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Not that we are trying to glorify the concept of perfect one but hey there’s someone out there, meant only for you. We agree that the should of better half and perfect life partner is vague. And for all the right reasons. After all, no one is perfect enough to complete you or mend your broken pieces. But we would like to disagree, gracefully if you ever say that having someone out there meant for you completely, is a myth.

We are the cupids and unlike the online marriage bureau, we are in the business of online matchmaking services. We won’t settle you for anything just because the religion and caste standards fall on the same page. From a compatibility check to an intrinsic goal check, we believe in exploring various parameters while searching for a life partner for you.

So before we walk you through our matrimonial services, let me help you understand who we actually are. First things first, we are based in Surat and our service offerings are available across India and even abroad. We might not yet be on the list of best Indian matrimony sites, but hey we aren’t anywhere less either. We might not have years of experience on our back but one thing we can say with certainty is that try hard but you won’t find a Jain Matrimonial as good as us.

As our name suggests, we are the cupids. We love playing cupid and help people find their imperfectly perfect one. So instead of being an open search platform, where the number of frauds is greater than the success stories, we play the role of being a matchmaker. That is to say, we would search and send you profiles that might suit your personality the best, by sourcing them from our database. Speaking of which, we have our associates spread across the country and they help us build this vast database of potential Grooms and brides in India. Oh, and we also offer subsidiary services to complement your matchmaking experience. Having said that, we can make a biodata online for you. We also offer astrology consultation to meet the Indian needs of matchmaking.

Find Your Soulmate Using Matrimonial Service

All in all, we reduce the burden of sourcing through thousands of profiles before finding the perfect one. We simply send you the best matches for you.

You may ask, why Cupid Knot?

Well, what is the first thing you think of when you hear of matrimonial websites in India? Last chance, right? When you have nowhere else to look for you would pave your way through the matrimonial site. But at Cupid knot, we encourage you to make us your first choice. We will make the process of finding your life partner so much easier for you that you won’t have any hassle at all. We are the experts in matchmaking and we firmly believe that advancing a society such as ours requires experts who understand the nuances of marriages to great depth. When you replace us with your family matchmakers you open yourself to options outside your social circle. You find someone compatible with you rather than settling with unneeded compromise.

Now, availing of our services is as simple for adults in their forties as it is for someone in their early twenties. We have a well-curated Android and IOS application that is easy to use for people of all ages. When you register with us we would send you suggestions sourced according to your requirements. You can either accept or reject the suggestion through this mobile application. As simple as that. No complex processes, no technical glitches. Besides, our offline assistance is available all week round during our working hours.

Now, when we specialize in communities of Jain, Agarwal, Maheshwari, and Marwari and we haven’t found anyone as strong as us in our niche. Our matchmaking services are confidential and help you maintain your privacy. Yes, registration is free on our platform but we so have membership packages curated for our customer needs. Lastly, we promise you nothing but the best matchmaking experience so that you can find your life partner in no time.

Begin your search for a life partner with us today. Register with us and allow us to help you.

Why Is It Important To Take Vacations In Married Life?

“Travel and you would know what exists, wander and you would know why. “

Travelling changes us in a way that is behind our comprehension. It rejuvenates our mind and soul and is undoubtedly the best therapy for our stressful lives.

You might wonder the relevance between marriage and travel and how the later positively impacts the quality of our married life. You see, it is easy to find your life partner through numerous online and trusted matrimonial sites in India. But none could help you create a perfect marriage. The responsibility of healthy marriage lays in the hands of partners that make a marriage. 

Travel is one such therapy that helps you revamp your marriage. Wondering how? Well, this blog would walk you through the importance of travel therapy in your marriage.

1. It rejuvenates your relationship.

The choice of destination doesn’t matter as long as you have a partner willing to take a vacation with you. Obviously without your kids. The hustle and bustle of everyday lives drain us and we are left with little energy to work on our marriage. Aren’t we all aware of the constant efforts that marriage requires? Well, vacation is exactly what you need. In a vacation, you can switch yourself off from the outside world and engross yourself with your partner. You would be spending that much required time together away from the chaos of your normal lives. In our chase towards everyday lives, we lose the essence of who we truly are. Travel helps us to rejuvenate our marriage in ways that cannot be explained through words. 


