5 challenges to an inter-caste marriage

We might be living in a culturally and religiously diverse country. However, marriages in India are still robust to cultural and religious changes. Leave religion aside, even an inter-caste wedding is a huge deal in this country.


Well, we all must have seen those typical Bollywood romance stories where people are literally being killed in the name of inter-caste marriage. Guess what, it’s not completely filmy. 


Even today, caste issue prevails and the upper caste and lower caste marriage in India is still a matter of life and death, literally. Inter caste marriage is different from intra caste marriages, and the latter is even more difficult.


The meaning of Inter-caste marriage is getting married to someone outside your immediate caste but within your religion but intra caste marriage is marrying someone from a completely different religion. 


Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain. Inter caste marriages in India aren’t simple. And here are 6 prominent challenges every couple in inter-caste would face. 


Inter-caste marriage


  • Tarnished societal reputation.

Yes, the main reason for not opting inter-caste wedding is the damage it will bring to the family reputation. Not everyone has a steel of heart to face the backlash of society. In many cases, the family and the couples are banished from the society and community for getting married outside the community. 


No this isn’t an exaggeration. This is the sad reality that pertains even today. 


  • Lack of acceptance. 

In many cases of inter-caste marriage, parents break all the relations with their kids and part their ways. In many cases, the groom’s side of the family wouldn’t accept the bride and would add troubles and trauma to their married life.


We are already aware of how women are mistreated by their in-laws. Well, in the case of an inter-caste wedding, this trauma amplifies. 


  • Upper caste and lower caste marriage

Many times, when the decision to marry is taken in the heat of the moment, the consequences are faced at the later stage. Couples cannot take up the difference in caste and may end up separating themselves.


You see, caste is deeply ingrained in our minds. Hence, even when we claim to be modern and all educated, we cannot take the punch of inter-caste quite well, all the time. 


  • Religious problems.

Being an atheist is something that is not prevalent in India. Religion has an impact on our minds, even when we tend to disagree with it. Now, marriage is living with someone and accepting the wholes of each other. Hence, there are a considerable amount of chances that disputes arise because of religious disagreements amongst both partners.


Now, dealing with such problems is not the trick everyone knows to excel. Hence, it requires 2 mature individuals to get in an inter-caste wedding.


inter-caste marriage.


  • One may end up losing their life.

Honor killing is still very persistent in India. Yes, we have progressed and education has made us capable enough to move above our caste. Yet, many can’t accept inter-caste weddings. And the ones with a great social upstanding often retort to honor killing to save their family from the dishonor of inter-caste marriage.


  • Are we against inter-caste marriages? Not at all. 

But we do agree that there are ample challenges to inter-caste wedding and you must get in one only when you have assured all the potential risks beforehand.


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How to Impress Indian Bride

Well, it’s been centuries that we have treated women in an ill-mannered. Even in the ways, we don’t realize. Now, times have changed. Women have started stepping off their house and are becoming not only financially but mentally and physically independent. Yet again, some women are still struggling to get their basic education rights.


Well, this is no essay about women’s struggles in India. We all know the struggle yet we rarely accept it. However, the situation has improvised a lot and people are becoming more and more conscious of how they are treating their wives.


Indian men are really looking for ways to not limit their wives to household chores but make them equal in the relationship of marriage. After all, marriage is truly the act of equality.


Now, if you’ve recently married through an arrange set up using either of the online matrimonial Indian sites, Online matchmaking, or marriage bureau and looking for ways to impress your newly wed bride, we have these most effective tips for you. Well, these tips aren’t only for newlyweds but for anyone in general who wish to treat their wives better by impressing them.


6 ways to impress your Indian Bride. 

Well, let’s get started. 

How to impress Indian Bride


1. Make her an equal.

Give up on patriarchy and stop following your parents’ footsteps everywhere. Their generation was different than ours. If you truly wish to impress your bride, make her count. Make her an equal in all the decisions you would take in your married life. And don’t just act being the modern husband, walk the talk that you often portray. 

Your wife isn’t going to get impressed with your huge vows but with the promises, you bring to life. 


2. Surprise her.

Now, this stands not only for husbands but wives too. Marriage needs to be worked upon. Keep it exciting with surprises. Now and then, show her your love. Show her that she matters. You don’t need to get on board with an out of the box large surprises but the little things matter. Whether it’s remembering her favorite ice cream or taking her on a date to her favorite restaurant or indulging together on her favorite show. 


3. Be there for her.

Indian weddings are more about weddings with families. And while families can help keep the marriage together, it’s not always advisable to sway by their opinions. Listen to your parents but listen to your brides too. Just don’t dismiss her opinions. At times, your parent’s whims may cost the happiness of your bride. It is important to stand by her during such times. 


Even, professionally, you don’t need to know her genre of work to support her. You simply need an interest and a good feel for helping her out. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who cheers his wife on her success.


