How to Impress Indian Bride

Well, it’s been centuries that we have treated women in an ill-mannered. Even in the ways, we don’t realize. Now, times have changed. Women have started stepping off their house and are becoming not only financially but mentally and physically independent. Yet again, some women are still struggling to get their basic education rights. Well, this is no essay about women’s struggles in India. We all know the struggle yet we rarely accept it. 


However, the situation has improvised a lot and people are becoming more and more conscious of how they are treating their wives. Indian men are really looking for ways to not limit their wives to household chores but make them equal in the relationship of marriage. After all, marriage is truly the act of equality.


Now, if you’ve recently married through an arrange set up using either of the online matrimonial Indian sites, Online matchmaking, or marriage bureau and looking for ways to impress your newly wed bride, we have these most effective tips for you. Well, these tips aren’t only for newlyweds but for anyone in general who wish to treat their wives better by impressing them.

6 ways to impress your Indian Bride. 

Well, let’s get started. 


How to impress Indian Bride

1. Make her an equal.

Give up on patriarchy and stop following your parents’ footsteps everywhere. Their generation was different than ours. If you truly wish to impress your bride, make her count. Make her an equal in all the decisions you would take in your married life. And don’t just act being the modern husband, walk the talk that you often portray. 

Your wife isn’t going to get impressed with your huge vows but with the promises, you bring to life. 


2. Surprise her.

Now, this stands not only for husbands but wives too. Marriage needs to be worked upon. Keep it exciting with surprises. Now and then, show her your love. Show her that she matters. You don’t need to get on board with an out of the box large surprises but the little things matter. Whether it’s remembering her favorite ice cream or taking her on a date to her favorite restaurant or indulging together on her favorite show. 


3. Be there for her.

Indian weddings are more about weddings with families. And while families can help keep the marriage together, it’s not always advisable to sway by their opinions. Listen to your parents but listen to your brides too. Just don’t dismiss her opinions. At times, your parent’s whims may cost the happiness of your bride. It is important to stand by her during such times. 

Even, professionally, you don’t need to know her genre of work to support her. You simply need an interest and a good feel for helping her out. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who cheers his wife on her success.


4. Be her first cheerleader.

Men do face a hard time expressing their feelings. Well, women find nothing more attractive in a man than his ability to be vulnerable with her. Well, the best way to create a healthy long-lasting relationship is by becoming truly intimate with her. Let her know your goals, aspirations, dreams, fears, demons, and faith. Let her fall in love with you completely. 


5. Show your honesty.

Don’t withhold things from her. Be honest with her and this would show her how much the relationship matters to you. She would be impressed beyond measures and would truly find comfort with you. Well, the feeling of home and comfort is what keeps the marriage lively. 


6. Make her your best friend.

Well, in your marriage you may face ebbs and flow with your wife. But, everything would settle smoothly if you can walk your way through it. And this is only possible when your wife becomes your best friend. Let her be the most important part of your life. She deserves it. Your relationship is truly invincible when you find a friend in your partner. 

Well, cut on the notion that only jewelry and cars can impress your newlywed wife. It is these conscious thoughts that would impress your wife for a lifetime. 


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Why Is It Important To Take Vacations In Married Life?

“Travel and you would know what exists, wander and you would know why. “

Travelling changes us in a way that is behind our comprehension. It rejuvenates our mind and soul and is undoubtedly the best therapy for our stressful lives.

You might wonder the relevance between marriage and travel and how the later positively impacts the quality of our married life. You see, it is easy to find your life partner through numerous online and trusted matrimonial sites in India. But none could help you create a perfect marriage. The responsibility of healthy marriage lays in the hands of partners that make a marriage. 

Travel is one such therapy that helps you revamp your marriage. Wondering how? Well, this blog would walk you through the importance of travel therapy in your marriage.

1. It rejuvenates your relationship.

The choice of destination doesn’t matter as long as you have a partner willing to take a vacation with you. Obviously without your kids. The hustle and bustle of everyday lives drain us and we are left with little energy to work on our marriage. Aren’t we all aware of the constant efforts that marriage requires? Well, vacation is exactly what you need. In a vacation, you can switch yourself off from the outside world and engross yourself with your partner. You would be spending that much required time together away from the chaos of your normal lives. In our chase towards everyday lives, we lose the essence of who we truly are. Travel helps us to rejuvenate our marriage in ways that cannot be explained through words. 


2. It helps us to deepen our relationship.

When you’re alone in the company of your partner, you have no choice but to talk with them.  You would get to communicate with your partner about the things that truly matter. Besides, you get to experience things on a deeper level. Our everyday lives are ruled by superficial matters that impact our marriage lives. But, a vacation can help you cherish the time together, keeping all the hurdles aside.  Vacation offers the much-needed calm in our rather stressful lives to reconsider the aspects of our married lives.



3. You get top to add fun experience to your marriage.

Marriage becomes dull and boring if it is not rekindled with spark every now and then. Vacation allows you to indulge in fun activities together. Be it skiing, hiking or just enjoying amidst the crystal clear beaches. What matters is getting an opportunity to spend time with your partner. Years after years what keeps the marriage strong is an ability to laugh together and vacation would give you hundreds of happy moments to laugh together.


