Things to Keep in Mind While Finding Your Perfect Partner

The choice of a life partner is amongst the most crucial decision in the life of any individual. The choice of a partner with whom you are going to spend most of your life will truly determine the quality of your life.


While making your search for a life partner, the thought of availing services from the best matrimonial sites in India might have occurred to your mind. And why not. After all, you get to find your ideal life partner without compromising from their wide database.


There exist no pre-determined notion as of how you would find your life partner. However, these tips are bound to make your search easier.


1. Jot down clear traits.

You cannot go on seeking for a partner if you have little idea of what you expect from your life partner. Be it the qualifications, profession, religion, cultural values, hobbies or interests, having clear idea of what you want makes your search much easier.


You don’t need to find cent percent replica of those traits in your partners. However, even if your partner would possess 70-80% of those traits, your life ahead would be much more satisfactory.


Things to Keep in Mind While Finding Your Perfect Partner


2. Be flexible.

No one is as perfect as your imagination. You see, you have to leave room for flexibility and compromise while seeking your life partner. It is better to prioritize your wants into fundamental and secondary sections.


Compromising in the fundamental wants would lead to dissatisfaction at a later stage. However, letting go of insignificant and petty wants would make the process smooth and sound.


3. Be active in your search.

Matches might be made in heaven but they don’t pop right in front of your eyes without any conscious efforts on Earth. If you’re keen on getting married that keenness should be visible in your efforts.


You have to constantly look out for your probable partner be it in social gatherings, networking sites or even by availing best matrimonial services in India.


4. Be prepared for rejection.

Of billions of people on Earth, it would be a case of extreme rarity that you would find someone whom you could love and be loved back. It is not an impossible task but neither is it the task of extreme simplicity.


You have to prepare yourself for rejection at times. But feeling dejected and losing hopes would not help. Accept the rejections graciously and get ahead with your life partner search.


Finding Your Perfect Partner


5. Don’t make hushed decisions.

Getting married won’t be an accomplishment to cherish with an incompatible life partner. Take your time and don’t rush yourself into making hasty decisions. As said, the choice of a life partner is the most crucial one. Hence, before announcing your final verdict invest enough time in understanding your partner.


6. Be the best version of yourself.

No one could love you if you couldn’t love yourself. Before stepping out for seeking your life partner develop an individual strong personality for yourself. Curate a fun-loving personality for yourself and incorporate the core values of kindness, emotional empathy and understanding in you.


You see, the better you could feel about yourself easier it is to attract people towards you. While everyone has a set of negative traits to themselves, don’t let them overpower your exceptional characteristics.


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7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Matrimony

There are numerous popular and top-rated matrimonial sites in India that would help you find your perfect life partner. But could they assure you the seamless journey of constant marital bliss? Well, no one ever could.


Every marriage has a unique story and even the people with an incredible marriage journey faces the glitches and hurdles on their way. While certain problems are completely unavoidable, as a couple you could actually work on correcting the mistakes that are destroying your marriage.


1. Taking each other for granted

Marriage is a lifelong commitment of shared happiness and sorrows. However, in the long term partners get so used to each other that they fail to offer due to acknowledgement to their partner. Knowingly or unknowingly, they push the efforts put in by their partner to the backseat.


The key here is to acknowledge and appreciate your partner for the little things they do for your relationship. Remember this thumb rule- If you cannot find more than 3 reasons to appreciate your partner, you don’t have a right to put forth your complaints.


Horrible_Mistakes_ You’re_Making With_Matrimony


2. The urge to win

The lifelong journey of marriage is bound to have its own share of bumpy and smooth ride. Arguments are inevitable in marriages but what matters is the individual motive behind those fights. If you’re pursuing an argument merely with a purpose of winning and proving yourself right, then it is perhaps the time to acknowledge your horrendous mistake.


This egoistic approach of resolving matters would not help you establish common ground. While removing the glitches in your marriage, it is equally important to consider the feelings and perspective of your partner.


3. Too many expectations from your partner

Marriage isn’t a loss of individuality. It is wrong to expect your partners to take entire responsibility for your happiness. Your partner is a human too and you couldn’t merely expect him to be mind- reader. You have to speak up and clearly dictate what you expect of them. Step off the dreamy wonderland and stop comparing your married life with that rom-com movie you’re obsessed with.


Take the responsibility for your own happiness, anger, frustrations and anxiety. Your partner could help you share the load but they cannot undertake your load for you. It is perhaps the time to stop attaching all your expectations from your partner. They are your life partner and not any superhuman.


4. Too much involvement of outsiders

No one knows about the glitches in marriage more than the two people involved in it. Sometimes the very foundation of marriage is weakened by too many opinions from the outside world. Your friends and families are your well-wishers but they aren’t aware of the crux problems in your marriage. Set the boundaries and don’t let the opinions of others sway you away.