2. It helps us to deepen our relationship.

When you’re alone in the company of your partner, you have no choice but to talk with them.  You would get to communicate with your partner about the things that truly matter. Besides, you get to experience things on a deeper level. Our everyday lives are ruled by superficial matters that impact our marriage lives. But, a vacation can help you cherish the time together, keeping all the hurdles aside.  Vacation offers the much-needed calm in our rather stressful lives to reconsider the aspects of our married lives.



3. You get top to add fun experience to your marriage.

Marriage becomes dull and boring if it is not rekindled with spark every now and then. Vacation allows you to indulge in fun activities together. Be it skiing, hiking or just enjoying amidst the crystal clear beaches. What matters is getting an opportunity to spend time with your partner. Years after years what keeps the marriage strong is an ability to laugh together and vacation would give you hundreds of happy moments to laugh together.


4. You can address serious issues.

Now that you’re away from kids and relatives, you could finally focus on important underlying issues in your marriage. If you’re on the verge of calling off your marriage take a vacation with your partner before that. If both the partners are willing to work on their marriage, a vacation could perhaps give the best restart to marriage. Vacation gives you all the time with your partner to resolve conflicts keeping all the bias and judgements aside.

So if you have made a mistake of undermining the importance of vacation in marriage, we urge you to take one immediately. 


Is someone near to you looking for a marriage (matrimonial) sites in India? At Cupid Knot, we offer individualised matchmaking services to our clients through our Jain/Agarwal matrimonial site. We maintain complete confidentiality of our clients while making a search of a partner for them. We also provide membership plans which are suitable for all and services like Biodata creation and Astrology Consultation too.

Download our free matrimony app on Android and IOS app now and allow us to help you in your search of a life partner.

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7 Things Women Look for in a Man

Gone are the days when women had little or no say in the choice of their life partner. The ambitious and educated women of today are aware of their worth and are not willing to settle for anything less than they deserve.

There is no common set of rules that makes a man perfect for the woman they want. Each woman looks for distinctive individuals in their partner and it would be wrong to generalise what women look for in a man. However, there are certain traits that tend to remain common in things woman seek in a man.

With the onset of numerous matrimony related services in India, it has become easier for a woman to find a man of their wants without having the need to compromise.

1. Honesty

Long-lasting relationships are based on the foundation of truth and honesty. Moreover, relationships see a dead-end rather soon when it lacks honesty. Of all the traits women expect their man to possess, honesty is the most prominent one. Women love a man who is honest about their needs, wants, expectations and priorities. It is easier for women to digest a brutal truth rather than being hanged on a cliff of uncertainty.

2. Maturity.

It is fun to be around someone who could be a kid at times but knows exactly when to hone their cape of maturity. Women tend to look for men who are mature enough to understand deep complications of life and the one who doesn’t see a world through a black and white lens. Thus, an individual who is mature enough to undertake the responsibility for long-lasting relationships attracts the women at large.


Things Women Look for in a Man

3. Emotional stability and presence

No, masculinity isn’t the only thing women look for in their man. More than masculinity women looks for a partner who could engage at a deeply meaningful level. Women are naturally attracted to men who are emotionally stable and possess a trait of emotional empathy. What good would be your partner if their macho characteristic stops you from expressing yourself? It is much easier to get along with an emotionally stable man then their opposite counterparts.

4. Ambition and goals.

After all, what is life without goals, dreams and aspirations? It is said that a man dies when he stops himself from wandering in his dreams. You see goals and aspirations are what makes each individual different from others. Having something to look forward to gives a charismatic touch to your personality. That spark is what women actively seek in their partners.

5. Confidence

Be it man or woman, both looks for a partner with a strong individual personality. Overconfidence is dangerous but lack of confidence is more lethal. Individuals with undulating confidence in themselves tend to attract more women.


Things Women Look for in a Man

6. Men who are clear with their wants.

Women don’t expect their men to be perfect. But they do look for someone they could be vulnerable with and vice versa. Women don’t like reading too much into a personality. They want someone who is clear with what they want and possess an exceptional ability to express themselves.

7. Chemistry

Last but not least, women seek a man with whom they could establish chemistry. Every relation is meant to be fun. If a man cannot treat her woman with equality, the chemistry would eventually fade away.

