The rise of new acronym WFH- Weddings from home

Do I need to mention how splendid and flamboyant weddings in India are? Well, people from across the world visit India to experience the celebrations of widely acclaimed opulent Indian weddings. There is no denying to the fact that even in the times of recession Indians have managed to throw outlandish wedding parties and that in itself is an indication of wedding craze in India.

However, the wedding industry that wasn’t taken aback even by financial crisis faced a tremendous backslash with the arrival of COVID 19. Our lives literally changed in a blink moment of an eye and all of us got confined within our home boundaries within these past 2 months. And while the economy is at a halt, social distancing is the new mantra of living and breathing peacefully.

While the moment in the economy would slowly return to normalcy, there don’t seem to be any time soon when we would be truly able to enjoy large gatherings. And we are all aware of the grandeur in the gatherings of Indian weddings.

Well, what could be the solution in such a circumstance wherein social gatherings are impossible and postponing wedding, not an option.


Weddings from home



While the rest of the world is Working From Home, this WFH literally means Wedding From Home. And yes, this isn’t a made-up scenario. People are actually getting married amidst these lockdown within the boundaries of their home all while practising social distancing. Aptly said, we Indians have solutions to almost everything. People actually found ways to make such weddings not only successful but fun, intriguing and memorable too.

The very technology we despised for so long, has now been a rescue for people to find innovative solutions to their wedding problem. From commemorating marriage through video conferencing to guests attending weddings through Zoom video calls, these modern Indian couples actually redefined the very definition of the wedding. We might laugh it off for now, but truth to be told this would be the most appropriate solution for wedding seasons to come.


matrimonial services in Gujarat


While this solution to the wedding might be followed as compulsion right now, we firmly believe that these would set the trends for years ahead.

After all, weddings are meant to be cherished. We just never imagined that
weddings too could be this intimate yet fun. Rightly said, the most tremendous and innovative changes arrive when we are surrounded by closed doors. Wedding from Home is one such tremendous change in Indian wedding Industry.

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The Pros and Cons Of Matrimony Explained

Marriage as an institution of togetherness is completely accepted by society as a whole. While no marriages are same, there exists underlying notions and ideas about the fundamentals of marriage that could be predominantly seen in various societies.

Marriages are beautiful and it is seemingly easier to find your partner through the top and best marriage bureaus in India. But is marriage an only way of being acceptable in society? Well, I could have agreed to this years back but with the changing scenarios of society, I would say that marriage is no longer a compulsion.

Everything in this world is two faceted and same is the case with marriage. It has its own set of pros and cons that are weighed through priorities and perspectives of varied individuals.


Pros/Benefits to marriage


1. You get a partner in everything.

People crave for companionship and marriages are a full-proof way of getting a lifetime companion. You get to share the adventures of your life with someone precious. Be it happiness or sadness with a correct life partner, one gets a trusted companion for life.


2. Security.

Marriage brings along with it a sense of security and protection. With a partner by your side, you would never be alone in the vicinity of your dark thoughts.


The Pros and Cons of matrimony



3. Societal acceptance

Marriage is socially accepted by all religions and people of all faiths. It strengthens love and lays the foundation of a secured family. With a marriage badge, it is quite easier, to begin with, family.


4. Financial benefits.

Finance is closely related to marriages. Marriage is a great way of reducing financial expenses. Together with a partner, one can manage their spending and saving habits. Besides, sharing a home brings its own sets of benefits. You get a partner in sharing rents, bills and taxes.


5. Stability.

Marriage makes people more stable. However meagre it may sound but a piece of paper actually holds great power in connecting two individuals. Married individuals are usually more stable and possess a virtue of sharing and love.


Cons of marriage.


1. It all depends on the partner.

You may try all you want but marriage won’t succeed with an improper partner in it. As much as the efforts of two individuals are required for a successful marriage, the lack of efforts on both individuals sees the doom of marriage. Besides you cannot change the underlying personality of your partner. Nothing could be done if your partner is not the one you wish to spend the rest of life with.


2. Commitment to an individual.

Marriages stay strong on the foundation of trust. It requires the utmost commitment of both the partners involved in it. Marriage binds you to one person for a long period of time and if you couldn’t commit yourself to such a huge responsibility, not getting married would be a wise choice.