How to impress Girls


4. Be her first cheerleader.

Men do face a hard time expressing their feelings. Well, women find nothing more attractive in a man than his ability to be vulnerable with her. Well, the best way to create a healthy long-lasting relationship is by becoming truly intimate with her. Let her know your goals, aspirations, dreams, fears, demons, and faith. Let her fall in love with you completely. 


5. Show your honesty.

Don’t withhold things from her. Be honest with her and this would show her how much the relationship matters to you. She would be impressed beyond measures and would truly find comfort with you. Well, the feeling of home and comfort is what keeps the marriage lively. 


6. Make her your best friend.

Well, in your marriage you may face ebbs and flow with your wife. But, everything would settle smoothly if you can walk your way through it. And this is only possible when your wife becomes your best friend. Let her be the most important part of your life. She deserves it. Your relationship is truly invincible when you find a friend in your partner. 


Well, cut on the notion that only jewelry and cars can impress your newlywed wife. It is these conscious thoughts that would impress your wife for a lifetime. 


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The story of love and companionship, not so cliche.

Isn’t all we do, all we are and all we aspire to be, because of love? Love is what keeps us going and it is what makes everything worthwhile. It is falsely being glorified as sacrificing and compromising, wherein, in reality, there is nothing as empowering and as comforting as the strength of pure love.


While the trending show of Indian Matchmaking portrayed a rather covert picture of what it takes to get married in Indian society, this refreshing tale of Harsh and Kriya is a perfect example of how the presence of equality, trust and nurturing makes for a perfect relationship. 

This is how it all started.

We all miss our college days, don’t we? While some of us gained friends for a lifetime and collected splendid memories, some of us found our innocent love, probably for a lifetime. 


The spark in Kriya and Harsh tale began when he first met her during a debate competition. Awestruck by her wits, Harsh hardly spoke a word in the competition. Despite being in different sections, Harsh somehow managed to get in touch with Kriya. While Kriya didn’t pave in much to the attention, she somewhere was aware of the Harsh’s liking towards her.


As they say, woman’s instinct can never be wrong!! 

From waiting in college corridors before lectures to hanging together in the name of group studies, he always found a way to spend time together. But as any normal teen would say, Kriya was expert at delivering “We are just FRIENDS” dialogue. Soon long drives became a norm and texting became a habit. It was not until they were separated by a distance that Kriya realized a special spot for Harsh.


Okay, the separation was not so dramatic, it was just a Dubai visit and they were not able to talk for 3 consistent days. From regular talks to no talks at all, the realization dawn upon her and she knew she can’t spend a day without talking to him. She knew it with surety that Harsh was the one. 


Enjoy life


They started dating and after a year of making insane memories together, they graduated in 2017. Kriya with her biggest of dreams and aspirations shifted to Mumbai for her further studies in Entrepreneurship management.


It was the first time they were not seeing each other for weeks. As they say, distance hardly matters, ever. They managed through thick and thins and managed to keep their love afloat. 

Relationships are not built on compromise, they are built on love.


Kriya started her entrepreneurship academy for young children and incorporated Think Young at a mere age of 22 in 2018. Startups, as we all know, is much more than a fancy name. While she rushed between Mumbai and Surat taking seminars and growing her mind baby, Harsh through his seamless support made everything seem possible. Fast forward to 2020, today they are engaged and are looking forward to their wedding in December. 




They are setting perfect barometer for life partner standards. Love isn’t the lovey-dovey text that you wake up to, love is standing beside your partner and pushing them through barriers. It is offering mutual respect to an individual’s career, choices and decisions. It is not letting the age-old notions stop you from believing in your partner. 


We all are ordinary but what makes us exceptional is the little extraordinary things we do. At Cupid Knot, we wish this inspiring couple a beautiful future ahead. We are sure 2020 is now to end on a better note.


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9 Best Budget Destination Wedding Locations in India

Indian wedding and splendour lie on the same page. However, the destination wedding that supports an image of being lavish and palatial doesn’t hold, always.


Planning a budget wedding, precisely “DESTINATION” is a dream that can be made possible. That is to say, giving up on dreams of a destination wedding, merely for the budget cut isn’t a wise choice. Besides, when you have numerous alternatives to cater to your needs, you can at least give this a thought.


Be it the splendid scenic beaches, historical backdrop or a resort with laidback luxury, India has everything. Besides, the reduced guest list, post lockdown could pose as a relief while planning a budget destination wedding.

This list of places can help you pin your wedding location.

1. Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan has everything, from palatial monuments to age-old forts and retreat hotels. Each aspect of this prosperous state exudes tales of breathtaking culture, history and tradition.


Now, there are tons of alternatives when it comes to the destination wedding in Rajasthan. Besides, you won’t require capacious seatings for the intimate wedding affair.