These not so comprehensive list includes the basic traits that are inevitable to the list of things woman look for in a man.


Is someone near to you looking for availing best matrimonial services in India? At Cupid Knot we offer individualised one to one matchmaking services through our Jain and Agarwal matrimony India. We maintain complete confidentiality of our clients while making a search for the best suitable matches for them and we have membership plans suitable for all. We even provide services like Biodata creation and Astrology Consultation.

Download our Android and IOS app now and allow us to help you in your search of a life partner.

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6 Best Marriage Advice For Newly Weds

Marriage is amongst the most beautiful aspects of the life of any individual. And while every marriage story is different, there is no dearth of myriads of marriage advice on the internet. While some of the advices are absolutely nonsensical, there are certain advices which could truly help the newlyweds sustain their initial years of marriage.

The onset of the Internet saw a rise in the best matchmaking sites in India. And while these Indian matchmakers would help you find your life partner, no one could help you attain a seamless marriage. It is through years and years of never-ending efforts that you could truly make your marriage successful.


1. Prioritize your marriage.

Marriage is one of the most special relationships in the lives of every individual and while life is all about striking balance, it is advisable if you could prioritize your marriage. You see, there is a huge difference between dating and marrying. And when you are at the beginning of your married life, it is better to put in some extra efforts to know about your partner. We don’t advise you to wave goodbye to your independent life, however, it wouldn’t harm much to choose your partner over a binge-watch.


2. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Be open to new experiences with your partner. Everything isn’t meant to go as planned or imagined in your mind-set. You would be surprised with new talents of your partner and annoyed with their habits. When you begin sharing a home with your partner that is when you would notice tremendous changes in them. We advise you to let that soak it and not overwhelm yourself with negativity. You would eventually get used to staying with your partner.


3. Nothing will stay the same.

You won’t be in the constant state of marital bliss. Things would annoy and frustrate you at times. But we advise you to let that pass as nothing in life remains constant. On days you would be surprised with the exceptional bond of your marriage and on days you would find difficulty even bearing your partner. This is absolutely normal and it would be wrong to label your marriage as unhappy.


Best Marriage Advice For Newly Weds


4. Be grateful.

The first year of your marriage plays the most crucial part in defining the fate of your marriage. Love wouldn’t be enough to bind you together with your partner. You would have to practice gratitude for every day in your married life. Marriage is about offering cent percent efforts by each partner to make it work. Be grateful for the little things done by your partner. It’s about developing a positive mindset.


5. Be selfless.

Love is meant to be selfless. Stop keeping counts on what your partner did wrong and what all great things you did for them. Be selfless when it comes to your marriage. Give it everything it deserves to keep it alive and healthy. Besides, the little joys of life lie in offering your selfless self to others. The more you give in your marriage, the more benefits you would reap in the long term.


6. Take some time off.

It’s okay to step aside and have some alone time with yourself and your friends. You’re bound to get agitated with your partner at times. An ideal couple doesn’t do everything together. Instead, they maintain enough personal space and foster meaningful relationships apart from marriage. The key to a healthy marriage is sticking together but not at the cost of each other’s individuality.


The initial years are perhaps the most difficult yet beautiful years of your marriage. With an attitude of never giving up, you could actually make your marriage the best relation of your life.


Is someone near to you looking for an online matrimonial site in India? At Cupid Knot we offer our individualised matchmaking services by finding profiles of suitable matches for our clients. We maintain complete confidentiality of our clients without revealing their identities. With our niche in Jain, Agarwal and Maheswari community we offer personalised matchmaking services through our Jain matrimony India.


Download our Android and IOS Matchmaking app now and allow us to help you find your life partner.


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Positive influence of life partner on your mental well-being.

Everything that you are is enough. However, even the brightest of the souls face their share of gloomy days. We humans have the wonderful ability to share, communicate and understand others. But, it’s the blessing that we often take for granted.

Sometimes, all we need is a person to rely on. The person whom we can confide with. The person who can help us cope with our darkest whims. Someone with whom we can be our truest self. However, this individual could be anyone from our parents to a dearest friend or a companion of love. Speaking of companions, life partner has much to do with our well-being, physically, mentally and spiritually.