The Pros and Cons of matrimony



3. Loss of individuality.

Contrary to the modern preaching that states marriage isn’t a loss of individuality, more often than not partner lose a significant aspect of their personality when they get married. You see, marriage is always about looking out for others. You would have to sacrifice on multiple grounds to secure your marriage. If you couldn’t stand the thought of altering your choices for someone else, marriage isn’t the necessity you would have to bind by.


4. Societal pressure.

Although marriage is a beautiful unification of two people, more often than not it is intruded by the opinions of outsiders. Marriage gets you a respectable place in society. But the same society would pressurise you in holding together even when your marriage turns toxic. Marriage was never meant to be forced and any such relation which pulls you down should not be entertained.


Well, we couldn’t help you decide whether to marry or not. But if you’re thinking of getting married we could surely help you find your better half.

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7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Matrimony

There are numerous popular and top-rated matrimonial sites in India that would help you find your perfect life partner. But could they assure you the seamless journey of constant marital bliss? Well, no one ever could. Every marriage has a unique story and even the people with an incredible marriage journey faces the glitches and hurdles on their way. While certain problems are completely unavoidable, as a couple you could actually work on correcting the mistakes that are destroying your marriage.


1. Taking each other for granted

Marriage is a lifelong commitment of shared happiness and sorrows. However, in the long term partners get so used to each other that they fail to offer due to acknowledgement to their partner. Knowingly or unknowingly, they push the efforts put in by their partner to the backseat. The key here is to acknowledge and appreciate your partner for the little things they do for your relationship. Remember this thumb rule- If you cannot find more than 3 reasons to appreciate your partner, you don’t have a right to put forth your complaints.


2. The urge to win

The lifelong journey of marriage is bound to have its own share of bumpy and smooth ride. Arguments are inevitable in marriages but what matters is the individual motive behind those fights. If you’re pursuing an argument merely with a purpose of winning and proving yourself right, then it is perhaps the time to acknowledge your horrendous mistake. This egoistic approach of resolving matters would not help you establish common ground. While removing the glitches in your marriage, it is equally important to consider the feelings and perspective of your partner.


3. Too many expectations from your partner

Marriage isn’t a loss of individuality. It is wrong to expect your partners to take entire responsibility for your happiness. Your partner is a human too and you couldn’t merely expect him to be mind- reader. You have to speak up and clearly dictate what you expect of them. Step off the dreamy wonderland and stop comparing your married life with that rom-com movie you’re obsessed with. Take the responsibility for your own happiness, anger, frustrations and anxiety. Your partner could help you share the load but they cannot undertake your load for you. It is perhaps the time to stop attaching all your expectations from your partner. They are your life partner and not any superhuman.


4. Too much involvement of outsiders

No one knows about the glitches in marriage more than the two people involved in it. Sometimes the very foundation of marriage is weakened by too many opinions from the outside world. Your friends and families are your well-wishers but they aren’t aware of the crux problems in your marriage. Set the boundaries and don’t let the opinions of others sway you away.


5. Not consulting your partner on important decisions.

Partners are called better halves for a reason. You cannot put them on a back seat while taking important decisions on your own. Your lives are connected and any decision taken by you is going to affect your partner equally. There should be mutual agreement on the spending and saving habits of each partner. Don’t leave your partner uninformed with the financial aspects. Involve them in important matters and make the decisions on mutual ground.



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6. Stop working on the relationship.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment of making it work. You cannot expect everything to transition and sail smoothly on its own. You still would have to plan for date nights. for spending quality time with your partner. The key is to not get bored in the company of each other. Do anything and everything to keep your intimacy intact.


7. Communication gap

One of the biggest mistakes that leads to unsuccessful marriage is a gap in communication. Communication is the only way of getting through the problems of marriage. Don’t bottle up your feelings. You have to communicate with your partner even if it would lead to arguments. Stopping the communication altogether would surely land you to the worst side of marriage fate. Always remember that as long as there is a bridge of communication, things could be sorted. Every marriage is unique but some of these horrendous mistakes could actually bring your marriage to dead- end. Better to stay informed than remaining unaware of the glitches in your married life.