These are few alternatives where you can plan your budget destination wedding in Rajasthan. From lake city of Udaipur to Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Pushkar, Bikaner, Alwar and Neemrana, you can have a sorted destination wedding in Rajasthan. So, go ahead and check these properties. It might suit your budget.


Rajasthan best wedding destination in 2020

2. Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh

Well, there won’t exist a place better than those magnanimous scenic mountains for your wedding location. From retreat hotels to palatial resorts, Uttarakhand is a perfect retreat for anyone who cannot get enough of these breathtaking marvels. 


Jim Corbett tops the list of places for a destination wedding. However, you can also opt for hotels or resorts in Auli, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Shimla, Kasauli and Dalhousie.


Best wedding destination in 2020

3. Goa

Have you been thinking about a beach wedding? Well, Goa indeed must have crossed your mind. And why not, after all, yards and yards of dreamy beaches and pocket-friendly destinations allures everyone.


However, we would suggest South Goa specifically for your D day. The clear pristine beaches away from the hipster vibe serve perfect for your dream wedding. Moreover, there are ample of resorts, hotels and clubs to suit your budget needs perfectly.



Goa Best wedding destination in 2020

3. Alibaug

No, Alibaug isn’t merely a choice for big fat grand weddings. Budget weddings can be arranged quite easily if you spend some time researching. Give your guests a great wedding experience with a holistic package of lip-smacking food, gorgeous backdrops and quaint luxury.


Alibaug Best wedding destination in 2020


4. Lavasa.

Resembling the Italian town Portifino, Lavasa is the only planned city of India. The city has dreamy landscapes, and its quaint setting makes it perfect for a wedding retreat. There are capacious banquet halls and wedding venues, to choose from.  It’s perfect for your guest list of 100-150. Besides, the place has easy reachability and is a 4-hour drive from Mumbai. An ideal wedding destination choice indeed.


lavasa best wedding destination in 2020

5. Diu and Daman.

From stunning beaches to historical marvels, Diu and Daman serve as a perfect destination choice for your intimate wedding ceremonies. Above all, you can choose a boutique hotel or a banquet without burning a hole in your pocket.


Diu & daman lavasa best wedding destination in 2020

6. Kerela

It would be an absolute error to not add God’s own country in the list of gorgeous destinations of India. It indeed has the most pristine beaches, and you could expect nothing less than flattering hospitality
when in Kerela.

Here are a few alternatives to help you choose a wedding destination.

  • Varkala.
  • Alleppey.
  • Kochi
  • Kovalam
  • Kumarkom
  • Bekal
  • And many more


Try changing our opinion, but we firmly believe that no place can match the tranquillity of Kerela. It’s simply phenomenal.


kerala best wedding destination in 2020

7. Havelock island. 

In for a little treat? Well, havelock islands could be your offbeat wedding destination. Besides the cost of celebrating a wedding is a bare minimum over there. However, it’s the transport and stay that might add to your budgetary problems. Yet, we would suggest you take a sneak peek before moving ahead to other choices.


Havelock island best wedding destination in 2020

8. Pondicherry

The French settlement in India, Pondicherry is nothing less than a dream for taking your D-day vows. Explore the options out there, and we are sure you would find a perfect setting for yourself.



pondicherry best wedding destination in 2020

9. Rann of Kutch.

Bringing an end to this list, we would want our absolute favourite to be on your list. Against the backdrop of white dunes, wedding in Kutch is a rich experience altogether. You can already hear Amitabh saying, Kutch nai dekha toh kuch nahi dekha!! Well, we don’t have anything more to say.


rann of kutch best wedding destination in 2020


We hate to end this, but the list would continue to go on and on. Conclusively, we can say that there isn’t any shortage of places for a destination wedding in India. Won’t you want a perfect location for your once in a lifetime event? Go ahead and check these places and see what suits your budget.


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The Wedding Of Dreams Amidst The Lockdown.

Intimate weddings!! Well, is that even a thing in India? The fact to be told our intimate is nothing less than hundreds and thousands. But nothing is predictable, now that the time changes in an almost inexplicable manner.


The recent situation perfectly depicts how everything you plan can turn to ashes in no time. COVID19 didn’t only confine us to house boundaries but forced us to be innovative with the situation we are in. And, this perfectly Cupid couple shows us how love triumphs all, even the pandemic. Well, theoretically, with their lockdown wedding.


Henny and Sanam, buddies from high school, found solace in the company of each other and fell deeply in love, even before they realized. Love doesn’t come an easy way, especially in an Indian society where being in love still don’t get easy acceptance. However, after clearing their ways through height, caste and societal issues, when they finally managed to get together, officially, COVID had to step in.


Forget the elegant, luxurious big- fat wedding, they got in a situation where they had to consider marrying from home. The ritual of “Muhrat” played a challenging role and they had to grab it before their wedding plans get shifted to 2021.