When we label our companions as life partner we are giving them access to our lives. It is our responsibility to not hand over our lives to any detrimental person. However, it is undeniably true that a life partner could positively influence your mental health. Don’t know how?

1. You get a trusted ally.

When you are truly connected with your life partner you get a trusted ally at your side. Everyone is fighting some sort of individual battles. But having a life partner helps you fight those battles without draining too much of yourself. Sometimes, all one need is someone to hear them out. Your trusted ally would be your ardent listener and the best supporter. Even when they won’t be able to do much to help you out, their constant source of inspiration would help you face tough situations. They are your most trusted allies, given that your relationship isn’t toxic.


Mental Well Being

2. You would never truly be alone.

Yes, we all are capable of leading our lives in an individual manner proficiently. But we all need support, a confidant, a companion to lean on. In the times of difficulty, you need a person who has more trust in you than you yourself. With a life partner by your side, you would never be in the darkest corners of your mind alone. You would always continue to remain the most important person in their life, regardless of what may come.

3. A large chunk of mental illness begins in solidarity.

Now, this does not mean that solidarity is inessential. In fact, it is the most beautiful thing in the world. But when you have a partner by your side you get to remould the negative energy that arises from being too aloof. Your partner would identify the signs of your trauma and would not let you sip in further. The best relationships have the capability to lift you up and raise your spirits.


Positive influence of life partner

4. You get someone to constantly look out for you.

It is great to be self-sufficient but that term doesn’t mean sailing on a boat alone. Having a partner by your side means you would never truly be aloof. They would look out for you in your best and worst of days. That in itself would save you from sinking deep into depression.

5. They would never let you down.

A life partner knows you well inside and out. They won’t let you face pressing loneliness. They would stand by your side even when everyone would fail you, with their unwavering support.
We, humans, are made of love and there is nothing that a healthy dosage of love cannot solve. It is said that the signs of mental illness are subtle at start and glaringly evident at later stages before it finally takes a form of something inconceivable. Having a life partner positively influence your mental health. In fact, the emphasis on it cannot be pressed enough. However, it all comes down to a single point. Having a considerate and empathetic life partner.

Your life partner would greatly influence the way you shape your life. Make sure you don’t make the wrong choice there.


Is someone near to you looking for an online matrimonial site in India? At cupid Knot, we offer our individualised matchmaking services by finding profiles of suitable matches for our clients. We maintain complete confidentiality of our clients without revealing their identities. With our niche in Jain, Agarwal and Marwari community we offer personalised matchmaking services through our Jain matrimony India.

Download our Android and IOS app now and allow us to help you find your life partner.

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How To Make Your Biodata?

Guide to choosing that perfect Cupid biodata.

Are you looking forward to availing matchmaking services in India?  Well, there is no doubt to the fact that matrimonial sites in India are mushrooming at a rapid rate. The popularity of these best matrimonial sites in India is increasing, and the growing user base is offering enough evidence to support it. Now, whenever you would try making a profile on one of these popular matrimonial sites you would have noticed that the file section emerges where you would be required to upload a marriage biodata.

Talking about biodata, it is a piece of document that covers major aspects of your life, prominently, your education, family, occupation, personal interest and biological details. However, in times of today, you can agree that the presentation of information is equally important to appeal to anyone else. Being in a matchmaking industry we cannot place enough emphasis on the role that matrimonial biodata plays in finding a potential match. 

Don’t fret. You won’t have to spend hours designing that perfect biodata. We have got you covered. At Cupid knot, we help our clients by preparing their biodata for marriage in English. We have designed 9 attractive wedding biodata each with unique significance specifically for our clients. Read this guide, on biodata selection to choose that one marriage biodata template that fits perfectly for you.


  • Cupid Knot Darpan Biodata.

Just like a mirror, this biodata for marriage proposal would help you to express yourself the way you are. Now, we are not into favouring of pink for women and blue for men, but the bubble pink of this biodata would fit perfectly for you if you have a vivacious and vibrant personality. We recommend this biodata for someone who is fun, bubbly and outgoing in nature.

matrimony biodata



  • Cupid Knot Mangal Biodata.

The biodata you choose speaks a lot about you than the information within it. This Mangal biodata of ours is apt for individuals who wish to portray sophistication. The maroon colour would blend perfectly with such personalities helping them stand apart without grabbing too much attention. It’s refined, elegant and simply effective.

matrimonial biodata girls


  • Cupid Knot Tulsi Biodata.

