Questions to Ask During the First Meeting in an Arranged Marriage

Arrange marriage in India is a prominent way of getting married. India is widely known for its diversified culture and religion. However, when it comes to marriage in India, people here are still robust to the concept of Endogamy. Religion and caste play the most crucial role in fixing arrange marriages in India.


As opposed to yesteryear, where matches were made merely on the criteria of religion, the form of arranged marriage has evolved over time. The decision of marriage isn’t limited to elders of the family with youth having equal or more power over whom to marry. Numerous matrimonial agencies in India could help you find your partner with whom you could connect with.


Hobbies, interests, compatibility plays as important a role as a religion in marriages. People spend enough time together before making a decision to marry, even in arrange marriage. 


Let’s guide you with questions to ask on your first arrange marriage meeting if you’re about to go on one.


Ask questions regarding lifestyle.

1. What are their usual weekend plans?

2. How often do they go on a vacation in a year?

3. What are their food habits?

4. How important is a workout to them?

5. Would they prefer watching movies or reading books?

6.Would they mind staying away from their parents after marriage?

7. Are they a believer in simple living or a luxurious lifestyle?


Arranged Marriage


Question relating to the profession.

8. How important is their career to them?

9. Do they think of making a career change?

10. Would they prefer growth or stability?

11. Do they think of giving their hobbies a shape of career?

12. How important would be your career after marriage?

13. Would it be okay to top them if you earn more than them? Specifically, if you’re a female.


Religious and cultural questions.

14. What are their religious beliefs?

15. Do they believe in God?

16. How open are they to other religions?

17. Do they have any friends from a religion other than theirs?

18. Do they believe in the power of prayers?


Questions relating to the family.

19. How important is family to them?

20. What is their native place?

21. Does their family have any great cultural significance?

22. How many siblings they have?

23. What is their relationship with each sibling?

24. Are they married or do they have any children?

25. Would the responsibility of accepting families lie entirely on you?

26. How important would be the family of their partner be?


Questions relating to finance.

27. What is their nature of spending? Do they save more or spend lavishly?

28. How important is financial security to them? 

29. What is their point of view on debt?

30. Who would be in charge of finances if you go ahead with the decision to marry?


Questions to Ask During the First Meeting


While some of these questions might seem too direct for a first meeting, it is completely fine to avoid them. The main purpose of this first meeting is to get answers to fundamental questions. You don’t need to be too direct if that is uncomfortable.


But keep your observation strong as to what they ask and what those questions reveal. It is better to read and understand indirect questions. The answers to this first meeting would determine the possibility of a second meeting. 


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First matrimonial meeting with the bride/groom and family?

Arrange marriages in India are quite prominent. That is to say, despite societal changes and increased literacy rates, people are still opting for arranged marriage set up in India. Now, definitely, the system of arranged marriage has evolved over the years. So much that arrange matches in today’s time are found through online matchmaking, matrimonial Indian sites, and online as well as offline marriage bureau.


Digitization for finding life partners online. Sounds normal right. Well, such is the impact of digitization in our lives. Everything we never thought of possible is now possible digitally.


Well, arrange marriages definitely has evolved. Family matchmakers who use to set up matches are now replaced with professional matchmakers. Moreover, meeting the potential match and their family for the first time is still considered a big thing. You simply cannot expect the level of fluidity like that exists in love marriages from the very first meet.


This first meet is all about how you make a lasting impression without being too much on board. Well, we have these well-curated tips for you. Let us be your savior for that exceptional first meet where anything can go wrong.


How to prepare yourself for the first arrange meeting.


First Meeting For Marriage


1. Break the ice.

First meetings can be quite awkward. And, here’s where your interpersonal and social skills may come to use. Break the awkward silence in the room by being the conversation initiator. Now, if you’re not much of a talker, you need to amp your skills.


Because the first meet is all about breaking the ice and bringing in normalcy. Whether you are meeting a girl/boy for the first time or your family is visiting their family, take someone along who plays a mutual role. Someone who can initiate the conversation and keeps it flowing.


Now, when you meet that potential match for the first time, you may be overwhelmed and ask way too many questions which may seem to intrude to another person. Hence, it is important to top respect their privacy while asking and conversing safely.


2. Seek convenience.

When you arrange a meeting, ensure that both the families are okay with the time and date. Don’t keep an upper hand by looking only for your feasibility. It is important to respect their time and ease while setting a meet.


We understand this could be too overwhelming. And, that’s the reason that we play a third party mutual while connecting our potential clients. We coordinate and arrange the meet so that it is of ease for both.


Now, if the match you are aligned with lives in the same city, the meet could be arranged conveniently. However, if the cities and states are different arranging a meet can be challenging. But the proper conversation can set everything right.


3. Don’t be intruding.

Not only to your partner but don’t be intruding in their family lives. We Indians quite don’t know when not to poke our nose somewhere. Hence, even when you communicate with the families don’t bring up something unpleasant or the past history of their family. It could be quite hurtful. This is especially done often by the male’s side of the family. Honestly, this is quite disrespectful.


First matrimonial meeting


4. Respect the time.

When you set for a meeting, be on time. Someone else is freeing up their times too. Hence, be respectful when it comes to time management.


5. Be direct.

You know the purpose of the meeting. Hence, don’t go around playing the bush. Be direct with what you are seeking from your partner, not in an overwhelming manner of course. But in no way be disrespectful to other people, through your deeds, actions, or words.


6. Lastly, don’t push.

Don’t go on texting and calling them immediately after the meeting. Give them some time to consider. Pushing them for immediate answers is a bad trait and you should avoid it.


All in all, first meets are just a formal set up where you cannot go wrong. It would help you transition from the first meet to the second and final.


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Read more about marriage and relationships on our blogs. Visit Cupid Knot to find more interesting reads.