Occasions like the wedding don’t happen every day, it has to be special. After all, wedding celebrations are once in a lifetime thing. You just cannot get it wrong. This quirky couple had no choice but to make the most of their wedding through little things that actually matter. As a matter of fact, they got it all perfect, be it the pre-wedding functions, the rituals or the government regulations.


With a glimpse of small functions here and there to make you realize that intimate weddings aren’t dull at all.


marrying from home


Celebrations are nothing if not cherished with friends, right? These to be wedded also had wild bachelor plans with their friends before lockdown. Besides, it is sort of mandatory to make GOA plans with your friends, even when they are cancelled almost every single time. Now, while GOA wasn’t in their best luck, their friends did a pretty amazing job at bidding them farewell from a bachelor life. At times even the gloomy places may seem perfect with
the right people around.


Bachelor Party before Lockdown wedding


Pre-wedding in Jaipur was perfectly planned but it might be their fifth-anniversary gift to each other now!! Henny, the photographer by profession compromised with the location but made it through with beautifully captured memories, which the couple would certainly cherish years from now.


PreWedding Photoshoot


Haldi Function before Lockdown Wedding


Be it Haldi, Mehendi, Mandap or a pyjama night, there was nothing that was off the chart for this couple. The celebration was limited to the number of people but the fun element doesn’t seem to be missing anywhere. Does it?


wedding day Dance


And finally comes the wedding day. The bride looked ethereal and the groom indeed was handsome of all. With only the dearest ones around, celebrations didn’t seem exhausting. Weddings that are usually hushed and chaotic was ordained in a perfectly calm and serene setting. Yes, certain closest ones didn’t make it to guest list but a Facebook live connected them all. More than the grandeur of celebration what mattered them most was their dream turning to reality. From boyfriend-girlfriend to fiancee to being husband and wife.


Lockdown Wedding Bride and Groom


This wedding might not be the one they grew dreaming about, but it certainly was a fairy tale distinct wedding. A wedding which would inspire people, a wedding people would love reading about and certainly the wedding that was filled with loads and loads of love.


Congratulations to this beautiful couple as they settle in their new life with an abundance of love. Advice may not be our strong forte, but all we can say is keep that love alive, don’t let it fade away.


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How to Keep The Love Alive In a Marriage

Marriage tends to get boring and flat after years of staying together in close proximity to your partner. However, it is in the hands of each individual partner to undertake this responsibility of rekindling their love. Nothing worth having ever came easier and same is the case with marriages. You have to nurture it every day till the end to make it work.


Much importance is laid down on how you find your life partner. But you see no matter how much time you spend on best matchmaking sites, none would guarantee you a partner with whom marriage could be a smooth ride. None of an Indian matchmaker could assure you lifelong effortless love in your marriage. It needs to be cultivated and here are fewer common and easier ways of keeping that flame of love burning.


1. Prioritise and spend time alone.

Marriage is the most important relationship in your life and you have to understand this first to keep your marriage healthy. Prioritize time with your partner over a show you love binge-watching. Some years into a marriage and you would be overloaded with responsibilities of kids and family.


How to Keep The Love Alive In a Marriage


However, don’t put your relationship on the third seat whilst these other responsibilities. Go on date nights with your partner be it a small dine-in at your favourite restaurant or a hike nearby.


2. Communicate

Now that you have known your partner in their most vulnerable state and you know everything about them, you might run out of topic to discuss. However, the healthiest way of rekindling any sort of relationship requires active communication. Find some time out every day, no matter your busy schedule and talk with your partner.


Talk about your day, the show you’re watching or the activity you’ve started to learn. These light and happy conversations every day keeps the tensely and negative situations away from your marriage. Besides, listen as actively as you speak.


3. Plan yearly vacations with your spouse.

Surely, you’re overburdened with the responsibilities of your kids. But it is rather a prime necessity for couples to take some time off and indulge in each other’s company.


Go on a vacation with your spouse leaving your children with your parents. The holiday doesn’t necessarily have to be an exotic week-long getaway. Even a weekend away from your responsibilities could help you spend quality time with your partner.


Love Alive In a Marriage


4. Do things together.

Doing house chores together is a great way of spending fun times together. You can also sign in for a new activity class that you could both enjoy. Watch your favourite shows together and indulge in competitive games. In short, do anything and everything that would allow you to spend time together.


5. Surprise them.

Revisit those initial years of your marriage when you showered your partners with presents and surprises. Surprises are as important after the 5th year of marriage as they are in the initial year. You don’t necessarily have to go to great ends and show grand gestures. Surprise dinner at a favourite restaurant, gifting them their favourite podcast or book, roses and occasional love notes are a great way of rekindling love.


Marriages are exceptional and it is in your hands to make it extraordinary by not letting that love fade.


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