5. Not consulting your partner on important decisions.

Partners are called better halves for a reason. You cannot put them on a back seat while taking important decisions on your own. Your lives are connected and any decision taken by you is going to affect your partner equally.


There should be mutual agreement on the spending and saving habits of each partner. Don’t leave your partner uninformed with the financial aspects. Involve them in important matters and make the decisions on mutual ground.


top-rated matrimonial sites in India


6. Stop working on the relationship.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment of making it work. You cannot expect everything to transition and sail smoothly on its own. You still would have to plan for date nights. for spending quality time with your partner. The key is to not get bored in the company of each other. Do anything and everything to keep your intimacy intact.


7. Communication gap

One of the biggest mistakes that leads to unsuccessful marriage is a gap in communication. Communication is the only way of getting through the problems of marriage. Don’t bottle up your feelings. You have to communicate with your partner even if it would lead to arguments.


Stopping the communication altogether would surely land you to the worst side of marriage fate. Always remember that as long as there is a bridge of communication, things could be sorted. Every marriage is unique but some of these horrendous mistakes could actually bring your marriage to dead- end. Better to stay informed than remaining unaware of the glitches in your married life.


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9 signs you need help with your marriage

Marriage is a lifelong promise of staying together. It definitely isn’t a seamless journey of constant marital bliss. The ebb and flow in your marriage life aren’t unusual, but there shouldn’t exist a continuous downfall in the quality of your married life either.


You see, finding a life partner isn’t a difficult task. Either of the top and best marriage bureau in India could help you find your ideal life partner. However, holding through that marriage for a lifetime requires constant serious efforts even if that requires you to seek professional help. If these are the underlying problems in your marriage, wait no longer and just seek help.


1. There is a lack of Communication.

Communication, as we all know, is a key to better understanding. There is a huge underlying issue when the partners stop communicating. Just because there aren’t abuses and arguments doesn’t signify lack of problems in relationships.


Not having the courage to talk to your partner, in itself indicates the huge problem in your married life. The counsellor helps you bridge the communication gap effectively and efficiently.


9 signs for marriage


2. When you cannot understand your partner.

There is a severe need for counselling when you become an antagonist to everything your partner says or does. Counselling helps the couple in better understanding of each other. It is extremely important to understand the partner’s perspective in marriage and not undertake everything as a source of criticism.


3. When there are daily arguments.

Arguments are part and parcel of a healthy married life. However, there lies a serious problem when arguments become a part of everyday life. Arguments are absolutely okay when it is not a part of negative talk but pursued with an objective of solving problems.


If either of the partners feels shame, disregard or insecurity with ongoing arguments, the couple should seek therapy from family counsellors. Arguments in no way should transform into emotional abuse.


4. There is more negativity.

When you have more to complain about your partner than being grateful. Living in close proximity with your partner would expose you to imperfections in your partner.


Sometimes you won’t be able to stand those imperfections. However, when those minor problems come in the way of loving and appreciating your partner, you should seek professional help.


5. You face difficulty trusting your spouse.

Trust is the foundation based on which pillars of marriage stand strong. However, when the trust subsides it is natural for partners to question the viability of their marriage. Partners should be each other confidant and when this is not the case, professional counselling is the way out.


There should be a basic inclination that your partner would never do anything wrong to you. There exists a problem when partners feel insecure in the presence of their partners.


6. When there is a lack of transparency.

Trust issues creep in when there is no transparency between life partners. Financial infidelity is one of the most prominent reasons for marriage issues. Couples retort to arguments when there exists ambiguity in their relation.


7. When you wish your partner to change.

Perfection is a myth and it is unusual of a partner to seek specific changes in their spouse. You should seek professional help when you consider that certain changes in your partner would solve all the issues in your marriage.


It is an unrealistic expectation and you must understand that the only change you’re capable of as an individual is a change within yourself.


top and best marriage bureau in India


8. When you hesitate to talk.

You should feel free to talk about anything and everything with your partner. But when you face hesitation to talk with your partner, there exists a problem.


Taking help from marriage counsellors helps you in identifying the crux of the problem and you could thereby effectively work on your marriage.


9. When it doesn’t feel like a team.

More than individuals, you and your partner are a team. You’re meant to deal with all the problems together. But when you’re the only one putting in all the efforts to save your marriage, your marriage needs professional help.


Seeking help from an outside source helps you to get an unbiased perspective on issues of your marriage. Don’t hesitate to seek help when there still exists potential chances for saving your marriage.


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6 Principles of Psychology you can use to improve your marriage.