Just like the pious plant of Tulsi, the teal green of this extremely beautiful biodata is especially for individuals who are humble yet likes to keep their life private. The subtle gold hues on this biodata are offering balance to the teal green making it perfect for people who are balanced in nature.

matrimonial biodata



  • Cupid Knot Lakshmi Biodata.

Just as the name suggests this Lakshmi biodata is perfect for the profile of women. The pink-purplish hues of colour give it a very appealing look making it perfect for women who are sociable in nature. Go ahead with this biodata if you wish to portray your creative and charismatic nature.

Marriage biodata



  • Cupid Knot Agni biodata.

As the name suggests, Agni, this biodata is a perfect fit for individuals who are ambitious and focused in nature. The vivacious coral shades of this biodata offer it a very affable look. Go ahead and make a choice of this biodata to show your completely raw nature.

marriage biodat for girls



  • Cupid Knot Varmala Biodata

This Varmala biodata is exceptional with a balance of perfect blending colours. It’s for people who still believe in the beauty and magic of vibrant colours. It’s neither too loud nor too bland. It’s merely perfect, just like you. 

Make Your Biodata



  • Cupid Knot Chandan Biodata

Just like the fragrance of sandalwood is unmissable, this biodata is all things plain, simple and appealing. Get on board with this Chandan biodata to portray your simple modish life choices. The basic undertones of blue and yellow are perfectly complemented to make your biodata stand apart.




  • Cupid Knot Haldi Biodata

There is no colour as cheerful as yellow and this Haldi biodata is an apt example of it. Portray your bright effervescent energy with this minimal Haldi biodata and you won’t be disappointed.

marriage biodata for Girls


  • Cupid Knot Shankha Biodata

This Sankha biodata speaks louder about your personality than anything else. The toned-down yellow still exudes brightness and cheerfulness. The apt amalgamation of colours on this biodata is perfect for you to portray a fun and adventurous personality along with your responsible nature.


So what are you waiting for? 

Download our Cupid Knot app now from  App Store or Play Store and start building your online biodata for marriage. The search for a life partner is just a profile away.

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A Beginners Guide to matrimony

Beginner’s guide to marriage.

To love and being loved back is an exceptional feeling. Marriage is nothing but the beautiful unification of these two people who promise on never giving up. Your wedding may seem all dreamy and peachy but when it comes to marriage all it requires is efforts on your part for the rest of your life.

The search for ideal half is made easier with the presence of numerous best matrimonial agency in India. But are you willing to make your marriage as perfect as your wedding? The initial phase of being married might surprise you, astonish you, might hold down your expectations and on days would overwhelm you. But with this beginner’s guide, you can work on your imperfectly perfect marriage.



1. Stop dwelling in dreamy paradise.

Marriage indeed is beautiful but there are high chances of ruining it if you couldn’t distinguish between your dream and reality. You see all those rom-com movies you grew up watching have distorted your view of reality. Every day isn’t going to be peachy with your life partner but neither would it be forever gloomy. Just accept this fact and you might enjoy your marriage more than repenting it.



2. Talk it out.

With marriage, you share your most vulnerable and wonderful self with your partner. In the midst of being perfect, don’t miss out on the conversation. Don’t get too habituated that you run out of topic for conversations. Communication is extremely important for the survival of any sort of relation.


Beginners Guide to marriage


3. Be grateful

The initial phase of your marriage might overwhelm you. But be grateful for the presence of your partner. Be grateful for the little things they do for you. You see getting married brings along with it drastic changes in both of your lifestyles. It would take time but eventually, you would find ways to stay on the same page.



4. Surprise

Just because you got married doesn’t mean you put an end to all the special things you did for your partner. Plan surprises for them as you did while you were dating, no matter how small the surprise. You see, the efforts are what keeps the light of marriage alive.



5. Accept

Living together will bring a set of its own confrontations. You might not like a habit or two of your partners. But the same would be the case with them. Accept their flaws as graciously as you accept their strengths. Just get off that idea of perfect husband/wife.



