The Pros and Cons Of Matrimony Explained

Marriage as an institution of togetherness is completely accepted by society as a whole. While no marriages are same, there exists underlying notions and ideas about the fundamentals of marriage that could be predominantly seen in various societies.


Marriages are beautiful and it is seemingly easier to find your partner through the top and best marriage bureaus in India. But is marriage an only way of being acceptable in society? Well, I could have agreed to this years back but with the changing scenarios of society, I would say that marriage is no longer a compulsion.


Everything in this world is two faceted and same is the case with marriage. It has its own set of pros and cons that are weighed through priorities and perspectives of varied individuals.


Pros/Benefits to marriage


1. You get a partner in everything.

People crave for companionship and marriages are a full-proof way of getting a lifetime companion. You get to share the adventures of your life with someone precious. Be it happiness or sadness with a correct life partner, one gets a trusted companion for life.


2. Security.

Marriage brings along with it a sense of security and protection. With a partner by your side, you would never be alone in the vicinity of your dark thoughts.


The Pros and Cons of matrimony



3. Societal acceptance

Marriage is socially accepted by all religions and people of all faiths. It strengthens love and lays the foundation of a secured family. With a marriage badge, it is quite easier, to begin with, family.


4. Financial benefits.

Finance is closely related to marriages. Marriage is a great way of reducing financial expenses. Together with a partner, one can manage their spending and saving habits. Besides, sharing a home brings its own sets of benefits. You get a partner in sharing rents, bills and taxes.


5. Stability.

Marriage makes people more stable. However meagre it may sound but a piece of paper actually holds great power in connecting two individuals. Married individuals are usually more stable and possess a virtue of sharing and love.


The Pros and Cons Of Matrimony Explained


Cons of marriage.


1. It all depends on the partner.

You may try all you want but marriage won’t succeed with an improper partner in it. As much as the efforts of two individuals are required for a successful marriage, the lack of efforts on both individuals sees the doom of marriage. Besides you cannot change the underlying personality of your partner. Nothing could be done if your partner is not the one you wish to spend the rest of life with.


2. Commitment to an individual.

Marriages stay strong on the foundation of trust. It requires the utmost commitment of both the partners involved in it. Marriage binds you to one person for a long period of time and if you couldn’t commit yourself to such a huge responsibility, not getting married would be a wise choice.


The Pros and Cons of matrimony



3. Loss of individuality.

Contrary to the modern preaching that states marriage isn’t a loss of individuality, more often than not partner lose a significant aspect of their personality when they get married. You see, marriage is always about looking out for others. You would have to sacrifice on multiple grounds to secure your marriage. If you couldn’t stand the thought of altering your choices for someone else, marriage isn’t the necessity you would have to bind by.


4. Societal pressure.

Although marriage is a beautiful unification of two people, more often than not it is intruded by the opinions of outsiders. Marriage gets you a respectable place in society. But the same society would pressurise you in holding together even when your marriage turns toxic. Marriage was never meant to be forced and any such relation which pulls you down should not be entertained.


Well, we couldn’t help you decide whether to marry or not. But if you’re thinking of getting married we could surely help you find your better half.


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How to convince your parents for love marriage.

Arranged marriage is widely associated with an Indian way of getting married and it still holds the same prominence as it did decades ago. However, society has witnessed a trend of love marriages over certain years. Owe it to education or changing times, youths today are more specific about their choice of partners.


When it comes to convincing your parents about an idea of love marriage it could be a nut-cracking task. However, it’s not impossible.


1. Be certain.

Whether you fell in love during college times or with your work colleague or even over a matchmaking site in India, you have to be certain about your choice.


How to convince your parents for love marriage.


The process of convincing your parents gets much easier when you’re certain of your decision. Are you willing to spend the rest of your life with your partner? Are you prepared for marriage? Is the decision of marrying your partner as responsible as your other choices? You see, parents always wish the best for their child.


However, due to circumstances and societal reputation they might hesitate to support your choice of partner. In such cases, it is quintessential of you to gain certainty over your choices before talking with them.


2. Be respectful.

There exists a huge generation gap between you and your parents. Them not agreeing to your point doesn’t make them difficult. You just have to undertake various approach to ensure you and your folks remain on the same page. Don’t be hesitant to hear their views even if those conflict with yours.


You could find answer to their questions only when you know the crux of their problems. In the process of convincing your parents about marriage don’t lose hold over your mouth.


3. Be patient.

Marriage is an utmost important decision and you have to be patient while you convince your parents with your choice. Make your partner and parents meet and give them a chance to understand why this relationship is so important to you. It might be a difficult task but eventually, you and your parents would be on mutual ground. Don’t give up on hope before you even begin.


4. Talk it out.

There is almost nothing that an open-minded conversation cannot solve. If you’re confident about the choice of your partner, you have to make that understanding to your parents. Initiate conversations and involve yourself in their idea of marriage. Make them understand the importance of your partner in your life and how their acceptance of the same means a world to you.