Marriages are beautiful unification of two people with a promise of never giving up. Psychology is deeply rooted to understand the underlying behaviours of humans. And when it comes to marriages, understanding and implementing these basic principles of psychology could help you solve your
potential problems.


The presence of myriads of matrimonial sites in India would help you find your ideal match. You see even when there is a high alignment of stars while matching Kundli for marriages there is no guarantee to smooth marriage voyage. All it takes is a commitment of two people who are not willing to give up.


1. Continuous efforts.

Psychology has proven time and again that only through actions for continuous improvement could you succeed. The same goes for a marriage. Marriages don’t work on their own and they require constant efforts for making it work.


Partners need to make an effort of understanding each other on deep conscious level and have to accept the flaws in their partner as graciously as their virtues. The simple key to a successful marriage is an attitude of never giving up.


Psychology you can use to improve your marriage.


2. Communication is the master key.

Communication opens a gate for continuous learning. Couples are bound to get frustrated and agitated in marriage. However, not closing down the gates of communication would always leave hope for recovering.


Communication is the socio-psychological need of people and only through effective communication could you save your marriage from distorting.


3. Letting it go.

The more you hold on to grudges, the more it holds the power to affect you. The key is letting go of petty matters. You see, no human is perfect.


However, when we look up to our partners we somehow expect them to be exceptionally flawless. We cannot forgive them of their mistakes and guilt as easily as we forgive ourselves. Marriage is a lifelong commitment of beautiful togetherness and only by letting go of certain things could we create our happily ever after.


4. Give it space.

Why are we so adamant on placing all our expectations from our life partners? They are humans and like other relation marriages too shall have a space for individuality. It is essential for people in a marriage to foster individual relations outside marriage.


Psychology has proven that attaching too much importance to something leads to destruction. Marriage is undoubtedly the most important relationship, however, don’t make a mistake of limiting your relations to marriage. You see only a healthy blend of two individual personalities would lead to a successful marriage.


5. Perceive your partner to be your friend.

Problems arise when you begin considering your partner as the worst critic. You have to let go of an idea that your partner is bringing you down. Instead, when you develop a constructive approach towards their criticism you could realize the potential positive changes they could bring within you.


Your partner is your best friend and they would always consider best for you. You have to free yourself from the negative feelings associated with your partner.


matching Kundli for marriages


6. Arguments are equally essential.

Lack of arguments isn’t a portrayal of an ideal marriage. However, overcoming your differences for sustaining the marriage is. You see, arguments are as essential as the lovey-dovey moments you spend with your partner.


But only when arguments are presented from the viewpoint of solving problems and not from the perspective of winning, could you save your marriage. Leave your mind open to the possibilities that your partner’s approach could be ideal for solving problems in your marriage.

Marriages were never meant to be easy. But it is worth every dime of efforts it takes for its sustenance.


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How to get hired in the matrimony Industry

India has the second largest Wedding market in the world. Billions of weddings are celebrated every year in India and the wedding industry is estimated to be whooping 40-50 billion dollar industry for upcoming years.


Arrange marriages are deeply associated with an Indian way of getting married and despite the rapid socio-economic changes across the world, there seems no substantial reduction in the rate of arrange marriages in India. This is the reason for growing number of matchmaking sites in India. People are increasingly moulding their ways towards Indian matchmaking websites for the search of their ideal life partner.


Talking about career, there is exceptional projected growth for employees working in this dynamic industry. People are increasingly making the use of Indian matchmaking services for finding their better half.


Are you wondering about the skills that would get you hired in matrimony industry? We have curated this list of comprehensive skills that are mostly soughed after by the employers in matrimony industry.


Indian matchmaking websites


1. Great communication skills.

Candidate must possess exceptional communication skills if their job profile demands direct interaction with customers. Fluency in the local language is must for effective communication with clients. The candidate must have a great understanding of comprehending client’s need.


Communication as a soft skill is important for varied job roles across all industries. However, the importance of communication in this particular industry couldn’t be emphasised enough.


2. In-depth understanding of the client’s culture.

India is home to people of varied religion, cultures and ethnicities. It is important for people working in matrimony industry to possess an in-depth understanding of the client’s religion and culture. Only then, they could deal with the clients effectively and efficiently offer their services.


3. High emotional quotient.

Candidates aspiring to make their career in the matrimonial industry must possess high emotional quotient. Marriage is an extremely sensitive matter. Conversation with clients must involve emotional attachment.


Emotional intelligence is the demand of an hour and empathy facilitates in a clear understanding of the client’s need. With apt attitude, one could make big in matrimony industry.


matrimony Industry


4. Personal values.

The employee won’t be able to satisfy client demands if they lack personal value within themselves. Unlike the sales job in other industries, sales in matrimony involve the high value of personal involvement. Handling sensitive matters like marriage requires individuals with great personal values.