6. Avoid negative talk.

By negative we mean extreme statements of divorce and leaving. Frustration is as normal a part of marriage as happiness is. Work on your anger and instead of venting try understanding your partner. Avoid threats of divorce with every passing argument. Act like a mature individual and confront real issues with your partner in a civilized way.



You see marriage is extremely difficult. It was never meant to be easy. But it is worth every dime of efforts it takes to keep it alive. After all, it is an exceptional feeling to have someone by your side for a lifetime.


Is someone near to you looking for a matrimonial agency in India? Well, Cupid Knot is an ideal choice for them. We are an Indian matrimonial agency with our niche in Jain, Agarwal and Maheshwari samaj. Matrimonial sites offer an excellent platform for the search of your life partner. We differ ourselves from our competitors by offering individualised and completely confidential services to our clients.

Download our app now from the App Store or Play Store and allow us to help you find your better half.

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How to Keep The Love Alive In a Marriage

Marriage tends to get boring and flat after years of staying together in close proximity to your partner. However, it is in the hands of each individual partner to undertake this responsibility of rekindling their love. Nothing worth having ever came easier and same is the case with marriages. You have to nurture it every day till the end to make it work.
Much importance is laid down on how you find your life partner. But you see no matter how much time you spend on best matchmaking sites, none would guarantee you a partner with whom marriage could be a smooth ride. None of an Indian matchmaker could assure you lifelong effortless love in your marriage. It needs to be cultivated and here are fewer common and easier ways of keeping that flame of love burning.


1. Prioritise and spend time alone.

Marriage is the most important relationship in your life and you have to understand this first to keep your marriage healthy. Prioritize time with your partner over a show you love binge-watching. Some years into a marriage and you would be overloaded with responsibilities of kids and family. However, don’t put your relationship on the third seat whilst these other responsibilities. Go on date nights with your partner be it a small dine-in at your favourite restaurant or a hike nearby.


2. Communicate

Now that you have known your partner in their most vulnerable state and you know everything about them, you might run out of topic to discuss. However, the healthiest way of rekindling any sort of relationship requires active communication. Find some time out every day, no matter your busy schedule and talk with your partner. Talk about your day, the show you’re watching or the activity you’ve started to learn. These light and happy conversations every day keeps the tensely and negative situations away from your marriage. Besides, listen as actively as you speak.


Love Alive In a Marriage


3. Plan yearly vacations with your spouse.

Surely, you’re overburdened with the responsibilities of your kids. But it is rather a prime necessity for couples to take some time off and indulge in each other’s company. Go on a vacation with your spouse leaving your children with your parents. The holiday doesn’t necessarily have to be an exotic week-long getaway. Even a weekend away from your responsibilities could help you spend quality time with your partner.


4. Do things together.

Doing house chores together is a great way of spending fun times together. You can also sign in for a new activity class that you could both enjoy. Watch your favourite shows together and indulge in competitive games. In short, do anything and everything that would allow you to spend time together.


5. Surprise them.

Revisit those initial years of your marriage when you showered your partners with presents and surprises. Surprises are as important after the 5th year of marriage as they are in the initial year. You don’t necessarily have to go to great ends and show grand gestures. Surprise dinner at a favourite restaurant, gifting them their favourite podcast or book, roses and occasional love notes are a great way of rekindling love.

Marriages are exceptional and it is in your hands to make it extraordinary by not letting that love fade.

Is someone near to you looking for paid or free online matchmaking site for marriage? At Cupid Knot, we offer our personalised one to one matchmaking services to our clients. We maintain complete confidentiality of our clients by not revealing their identities. We offer our niche services through our Jain/ Agarwal matrimony sites in India.

Download our app now from  App Store or Play Store and allow us to help you find your life partner.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Finding Your Perfect Partner

The choice of a life partner is amongst the most crucial decision in the life of any individual. The choice of a partner with whom you are going to spend most of your life will truly determine the quality of your life.
While making your search for a life partner, the thought of availing services from the best matrimonial sites in India might have occurred to your mind. And why not. After all, you get to find your ideal life partner without compromising from their wide database.
There exist no pre-determined notion as of how you would find your life partner. However, these tips are bound to make your search easier.


1. Jot down clear traits.

You cannot go on seeking for a partner if you have little idea of what you expect from your life partner. Be it the qualifications, profession, religion, cultural values, hobbies or interests, having clear idea of what you want makes your search much easier. You don’t need to find cent percent replica of those traits in your partners. However, even if your partner would possess 70-80% of those traits, your life ahead would be much more satisfactory.


