Which Matrimony Site is Best in India?

For all Indians, marriage is a holy institution, which is a union of not just two souls, but two families also, together. And every region, religion, and caste in India follow different traditions and customs in their marriage. But the majority of Indian families prefer arranged marriages in their own community. With the advent of the internet, many Indian matrimonial sites have come up to help eligible people find their life partners online.


The internet-savvy generation today searches for their better half on matrimony websites. Several marriage websites are available which have successfully made many Jodi’s online.  Several divorcee couples have also met through these free second marriage matrimonial sites.


Some of the best matrimonial sites offer personalized Indian Matchmaking services with complete confidentiality to the members. Eligible brides and grooms can simply register on these free matrimonial sites, and find their suitable life partner. These sites have a huge database that suits your preference and helps you choose your life partner. Irrespective of the language, community, or caste, these free marriage sites have suitable matches for everyone.

Here’s a review of the Top 5 Best Indian Matrimony sites

1. Cupid Knot:

Cupid Knot Matrimony

Cupid Knot is one of the best Matchmaking and most trusted matrimonial service providers in India. Theirs is a 100% Secured and Trusted Matrimony Website with advanced features. They provide Comprehensive Bio Data Profiles, Membership Plans, Continuous Support, Expert Counselling, Online and Offline Support, Astrology Consultation, Complete Confidentiality, etc.


2. Bharat Matrimony:

 Bharat Matrimony

It is one of the most popular matrimonial sites in India and gives stiff competition to other sites. Bharat Matrimony offers online matrimony in over many Indian languages for various states and religions in India, including South zones. They offer separate services for people from different communities such as Marwari, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, and South Indian communities. They also have a separate division of divorce matrimonial sites.


3. Jeevan Sathi:

Jeevan Sathi

Jeevansathi needs a mention here as it is one of the most preferred platforms among Hindi matrimonial sites in India. They have a large database of verified profiles of eligible brides and grooms across different castes. Jeevansathi has been in the Matchmaking field for many years and hence is quite popular among Indian communities for their brilliant service and prompt responses for the registered members.


4. Shaadi.com:


Shaadi.com is the oldest and the world’s largest matrimonial service helping millions of people find their partner and bind them into a blissful marriage. It has to its credit thousands of success stories. One can read these stories of the happy couples and their testimonials directly on the matrimony website.


5. Elite Matrimony:


Another popular Indian Matrimonial site is Elite Matrimony which is considered amongst the best matrimonial sites in India. As the name suggests, Elite Matrimony is an exclusive matchmaking service for the rich and affluent. This matrimony website focuses on serving the privileged upper class who are unique in their taste and style. They have a selective database of rich and affluent profiles from around the world.


All the top Indian Matrimonial websites have advanced search features to help you find your life partner with much ease and comfort. So what are you waiting for? Simply register yourself on one of these best Indian Matrimony and find your special someone from the huge database of registered members.



Is someone near to you looking for a matrimonial agency in India? At Cupid Knot, we offer individualized and completely confidential services to our clients by helping them find their life partners.


3 ways to save yourself from matrimony fraud

Well, fraud on the Internet isn’t something new to hear. Right? Every now and then, we hear of stories of people being frauded on the net and how it all cultivate a very bad image of an entire community. Well, matrimony is amongst those industries where frauds are imminent.


But, that doesn’t mean that we stop availing of their services. Because let’s face it, Matrimonial sites in India have made our life easier and if developed properly, it can truly facilitate the wedding industry across the country. 


Save yourself from matrimony Fraud


However, when it comes to availing of services online, it is better to stay alert than being negligent and carefree. The Internet is a wonderful place to be. But it can be horrifying if we don’t practice enough precautions. Well, fret not. We have 3 effective tips to save yourself from online matrimony fraud. Here’s how. 


1. Be smart.

Don’t go around disclosing every information of yours on the Internet. Your privacy is your right and if a matrimonial site cannot ensure it, you should not register there. Those terms and conditions page may seem useless and pressing the I accept button may seem easy. But hey, take your time and read those terms. It’s the most deceptive part of any company and the truly advantageous matrimonial site won’t deceive you. 

In short, know what you are getting into before registering.


matrimony fraud


2. Be aware.

Remember those times when our parents said a strict no to take anything from strangers. Well, the rule applies here. Don’t give your confidence to anyone just over a text message. When you meet someone through an online platform, take enough time to know them. Never, we repeat never share your personal information with them. Never indulge in financial details even when you think you have gained their confidence. 


