open Discussions :

Good communication does wonders with everything inclusive of marriage. It’s not necessary that your partner’s take on issues match with yours. Assuming about their choices without talking it out with them might not only hurt them but also imply that you don’t care about their choices.


A discussion will always be appreciated and most importantly you’ll learn their about their stances.


Confide in your Partner :

Living with somebody new is not an easy task. There are a lot of things you are not used to yet. From sleeping habits to eating habits, everything is new for both of you. Help each other out and try confiding and talking it out rather than letting the pressure build up because then it can result into an outburst.


Understand them better so that they’ll start confiding in you for all their queries. Gaining your partner’s trust and love should be on the priority list for both of you.


Don’t Impose Decisions On Each Other :

You both have your own set of responsibilities towards your respective families and towards your job. If you could put yourself in your partner’s shoes and understand what needs to be done by them, your partner will trust you and feel secure with you. Your job is not to bring each other down but to rise together.


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How to make the most out of Cupid Knot’s Interactive Bio Data.

Apart from various integrated services we offer, Cupid Knot’s interactive Bio Data is one of our main features. It gives members space where they can put their opinions, thoughts, and details in a clear, coherent manner.


Our Bio Data is effectively divided into sections covering all the important aspects of an individual thus making it easy to understand and fill up. Check out these tricks to make sure you make the most out of your Bio Data.


About Yourself

Your ‘About Me’ section will be your only direct communication in the initial profile matching process so take that seriously. Adding details that truly resonate with you is a good way to begin.


You need to write what is important to you, your expectations, and your preferences clearly to ensure you are represented in the most real way.


How to make the most out of Cupid Knot’s Interactive Bio Data


Your Family

As it is known that you don’t just marry the person in India, you marry the entire family, details about your family are of grave importance to your potential matches.


You can also specify an ideal family for you to help us find you a match that suits your preferences.


Your Education & Profession

An essential part of your upbringing, details about your educational background are crucial for every potential match. And information about your career and professional goals are equally important.


It is advisable to mention your preferences and expectations from your partner along with your details to help us match people with similar thoughts.


Partner Preferences

Unless you state what you desire, you always live in a dilemma of finding the right match for you. Writing down your preferences and what you expect from your partner can truly help you find a partner who knows how you think and vice versa.


You both can blend your lifestyles to match one another and build a life together with mutual agreements.


And there you have it! These tips, if followed correctly will help you create a Bio-Data that is interactive, effective and one that finds you matches that perfectly suit you. So, if you haven’t finished your Bio-Data, fill it now. It easy, user-friendly, and effectively quick.

Tips To Find The Right Bride/Groom For Your Child

Your child’s wedding is probably one of the most important things you do in your life. Always managing to provide the best you can for your children, finding them their ideal life partner is a task more daunting than anything else. And to get it right, Cupid Knot has some tricks up our sleeves to make it just a little easier for you.


Thorough Background Check

Your child’s marriage is not just addition in their life, but important addition to your entire family. And taking a decision like this requires a thorough check of their background, their families, their stance in the society, and more. And understanding this, Cupid Knot makes acute efforts to make accurate background checks of all its members.


Educational History

Having a good education is essential for each and every individual. It’s something that helps them become who they are. Choosing a partner for your child with quality education helps them be equals of one another, creates a bond of mutual respect, and helps them design a future they desire for themselves.


Tips To Find The Right BrideGroom For Your Child-


Career Goals

It is absolutely crucial for both partners to match and complement their future goals so they can move forward as a team for a life they want to build together. Discussing the career goals of the potential bride/groom for your child beforehand is always a good option and along with that, sharing the goals your child has for himself/herself too.


Family Values

It is famously said in India, “You don’t just marry the person, you marry their entire family!” A partner who matches your family values and stands for the ideologies that you believe in will be a perfect companion for your child.


And there you have it, a few tips to help you make the right decision for your child. Help them design a life they always dreamt of with a partner that compliments them the best. And with Cupid Knot dotting efforts in finding the perfect soul mate for your son/daughter, we have become one of the most trusted matrimonial networks in the country. Get in touch with us at or give us a call on +91 9909926929.