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Interesting Ways To Spend Time With Your Partner In This Lockdown.

Well, who would have thought that the new-year that started with a bang would eventually lead to lockdown for months? Yes, we need a take 2 of 2020 and there is enough bad happening around us to find anything good in this. But looking on a bright side, we are stuck in a lockdown with our most favourite people. The people whom we love, adore and are grateful for.

Instead of cribbing on how great life was before, take this time to spend the much needed time with your partners. And yes, it isn’t as boring as you have imagined in your heads. Trust me, you could make some of the most beautiful memories with your partners in this lockdown.


1. Sweat it out.

Yes, you are at home, you are gobbling the most amazing food and living the life on your couch. Yes, you’re relaxing but being on your couch for too long won’t do any good. With the myriads of online coaching alternatives, you could easily shred those extra calories at home. Be it your morning yoga session or a fun Tabata workout, train yourself with your partner for a healthy lifestyle. It won’t be as dull as you have anticipated. To help you get started, credit is having various free classes for a workout every day. It’s free, fun and
something really exciting to try with your partner.


2. Binge watch on shows.

Bring your watch list to life. Now is the time to binge-watch all those shows you wanted to but never had time for. Choose the genre that suits best for you and your partner and start right away. It’s a great way of sharing moments together.



matrimonial sites in India



3. Cook together

All our favourite restaurants are closed and we have no option but to cook scrumptious meals for ourselves at home. Besides, cooking could be really fun when done with your partner. Food is a way to people heart and cooking together is a way of bonding. Your help might be as little as chopping vegetables, but trust us you would look forward to these rituals every day.


4. Bonding over house chores.

We are on our own without our maids in these times of lockdown. Don’t overburden your partner by letting them finish all household chores. Share the load and it would be fun. Besides, actions speak louder than words. Could there be a way better than this to let them know your love?


5. Board games.

We don’t have theatres, malls and gaming zones to entertain ourselves. All we have is home and our creative minds. Get those board games out that were settling under heaps of dust for a long time. Gluing to your phones would get irritating after a time. Besides, isn’t it fun losing over your partner in competitive board games.


6. Go on a coffee run to your balcony.

All our favourite coffee places are closed and it is more than likely that you might be missing your favourite cappuccinos. Now you don’t need to be a barista to make your wife a good coffee for a balcony date. But I can say with confidence that after a month in lockdown you could definitely make a decent coffee to do with. This lockdown should not stop you from enjoying your dates. Sometimes even a little effort could do wonders.


This lockdown has taught us that we could stay happy and contented even with bare necessities. What are you still waiting for? Now is the time to strengthen that bond with your partner.

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The Top Reasons People Succeed In The Matrimony Industry

Times are changing and gone are the days when the use of matchmaking services in India was limited to people who didn’t found any luck with traditional matchmaking. As opposed to the restrictive and age-old belief that registering for online matchmaking services brings shame to the family, more and more people are hopping on to these sites for the search of their prospective partner. 

The onset of the Internet and changed societal structure saw an emergence of numerous top matchmaking sites in India. The use of these sites is increasing at a gradual rate with an accounted growth rate of 20-30%.

Why are these matchmaking sites succeeding in India? 

These sites emerged at a time when the joint family structure of India dismantled to nuclear. People started moving to cities in search of better career prospects and eventually the close-knit that held family together opened up. Education and literacy amongst the youth began increasing and partner choice no longer remained confined to religion and caste. Marriage decisions were no longer limited to elders in a family and youths became more specific of their partner wants. 

These matchmaking sites offer an amalgamated service of traditional matchmaking with a cape of modernity. These sites are succeeding because of their following distinct characteristics.


1  Wide Database.

Most of these sites operate PAN India and even abroad to a certain extent. With such a broad spectrum of a service area, they offer a huge platform for finding prospective bride or groom. These sites are increasingly used because of their huge database. It is easier to find an ideal match based on various filters of age, caste, religion, education, profession, region, states and even hobbies.