We aren’t saying everyone is a fraud out there but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


3. Verification process. 

There are millions of matrimonial profiles out there. Be sure, you choose a platform that can guarantee verified profiles. If so, you would definitely have a pleasant experience finding your perfect match online. 


The easiest way to filter the matrimonial sites is by choosing the ones that allow only verified entrants. Hence, you won’t be losing dealing with something waste. 


Just understand, you cannot get away with frauds on online platforms. Precautions are necessary. And only then would your experience would be pleasant. 


Matrimonial Fraud


So have you found a matrimonial site in India suitable for you? Well, Cupid Knot is your place to be. In reality, we are neither those search platforms nor like an online marriage bureau. In fact, we are the online matchmaking service provider. We search for the perfect match for our clients by sourcing through our database. We offer fully confidential matchmaking services, thereby not revealing the identity of our clients. 


Download our matrimony app available for free download across all Android and IOS devices. Begin your search for a life partner with us. 


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Get the Perfect Match with Cupidknot.com Premium services

Finding a life partner has never been this easier. While we are not opposed to love marriages at all, we also firmly believe that sometimes love is all you get to find through an arrange setup. No, arrange setups aren’t boring. But, conventional setups indefinitely are. After all, who in this today’s times of modernity agrees on marrying someone just because a caste and religion list checks first.


Yes, religion is important, and caste matters. But that aren’t the only parameters to seek while looking for a life partner. What matters the most is compatibility. IF you ad your partner clicks in the right way, there won’t be a failed relationship for you.


Now, Cupid Knot is an Indian matrimonial site and unlike the marriage bureau in Gujarat, it doesn’t focus on profile match. We focus on people’s matches, that is we look for the love quotient. In a way, we play ours in blooming love between two potential matches.


Coming back to the point, ours is Jain matrimony and we have a vast database of potential bride and groom across the Jain community. Hence, if you have one specific criterion for finding a Jain partner, begin your search with us today. You may ask advantage of ours over other online marriage bureau and matrimony Indian sites. Well, let us help you out.


Get the Perfect Match with Cupidknot.com


1. Others would focus only on aspects of religion but we would focus on compatibility. There’s nothing like a perfect match but potential and compatible matches.


2. We focus our services on specific communities of Jain, Agarwal, Maheshwari, and Marwari. Hence, we definitely are better for these communities rather than other matrimonial websites. We have a vast and huge database for these communities. Besides, we understand these communities in great nuances. Hence, we are the best for you.


3. Ours is an online matchmaking platform. However, our matchmaking services are offered with complete offline assistance. Hence, people of either age group can easily access us. You don’t have to go through complex processes to find your life partner.


4. We don’t offer services for individual searches. Instead, we understand your needs and find the potential match from our database for you. Hence, you won’t have to go through the tedious process of searching and rejecting hundreds of profiles before even finding one suitable profile. Let us know your needs and we shall find you a life partner accordingly.


5. We understand the privacy and sensitive aspect of marriage. Hence, we won’t reveal your identity ever. With us, you can find a match while maintaining complete confidentiality.


Get the Perfect Match with Cupidknot.com Premium services


6. Profiles sent by us are verified thoroughly. Hence, there are no loopholes or chances for encountering fraudsters in our profiles.


7. Our services aren’t completely free. Yes, we offer trial services to get you familiar with us. But with our premium services you get access to the best potential matches and expert consultation. Finding a life partner isn’t a logistic science but neither is it a simple task. We cater to your needs as you wish us to. Besides, we are called professionals for a reason. We definitely know better than family matchmakers.


Speaking of our membership plans, we have three curated plans to cater to your needs. Each of these plans is crafted specifically for our customers with varying needs. You can check our membership plans here.


Register with us today. And, take the first step towards your partner search. If you don’t find us fruitful you have nothing to lose. But hey, we are sure you would love our services. With us, sooner or later you are bound to find your perfect match.


Lastly, we believe that love and marriage is happiness that should be accessible to everyone. Your age, your marital status, i.e. single, divorced, etc, won’t matter to us as long as you wish to find a life partner. Anyone regardless of any aspect can find a life partner with us. Yes, patience is the key. But we won’t let you settle for anything less than you deserve.


Marriage is beautiful and at Cupid Knot we help you take the first step towards it. So are you willing to take the first step? Subscribe to our membership plan right away. 


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