5. Problem solving.

As mentioned earlier, marriages are a matter of extreme sensitivity. Severe problems by clients could be solved only by employees who have a knack of finding solutions. This industry would require a candidate who could pitch clients with high conversion rates.


Apart from the strong core knowledge for the achievement of job responsibilities, these additional skills would help you escalate your career in matrimony industry.


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The Problems with Marriage and Ways to Fix it

Marriage is a journey of beautiful togetherness for the people within it. However, it would be wrong to define this journey as a seamless one.

The glitches and the hurdles are equal companions in the voyage of wedded life. But, everything that is broken holds the ability to get fixed. And so could be the problems faced in marriage.


Now, why should you hear our opinion on marriages? Well, we are the Jain and Agarwal based matrimony in India and we have earned the right of speaking about marriages after offering the best of our matrimonial service in India.


Marriages are our forte and with our detailed study in this field, we have gained a detailed insight into the underlying problems that occur in marriage. We have numerous tips for fixing these problems and only by giving this blog a read could you find your solution.


1. Poor communication:

Communication is the pulsating heartbeat of any relationship, especially marriage. It is the glue that strengthens the fragility of marriage. Problems creep in when the communication between two people fails. More often than not partners prefer to sew their mouths instead of addressing the problem just to avoid confrontation.


This is not a healthy way of dealing with problems in married life. On the contrary, venting and complaining isn’t a way either. Verbally abusing your partner, either in public or in private, is a huge mistake. Avoid criticizing your partner, instead adopt a constructive and empathetic tone in your conversation. Don’t just talk, listen and communicate.


When you wave a red flag to communication, you eventually distance yourself from your partner. Communication opens the door to varied realms of relationship. Find your way to communicate with your partner.


Problem a Married Life


2. Trust issues:

Marriages could be flimsy if not handled with graceful maturity. The very foundation of marriage gains its strength from the trust between partners. Problems become monumental when the partners couldn’t place trust in their marriage.


Be it a serious problem with physical or emotional infidelity or the tiny aspects of white lies in everyday life, trust issues couldn’t be solved without sheer transparency in marriage.


3. Boredom:

This might seem negligible but is one of the biggest problems that arise in marriage. When people enter into a beautiful bond of togetherness through marriage, everything seems merry and chirpy. However, eventually, these two people are bound to get bored with each other.


The key here is to regain an individual identity. After all, your similarities and differences are what makes your marriage perfect. Besides, try to incorporate your partner interests in your life. Marriages are beautiful as it comes with layers of exciting surprises. Surprise your partner, now and then to avoid getting boredom stuck.


4. Stress

The freshness of this beautiful relation would stale when the partners could not resolve their stress in an effective manner. The biggest mistake is expecting your partner to be superhuman. Not taking your workplace stress at home is easier said than done. However, it would be wrong to merely blame workplace stress for a strained relationship.


The personal insecurities, financial stress, health-related problems all contribute to the strained marriage. The only way of overcoming this setback is by being available for your partner. Don’t ask them to get over their insecurities. Instead, listen to them and find a common ground for overcoming the stress.

5. The disparity in values and beliefs

Conflicts arise when there are contrasting differences in the underlying beliefs of each partner. Be it the eating habits, spending behaviour, dressing style or child’s upbringing, it is difficult to stay on the same page, when each aspect of your lives are connected.


The only way of resolving the cultural and individual differences is by adopting an empathetic and understanding approach towards your partner’s opinion. A mutual ground could always be achieved when you communicate with the purpose to resolve and not dictate.


matrimonial service in India


6. Lack of appreciation

In a marriage when partners get too acquainted with each other, they start taking each other for granted. Little acts of sacrifice and love are often ignored and gratitude takes a back seat.


The key to healthy married life is in appreciating the efforts put in by your partner, no matter how meagre they are. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to thank your partner.


7. Too many expectations

No human is perfect and it would be wrong to place all your expectations on your partner. Life partner occupies the substantial importance in an individual’s life but your partner cannot be everything to you.


Step off the dreamy wonderland and stop comparing your married life with that rom-com movie you’re obsessed with. Unlike movies, your partner cannot read your mind. You have to speak up instead of indulging in blame games. Put in the efforts and instead of victimising yourself be the partner to your spouse.


There exist nothing like happily ever after. You have to plunge yourself in the pool of efforts to make it happily ever after even if it lasts momentarily.


Is someone near to you looking for availing matrimony services in India? At Cupid Knot we offer individualised matchmaking services to our clients by scrutinising profiles of best possible matches for them.


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