10 Common Misconceptions About Matrimonial Sites in India.

An onset of matrimonial sites is facilitating the people to find their ideal and specific choice of a life partner at easy. However, there are numerous misconceptions attached to matrimonial sites that stop the people from placing their trust on these websites. Some of the most prominent misconceptions include.


1. Matrimonial sites are ineffective

One of the most prominent misconceptions about matrimonial sites in India is that no one could ever find their life partner on a matchmaking platform. The notion that these online platforms are ineffective is completely wrong. Inarguably,


An onset of numerous marriage/matrimonial sites in India makes it difficult for users to differentiate between genuine and fake service provider. However, thorough research on part of users could help them make a choice of an efficient service provider.


2. Matrimonial sites are fraudulent

Internet, in general, has given rise to fraudulent services. It is not limited to matrimonial sites. However, there are numerous trusted matrimonial sites in India that offer genuine customer services in accordance with their policies.


he users need to wear smart cape and conduct individualised research before putting their faith on matrimonial sites. Read user reviews, read the policies and avail freemium service before paying for premium services.


marriage/matrimonial sites in India


3. Matrimonial sites are a waste of time

There is a common notion that creating a profile on online matrimonial sites in India is a waste of time. However, the proportion of marriages conducted through matchmaking sites have increased considerably in recent years.


After all, these sites open an avenue for matchmaking without geographical barriers. Hence, choosing the correct matrimony service provider is an investment of time as opposed to the prevalent misbelief of time wastage.


4. Matrimonial sites ruin the social image

There is prevalent disbelief that creating a profile on matchmaking sites would ruin the societal image of a person and their family. Well, the proportion of people finding their potential match on matrimonial sites is increasing substantially.


More and more people are choosing matrimonial sites over traditional methods for matchmaking. There is no shame in availing the services of matrimonial sites.


5. Matrimonial sites host a large proportion of fake profiles.

Beyond doubt, this was a truth for a large chunk of matchmaking websites years back. But the advent of the Internet also saw a rise in the development of security measures.


The large chunk of websites in today’s time eliminates the possibility of fake profile to a large extent.


6. Matrimonial sites lack proper verification

There exists an almost negligible number of matrimonial websites, that hasn’t made the verification compulsory. The least of Email and phone verification is made which eliminates the chances of encountering fake profiles.


While making a choice of matrimonial site, always choose the one that offers verified profiles.


Matrimonial Sites in India


7. Matrimonial sites are just for dating.

This is perhaps the commonly spread notion about matrimonial sites. Matrimonial sites are not limited to dating. These sites are perfect for people with serious inclination towards marriage.


8. Matrimonial sites are used by old people

This is another of the misconception that remains deeply engraved in the people of Indian society. In reality, these sites are as effective for young people as it is for the people in their mid-thirties.


9. Salespeople at matrimonial sites hammer you

Salespeople at matrimonial sites work exactly like salespeople in other industry. They won’t hammer you with constant calls and profile suggestions unless you agree to the conditions. They are effective service providers and would help you efficiently in your search for a life partner.


10. Matrimonial sites are used by second-timers.

No, matrimonial sites aren’t limited to the use for divorcees and second timers. This is an absolutely incorrect notion. These sites are effective for all cohorts of people regardless of their age, culture, religion and region.


It is perhaps the time to blow off your misconceptions and make actual use of the matrimonial site to find your life partner.


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Tips To Avoid Fraud on Indian Matchmaking Websites

The digital world has opened its avenues for industries and services which were never thought of before. Over the past few decades, we saw an emergent rise in Indian matchmaking websites. Better regarded as professional matchmakers, these matrimony platforms offer Indian matchmaking services through their vast user database.


However, a little negligence could result in massive frauds and could hamper your search for a life partner. We have a set of certain advice that would save you from frauds on matrimonial platforms.


  • Check the reliability of the site:


There are myriads of matchmaking sites in India. These sites have emerged with the advent of the Internet and changed societal structure. And while the virtual world has bought us closer, the proportion of fraudsters has also increased substantially. Hence, it is of utmost importance to research well before you sign up on any of these Indian matchmaking websites.


Read the customer reviews and get yourself acquainted with their policies of matrimonial service before registering yourself. Choose the best matchmaking app to find your ideal partner.


  • Run a background check:


Everything seems happy and merry in a virtual world. However, don’t trust everything you see on matrimony platforms. After all, most of these Indian matchmaking services don’t offer the services of profile verification. The decision of the wedding is crucial and before you involve yourself with someone, run a deep profile check on them.


If there exists any glitch in their profiles, don’t hesitate to clear it out. Search for them on various social media platforms, ask questions regarding their qualifications, workplace or family, to get a detailed insight about them. Besides, always lookout for a profile with a verified badge.


  • Never involve in monetary exchange:


Monetary fraud on matrimonial sites is amongst the top-ranked frauds registered by people. Never involve in monetary exchange no matter the circumstances. Genuine people would not ask you for financial help, at least not at an early stage. Don’t transfer funds and stay alert with the demands posed by fraudsters on matrimonial sites.


  • Collect references:


We live in a virtual world, and we are closer than we realize. Put your connections to use and collect some verified references from your sources. Don’t rush to the decision of the wedding if things begin to gel up.


Take some time and collect as much information as you could before plunging yourself in marriage. Besides, step off the virtual world and meet the prospective family and friends face to face. Trust your guts and if anything seems off-track, get to the crux of the problem.