How to convince your parents for love marriage


5. Be responsible

If you’re willing to enter into a sacred union of marriage with your own choice, you have to take responsibility for it. Be an example of living up to your choices. You see your parents would be much relieved of your decision to marry if they are confident about your decisions in life. Be it finance or community issues, undertake responsibility and consequences of living with it.


6. Take the help of friends and other family members.

Seek out help from family members who are convinced of your choices. Ask them to talk with your parents. Your parents might adopt an open mind while talking with them.


You won’t want to begin the new phase of your life without the blessings of your parents. However, difficult it may seem don’t miss out on an opportunity to convince your parents.


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10 Undeniable Reasons to Love marriages.

Marriage is beautiful. Without a doubt, it comes with its own share of hardship and struggle. But in an end, it is an incredible association of two imperfectly perfect humans.


While this article would make you fall in love with the concept of marriage, avail the services from the top matchmaking sites in India to find your imperfectly perfect life partner.


1. A partner for life

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and with marriage, you gain a partner for a lifetime. Whatever you do in life, you would always have someone looking up for you. From the worst panic attacks to the best ravioli, you would’ve someone to share everything, however stupid or negligible it may be.


2. Your partner accepts your flaws

No one would accept your flaws as beautifully as your life partner. In their eyes, you would always remain an absolutely perfect human. Isn’t it beautiful to have someone with whom you would be completely and absolutely comfortable with?


Love marriages


3. A trustworthy friend

You get yourself a worst critic and a best friend when you get married. The friend who would listen to your endless talks and banters. The friend you could trust your entire life with. The feeling of companionship is overwhelming and you get to experience it every day in your married life.


4. You get a strong teammate.

Let’s face it. Independence is fun but we all crave for companionship or a helping hand. Your partner is your strongest teammate. Together as a team, you help achieve the goal, aspirations and dreams of each partner.


5. You get a sense of security.

With a comforting partner by your side, you stay more relieved and less anxious. You get a partner to talk about anything. There remains a sense of security that you wouldn’t be alone even in your downfall.


6. You get to take your family forward.

Marriage isn’t a compulsion to take your family forward. However, the ties of marriage make it easier to create a safe and protected environment for your children. However meagre it may sound but the piece of paper does actually make the relations stronger.


7. You stay emotionally connected.

You can be emotionally weak and cry around this person, without the fear of judgement. Partners help in gaining emotional stability. And the more stable you are, the happier your life is.


Love marriages


8. You always have someone to talk to.

Be it your new business idea or the gossip banter about your office, you could talk about anything with your partner. You could bare your soul to them.


9. They push you to extreme ends.

They know you inside- out and they would do everything to help you be the best. They would be your constant supporter, motivator and cheerleader. They would never allow you to settle for anything less.


10. You get to connect at a deep level

Marriage is much more than beautiful looks and huge finances. It allows you to connect with your partner at a deep level. It is an extremely beautiful feeling to get connected at a deep understanding level with another human. Marriage helps you stay rooted.


Marriage isn’t an easy way out. You just need to have a reason to hold onto marriage. After all, it is amazing to have someone, together with by your side.


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Inter Caste Marriages

At a certain age in one’s life, he or she wants to settle down with that special someone. We may meet that special someone either through friends, family, while traveling in the bus, train or also meet them through the best matchmaking sites.


Therefore, if you are looking for your forever partner, you may find him or her here with our help, as we are one of the best matrimonial services in India.


Indian matchmaking services help bring such potential brides and grooms closer by matching their likes, interests, and hopes for their futures and dreams. Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with has never been this easy!


In a beautiful country like India, different cultures, traditions, and customs exist. In a country with a population of 1.34 Billion, one never knows where love can be found; it could be by sheer chance or by a little longer process of Indian matchmaking. But do we have to marry within our community? Can we not marry someone outside of our community? Do such inter-caste marriages work?


According to recent statistics, only 5% of Indians got married outside of their caste. Does that make you think that such inter-caste marriages do not work out?


Well, we are here to tell you that inter-caste marriages do work. We are not saying that such a marriage would be a cakewalk, but then no marriage is. Every marriage that has worked out has required an immense amount of work from both the wife as well as the husband and includes understanding and sacrifices that have nothing to do with which caste they belong to and you can find such someone on matrimonial sites as well.


Inter Caste Marriages


Real-life stories of inter-caste marriages that have worked!

Let us look at a few stories of couples who have had inter-caste marriages,


Rahul and Suchitra – “We fell in love when we were both studying in the 10th standard. I pretty much always knew that this is the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Though my family has always been okay with the idea of me marrying someone from another caste, his family was a little bit more stringent. We are both Hindus but I belong to an Agarwal family and him from a Terapanthi Jain).