2  Easy Search.

With a huge database, these sites offer advanced and easy filtration option to find an ideal match. People no longer have to rely on traditional matchmakers to find their suitable match. With clear wants, it is easy to find someone with piqued interests as you. These sites remove the barriers of traditional matchmaking with their wide service offerings.


online matchmaking service


3  Privacy is maintained.

No matter how advanced an Indian society gets. People still wish to maintain their privacy when it comes to sensitive matters like marriage. Numerous of these advanced matchmaking sites offer their services while maintaining the secrecy of their user. Hence, even the old cohorts of society have found their ways to matrimonial sites for matchmaking. 


4  Reducing the necessity of compromise.

Finding a partner for marrying is an utmost important decision. Compromising on basic aspects was a need in past but with these sites, you get an option of choosing a partner of your desires. We do understand that compromise is essential in all marriages but not when you have numerous options to choose from. It is easier to find someone with the same hobbies and interests along with cultural background, social status and religion. 


Marriage Industry in India is a whopping 40-50 billion dollar market. The growth rate of the matrimonial industry will contribute significantly to the Indian wedding market.

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9 signs you need help with your marriage

Marriage is a lifelong promise of staying together. It definitely isn’t a seamless journey of constant marital bliss. The ebb and flow in your marriage life aren’t unusual, but there shouldn’t exist a continuous downfall in the quality of your married life either.

You see, finding a life partner isn’t a difficult task. Either of the top and best marriage bureau in India could help you find your ideal life partner. However, holding through that marriage for a lifetime requires constant serious efforts even if that requires you to seek professional help. If these are the underlying problems in your marriage, wait no longer and just seek help.


1. There is a lack of Communication.

Communication, as we all know, is a key to better understanding. There is a huge underlying issue when the partners stop communicating. Just because there aren’t abuses and arguments doesn’t signify lack of problems in relationships. Not having the courage to talk to your partner, in itself indicates the huge problem in your married life. The counsellor helps you bridge the communication gap effectively and efficiently.


2. When you cannot understand your partner.

There is a severe need for counselling when you become an antagonist to everything your partner says or does. Counselling helps the couple in better understanding of each other. It is extremely important to understand the partner’s perspective in marriage and not undertake everything as a source of criticism.


3. When there are daily arguments.

Arguments are part and parcel of a healthy married life. However, there lies a serious problem when arguments become a part of everyday life. Arguments are absolutely okay when it is not a part of negative talk but pursued with an objective of solving problems. If either of the partners feels shame, disregard or insecurity with ongoing arguments, the couple should seek therapy from family counsellors. Arguments in no way should transform into emotional abuse.


top and best marriage bureau in India


4. There is more negativity.

When you have more to complain about your partner than being grateful. Living in close proximity with your partner would expose you to imperfections in your partner. Sometimes you won’t be able to stand those imperfections. However, when those minor problems come in the way of loving and appreciating your partner, you should seek professional help.


5. You face difficulty trusting your spouse.

Trust is the foundation based on which pillars of marriage stand strong. However, when the trust subsides it is natural for partners to question the viability of their marriage. Partners should be each other confidant and when this is not the case, professional counselling is the way out. There should be a basic inclination that your partner would never do anything wrong to you. There exists a problem when partners feel insecure in the presence of their partners.


6. When there is a lack of transparency.

Trust issues creep in when there is no transparency between life partners. Financial infidelity is one of the most prominent reasons for marriage issues. Couples retort to arguments when there exists ambiguity in their relation.


7. When you wish your partner to change.

Perfection is a myth and it is unusual of a partner to seek specific changes in their spouse. You should seek professional help when you consider that certain changes in your partner would solve all the issues in your marriage. It is an unrealistic expectation and you must understand that the only change you’re capable of as an individual is a change within yourself.


8. When you hesitate to talk.

You should feel free to talk about anything and everything with your partner. But when you face hesitation to talk with your partner, there exists a problem. Taking help from marriage counsellors helps you in identifying the crux of the problem and you could thereby effectively work on your marriage.


9. When it doesn’t feel like a team.

More than individuals, you and your partner are a team. You’re meant to deal with all the problems together. But when you’re the only one putting in all the efforts to save your marriage, your marriage needs professional help.


Seeking help from an outside source helps you to get an unbiased perspective on issues of your marriage. Don’t hesitate to seek help when there still exists potential chances for saving your marriage.

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