Tips To Avoid Fraud on Indian Matchmaking Websites


  • Meet in a public place:


While you take the first step of meeting the person in real, don’t opt for an extremely private place. Instead, opt for a moderately crowded coffee place or a restaurant.


This way, you could gather privacy but could also stay at the proximity of the crowd. Besides, if families are getting involved, the place of residence would be the best choice for meet up.


  • Don’t get too personal:


Don’t share too much information from the beginning. Let the things work out at its own pace. The frauds result because of the easy availability of sensitive information, be it financial details or pictures. Don’t place your blind trust and take your time and space to form any conclusion.


  • Trust your instincts:


You’re not overthinking. If you see inconsistency in their behaviour again and again, if they frequently avoid meetups, if they hesitate in their answers regarding profession, family or qualifications, there might actually exist a problem. Trust your instincts and report discrepancies of any form in their profile.


It would be incorrect to generalize matrimonial sites as frauds or ineffective. Inarguably, the frauds on digital platforms are rising. But, with tact and smartness, a user could actually save themselves from the frauds on matrimonial sites.


Why Online Matrimony Is The Way To Go?

The concept of Arranged Marriages has evolved drastically over time and has evolved for good. In this modern era, when every aspect of our lives is being digitally driven, it’d be a shame if you do not adopt online matrimony and upgrade your ways to get yourself or your children married.


No longer do potential bride/grooms see the picture and decide, things have gotten way sophisticated now. So to keep up with the new-age marriage solutions, here are a few reasons why finding a partner digitally is the best way to go at it.


Fast-Paced Life:

With the traditions and methods evolving rapidly, the whole concept of a wedding has changed in its own way. For example, back in the days, people got married when it was the “right time” and not according to their wish.


The country is developing, the youth is much more responsible and career-oriented. Their priority is getting their career in line then when they feel settled enough, they look for a partner and setting up a family for themselves. In such a fast-paced setting, online matrimony not only saves time and resources, it helps finding the right partner easy.




Easy Shortlisting:

Imagine shortlisting potential bride/groom with every niche detail at your convenience. Settling for less has become a thing from the past now. With matrimonial sites as the first option for families now, people can sort their potential candidates through educational qualification, creed, caste, state, financial status, social status and much more.


Meetings are way more sorted with the help of online matrimony sites and you can get a background check of the family done and then proceed with the meetings.


Finding a Middle Ground:

The process might have evolved for the better, but the essence of the traditions and rituals still remains the same. Meeting the one and getting to know them before tying the knot helps you gain perspective and you can be assured of a happy marriage.


Parents allow their kids nowadays to see if the couple bonds well, not keeping them in shadow till the wedding day. This middle ground of an arranged love marriage is working just fine in this digital era. This way you can find the love of your life with the blessings from your parents.



All the profiles that you come across on the matrimonial sites are verified and safe. The profiles are thorough and KYC verified, so you don’t have to get your children married on someone’s word. You have all the information you need for your first meetings and then you can go ahead with the further procedure after the meeting if you find it worth giving a try.


A lot of people are now engaging in matrimonial sites, and it’s the right step. When you can trust your money online, why not marriage profiles? And Cupid Knot, India’s most trusted matrimonial Services is fully competent in offering safe & effective ways in finding the ideal partner for you or your child. To know more, give us a call on +91 9909926929 | 0261 4800880 or visit cupidknot.com

Myths Revolving Around Matrimonial Sites In India


Transforming the way weddings happen in India, matrimonial sites have seen a welcome rise in their acceptance and popularity. Keeping up with the technology that surrounds us, a crucial part of our lives has also been made easier by it. Indian matchmaking has become way more versatile, trustworthy, and efficient over the past 5 years and seems to grow exponentially in metros and in mid-level and small cities.


But with such rising success, certain myths have also surrounded around the idea of finding one’s soul mate online. And so we, Cupid Knot, emerging to be India’s most trusted online matrimonial network are trying to bust these myths and create transparency around the idea.


If you are searching for Life Partner in India, then Cupid Knot will help find your perfect life partner with ease. Cupid Knot is a 100% secure matrimony service in India as all the member profiles are genuine. Across all communities. Register Free Now!!


Safety can’t be Guaranteed:
The internet may have an impression of spreading your information to a wider audience, with the right tools and safety measures, it is possible to keep your personal data secure and completely confidential. And at Cupid Knot, we work extensively hard to achieve exactly that for all our members.


Myths Revolving Around Matrimonial Sites In India


Most Profiles are Fake:
Marriage is a matter of grave importance and understanding that, extraordinary security measures are taken to ensure people who sign up are real by verifying each one of them and at Cupid Knot too, all members go through KYC verification to warrant their true identity.


Constant Sales Calls:
Apart from calling for meetings, provide your preferred service, and personal assistance, no calls are made to the members. At Cupid Knot, we streamline major work through online channels and reach out personally only when required so your time is not wasted on unnecessary telephonic conversations.


Matrimony in India


It’s Confusing & Time-wasting:
Digital media can be confusing, especially for parents or grandparents, given the idea of it being a new trend. And understanding that, we at Cupid Knot have a fairly simple and user-friendly layout. If parents, grandparents, or anyone is not familiar with the system of the website, Cupid Knot constantly assists them and also helps create the account and then gives access to them.


Finding your life partner has never been this easier. With Cupid Knot you can search for your life partner without any hassles. Just register with and we shall take the entire process of Online Life Partner Search ahead for you. Now, we are professional matchmakers and unlike other matrimonial sites where you can search for a life partner individually, we have no search option. That is to say, we search for your life partner after understanding your needs. We search for the desired match in our database and thereby suggest potential matches.


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