However, once it was time to get married, it took a bit of convincing on his part, but his parents finally agreed. We got married and are about to celebrate our 7th anniversary this June. I think what worked out the most for us that we were both ready to listen when the other had a problem.”


Vidhushi and Param– “You can call our marriage as a semi-arranged one. Our parents are the best of friends and always wanted both of us to marry. My side belongs to a caste above hers (I am a Digamber and she is a Shvetamber) and everyone seemed to think that it would create problems in the future. We have not faced anything of those sorts. We observe both our customs and traditions and are very happy together.”


Teertha and Vamshi– “My mom and dad belonged to two extreme sides of the caste system, my mom to the highest (Agarwal Jain) and my dad to the (Deravashi Jain) and such a marriage is considered almost illegal by the society. However, both were adamant enough to want to marry only each other.


Their families decided to accept their marriage, as they could see that there was no turning back for my parents. Today, they are spending their 28th anniversary and I have never seen them happier.”


Inter Caste Marriages


What should you look for in a partner?

Seeing the above stories, we can now tell you in affirmative that inter-caste marriages do work. But should always keep in mind that for any marriage to work out, a lot of effort is required by both sides. Therefore, you have to choose your partner carefully. Below, we have highlighted a few points as to what one should look for in a partner.


  • Emotional maturity: An utmost factor is an emotional maturity; a marriage can only work if both sides are mature as a marriage requires an immense amount of patience, sacrifices, and understanding.


  • Honesty: Being honest with each other is the only way a couple will be able to survive. Honesty can help resolve misunderstand rather than turn them into big fights.


  • Respect and sensitivity: A marriage can work only if both the parties are respectful towards each other and are sensitive to each other’s needs.


  • Physical affection: Physical affection is as important as emotional affection. It feels good to know that you are wanted by the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with.


  • Loyalty: A marriage is a long journey, and there can be quite a few disturbances on the way. One will have to remain loyal through thick and thin.


  • Empathy: Understanding each other at any point in time is the most crucial in a marriage, without it, any marriage would wither.


Therefore, in these modern times, it is safe to say that we can let go of the old ways of sticking to our caste when it comes to marriage. Marry someone with traits that have been listed above and with traits that you want in a partner.


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Whether You opt For Love or Arrange, Marriage is important

The flying colors of celebration, decorated hall, mandap floored with red, and do you hear the sound of wedding bells?


Got a smile on your face? This little smile stands as evidence of your love for weddings. The best matchmaking sites and matrimonial services in India are working around the clock to convert this dream into reality.


With age, society would have started searching for a prospective husband or wife for you. However, what family does not keep in mind while considering a person for their child is the factor of similarity. Register on a trusted best matrimonial service in India to find the right match for you. It is evident that unless there is a ground of some common topics to stand on, no couple could survive happily in marriage.


On the contrary, there are some benefits to the traditional system of arranged marriages. When a family considers a person, they scrutinize the important factors like financial stability, family background, and education of the person. Mostly, in love marriages, these factors are avoided initially but they tend to cause major problems later on.


When the bucket of basic necessities like cultural similarities, financial stability, and good manners is filled, 50% of the factors required for a successful marriage are satisfied. Even the most cultured people of today’s society cannot mark the difference between ‘wedding’ and ‘marriage.’ Weddings are the event where two individuals take vows together, whereas a marriage is a life that a couple spends after their wedding.


Whether You opt For Love or Arrange, MARRIAGE is important


The dream of many Indian brides and grooms is to live a stable, happy and peaceful marriage. They know what they’re looking for, but the task of finding such qualities in one person is the only challenge they face. There is a probability of your soulmate living in Delhi while you stay in Mumbai. The question is – How will these love birds meet each other without traveling? The answer is Indian matchmaking.


The matrimonial services in India have left no stone unturned in creating the safest and reliable online environments for bachelors in the country. As a bachelor in today’s time, all you need to do is a signup process for one of the trusted best matrimonial services in India. They will take care of the remaining part. Being the best in their business, the matrimonial site will provide complete confidentiality for the details you enter.


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People desiring to marry for love can categorize their feed by city or state. The ideal profiles for you will be displayed on your feed. Brace yourself for the excitement of waiting for someone’s response, the thrill of starting the conversation, and the nervousness of the first meet; you will soon meet your soulmate. The profiles on Cupidknot are Aadhaar verified for security reasons. This means that you could carelessly browse through your feed and initiate a conversation with the right person without worrying about cyber crimes or ghosting.


The idea of spending the rest of your life with one person, the person you choose, is the best decision you’ll ever make in your life. Love or Arranged marriage is just a name, what matters is the heart of the person you’re pairing up with. The emotional balance that you create in your relationship and the level of mutual trust makes a successful marriage.


When you think about it, neither love nor arranged marriages have major pros or cons, it’s a matter of luck and fate. There are cases where love marriages last lifelong and arranged marriages for less than a year. So, instead of confusing yourself with the tags of love and arranged marriages, it is essential to focus on finding the right person.