Marriage is not just about two different souls, it’s about two different families!

In the country that homes people of varying ethnicities, Weddings are an affair of crucial importance. Weddings in India shrines on the pedestal of being extremely holy. And despite being known for its unique cultural blend, Weddings here are robust to the ideology of endogamy.


While Love marriage as a tradition is prominent in countries around the world, India is predominantly known for its tradition of arranged marriage. Surprisingly, despite the changes in societal structure, arrange marriages still holds the same importance in India.


While the weddings across India are a representation of a unique cultural blend, the process of arranging the wedding, starting with finding a perfect match, remains similar to a great extent amongst the diversified people of India. Weddings in India are the unification of two families and for weddings to succeed in India, it is important that matches are arranged amongst the families who share similar cultural values. 


The search for the perfect match begins when the realization seeps amongst family members that their child is old enough to marry. However crucial it is to find a perfect match appropriate of cultural fit, more often than not the process of finding a suitable match becomes strenuous for the matchmakers.


With the changes in the societal structure around us, the families who grew apart found it increasingly difficult to find a suitable match for their loved ones. The advent of the Internet at the same time saw the rise of certain best matrimonial sites in India and the emergent need for professional matchmaker in India rose higher than ever.


Marriage is not just about two different souls, it’s about two different families!


Caste specific matchmaking platforms like Jain Matrimonial sites, Agarwal matrimonial sites and others paved its way into service sectors due to the prominence of Endogamy in India. These Matchmaking platforms in India prepare matrimony profile for the candidates and thereby provide their Indian matchmaking Services through their matrimony app according to the requirements of clients.


From Online Kundali matching to virtual biodata, service offerings of these modern professionals are exactly in correlation to the client’s requirement. However, be it, family matchmaker or professional matchmaker, in India matches are organized after scrutinizing the profiles on pre-defined criteria of religion, caste, profession, physical appearance and others. 



After finding the probable matches, matchmaker send the profiles and photographs of probable candidates to each family. Horoscope is given prominence in taking wedding decisions in India. Thereby the professional platforms these days perform online Kundli matchmaking before sending the scrutinized applications of probable matches.


They then try to get the families of probable matches in contact and if everything goes perfectly in sync then the intimate family members gather over with mutual interest. The probable couple finds some time alone to understand each other better.


Contrary to yesteryears, the decision to marry these days isn’t solely based on the shared parameters of religions, caste and families. The generation of today seeks partners with whom they could share their life interests and goals. Hence, after a series of meetings if both the partners agree the wedding gets finalised with a nod of approval from the family. 


Weddings in India are widely known for being ostentatiously flamboyant and opulent. However, intimate or lavish, weddings in India are an event to cherish and an experience to withhold.


Matches might be made in heaven but in the population of billions let us help you find your suitable match. Try our matchmaking services before forming an opinion about matrimonial services in India.

Marriage Tips You Should Steal From Your Parents

Since our childhood, we have always seen our parents as the epitome of a loving, healthy relationship and growing up, learning from them, we have set high expectations for ourselves and find a partner that treats you just like your parents treat each other. So, here are some tips from Cupid Knot which you surely steal from your parents to live a successful married life.


Holding on :

You have learned everything from your parents, theirs is the only relationship you have witnessed up close, so whatever knowledge you have regarding a married life comes from them.


We have always wondered why our parents hold on to each other even after their disagreement. They fight but they always come back to each other. The bond they share is precious and has evolved over the years.


Time is the best teacher :

Time is the best teacher and it teaches you persistence. Your parents started from scratch at a very young age. Hard and difficult times bring out the bond you have for each other.


It’s in those times that you come to know what your partner needs from you and how you realize what you have to offer. Your understanding of each other goes deeper and with each passing year, there is a new chapter in your book.




Looking out for each other :

Your parents have the most sacred comfort zone, which needs years and years of endurance. They have seen the good as well as the hardships in raising their children, they have maintained relationships with their respective families together, they have built their own family together and now they know what the other person stands for and their ideologies.


Your dad will always know what your mother is going to say even before you go to her and they take decisions on each other’s behalf. Knowing your partner inside out requires a lot of attention and dedication in your relationship.


Find perfection in imperfections :

Your partner might lack a few qualities that you hoped for, but nobody is perfect and they don’t have to be. Your dad might be the lazy one, and your mom is the one with OCD or vice versa. You both have your share of flaws and the more you discover them, the more perspective you’ll gain.


Putting yourself in their shoes will make it easier for you when the same thing comes up again in the future. The acceptance parents have for each other is something in itself. Your mother might rant about a hundred things when it comes to your dad but at the end of the day, she will come around and stand by it when she needs to.


In sickness and in health :

This vow has so much depth to it, that it explains a marriage perfectly. You must have seen your parents standing by each other at times of sickness and times when money was tight. It’s in those times of celebration as well as a sickness which has brought them closer and intimacy just keep growing from there.


It’s about not leaving your partner alone in any circumstance because humans need their closed ones at two most important times.


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