2. Be flexible.

No one is as perfect as your imagination. You see, you have to leave room for flexibility and compromise while seeking your life partner. It is better to prioritize your wants into fundamental and secondary sections. Compromising in the fundamental wants would lead to dissatisfaction at a later stage. However, letting go of insignificant and petty wants would make the process smooth and sound.


3. Be active in your search.

Matches might be made in heaven but they don’t pop right in front of your eyes without any conscious efforts on Earth. If you’re keen on getting married that keenness should be visible in your efforts. You have to constantly look out for your probable partner be it in social gatherings, networking sites or even by availing best matrimonial services in India.


Finding Your Perfect Partner


4. Be prepared for rejection.

Of billions of people on Earth, it would be a case of extreme rarity that you would find someone whom you could love and be loved back. It is not an impossible task but neither is it the task of extreme simplicity. You have to prepare yourself for rejection at times. But feeling dejected and losing hopes would not help. Accept the rejections graciously and get ahead with your life partner search.


5. Don’t make hushed decisions.

Getting married won’t be an accomplishment to cherish with an incompatible life partner. Take your time and don’t rush yourself into making hasty decisions. As said, the choice of a life partner is the most crucial one. Hence, before announcing your final verdict invest enough time in understanding your partner.


6. Be the best version of yourself.

No one could love you if you couldn’t love yourself. Before stepping out for seeking your life partner develop an individual strong personality for yourself. Curate a fun-loving personality for yourself and incorporate the core values of kindness, emotional empathy and understanding in you. You see, the better you could feel about yourself easier it is to attract people towards you. While everyone has a set of negative traits to themselves, don’t let them overpower your exceptional characteristics.


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How much should you be spending on wedding?

Weddings in India are widely known for being ostentatiously flamboyant and opulent. Usually extended over a period of 3 days or more, weddings here are indeed a spectacular event to witness. However, that in no sense indicates the other not so expensive weddings less beautiful. Weddings are beautiful no matter how lavish or private it gets.

Weddings indeed are an expensive affair and not everyone is rich enough to afford themselves a wedding in palaces and luxurious hotels. And even if one could afford an extremely lavish wedding party, it is an individual perspective behind the psychology of spending that determines the amount to be spent on a wedding.

You could easily find your life partner amongst the varied matrimonial sites in India. The service of online kundali matching might make the process easier. However, when you begin your wedding planning, you would have to pause, think and make a crucial decision of budgeting your special day.

There is no precise and statistically accurate answer to how much spending is too much or too little for your wedding. However, we could at least help you arrive at a certain decision regarding the spending.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize!!


You could easily find your life partner matrimonial sites in India.


Is a luxury wedding, the luxury you could actually afford? Well, the fairy tales and all those extremely gorgeous wedding pictures have made you believe that weddings aren’t special if not celebrated on a grandiose scale. We urge you to break this belief before you begin your budget planning for a wedding. Every wedding no matter the scale of its celebration is beautiful.

You see the law of economy applies here. You might have numerous various ways of utilizing your money. It might be to buy that new car or getting an ownership stamp of your own house or saving on securities and funding for future and family or paying off the loans quickly. Does the luxury wedding top the priority chart of these expenses? You see, you have numerous expenses but the money source remains constant. Prioritize your needs and you would arrive at the decision as of how important it is for you to spend on your wedding.

It might be the case that you could actually afford the palatial wedding, however, spending on weddings might not top your priority list. It’s absolutely normal to have a different perspective on this matter.

Well, if you’re throwing a wedding party let’s help you in preparing a list of activities that would include expenses.
1. Venue booking.
2. Caterers.
3. Decoration.
4. Gifts.
5. Rings.
6. Wedding attires.
7. Service fees.
8. Guest accommodation.
9. Entertainment expenses.

We would advise you to sit with your parents and firstly jot down the budget for your wedding. You could then prioritize these activities and allocate the funds to them. If you could plan and implement it smartly you could actually make your wedding a smooth ride.

To conclude, spend on your weddings but not at the cost of your future. Be smart about the choices you make at this phase of your life.

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