4. You can address serious issues.

Now that you’re away from kids and relatives, you could finally focus on important underlying issues in your marriage. If you’re on the verge of calling off your marriage take a vacation with your partner before that. If both the partners are willing to work on their marriage, a vacation could perhaps give the best restart to marriage. Vacation gives you all the time with your partner to resolve conflicts keeping all the bias and judgements aside.

So if you have made a mistake of undermining the importance of vacation in marriage, we urge you to take one immediately. 


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7 Things Women Look for in a Man

Gone are the days when women had little or no say in the choice of their life partner. The ambitious and educated women of today are aware of their worth and are not willing to settle for anything less than they deserve.

There is no common set of rules that makes a man perfect for the woman they want. Each woman looks for distinctive individuals in their partner and it would be wrong to generalise what women look for in a man. However, there are certain traits that tend to remain common in things woman seek in a man.

With the onset of numerous matrimony related services in India, it has become easier for a woman to find a man of their wants without having the need to compromise.

1. Honesty

Long-lasting relationships are based on the foundation of truth and honesty. Moreover, relationships see a dead-end rather soon when it lacks honesty. Of all the traits women expect their man to possess, honesty is the most prominent one. Women love a man who is honest about their needs, wants, expectations and priorities. It is easier for women to digest a brutal truth rather than being hanged on a cliff of uncertainty.

2. Maturity.

It is fun to be around someone who could be a kid at times but knows exactly when to hone their cape of maturity. Women tend to look for men who are mature enough to understand deep complications of life and the one who doesn’t see a world through a black and white lens. Thus, an individual who is mature enough to undertake the responsibility for long-lasting relationships attracts the women at large.


Things Women Look for in a Man

3. Emotional stability and presence

No, masculinity isn’t the only thing women look for in their man. More than masculinity women looks for a partner who could engage at a deeply meaningful level. Women are naturally attracted to men who are emotionally stable and possess a trait of emotional empathy. What good would be your partner if their macho characteristic stops you from expressing yourself? It is much easier to get along with an emotionally stable man then their opposite counterparts.

4. Ambition and goals.

After all, what is life without goals, dreams and aspirations? It is said that a man dies when he stops himself from wandering in his dreams. You see goals and aspirations are what makes each individual different from others. Having something to look forward to gives a charismatic touch to your personality. That spark is what women actively seek in their partners.

5. Confidence

Be it man or woman, both looks for a partner with a strong individual personality. Overconfidence is dangerous but lack of confidence is more lethal. Individuals with undulating confidence in themselves tend to attract more women.


Things Women Look for in a Man

6. Men who are clear with their wants.

Women don’t expect their men to be perfect. But they do look for someone they could be vulnerable with and vice versa. Women don’t like reading too much into a personality. They want someone who is clear with what they want and possess an exceptional ability to express themselves.

7. Chemistry

Last but not least, women seek a man with whom they could establish chemistry. Every relation is meant to be fun. If a man cannot treat her woman with equality, the chemistry would eventually fade away.

These not so comprehensive list includes the basic traits that are inevitable to the list of things woman look for in a man.


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6 Best Marriage Advice For Newly Weds

Marriage is amongst the most beautiful aspects of the life of any individual. And while every marriage story is different, there is no dearth of myriads of marriage advice on the internet. While some of the advices are absolutely nonsensical, there are certain advices which could truly help the newlyweds sustain their initial years of marriage.

The onset of the Internet saw a rise in the best matchmaking sites in India. And while these Indian matchmakers would help you find your life partner, no one could help you attain a seamless marriage. It is through years and years of never-ending efforts that you could truly make your marriage successful.


1. Prioritize your marriage.

Marriage is one of the most special relationships in the lives of every individual and while life is all about striking balance, it is advisable if you could prioritize your marriage. You see, there is a huge difference between dating and marrying. And when you are at the beginning of your married life, it is better to put in some extra efforts to know about your partner. We don’t advise you to wave goodbye to your independent life, however, it wouldn’t harm much to choose your partner over a binge-watch.


2. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Be open to new experiences with your partner. Everything isn’t meant to go as planned or imagined in your mind-set. You would be surprised with new talents of your partner and annoyed with their habits. When you begin sharing a home with your partner that is when you would notice tremendous changes in them. We advise you to let that soak it and not overwhelm yourself with negativity. You would eventually get used to staying with your partner.


3. Nothing will stay the same.

You won’t be in the constant state of marital bliss. Things would annoy and frustrate you at times. But we advise you to let that pass as nothing in life remains constant. On days you would be surprised with the exceptional bond of your marriage and on days you would find difficulty even bearing your partner. This is absolutely normal and it would be wrong to label your marriage as unhappy.


Best Marriage Advice For Newly Weds


4. Be grateful.

The first year of your marriage plays the most crucial part in defining the fate of your marriage. Love wouldn’t be enough to bind you together with your partner. You would have to practice gratitude for every day in your married life. Marriage is about offering cent percent efforts by each partner to make it work. Be grateful for the little things done by your partner. It’s about developing a positive mindset.


5. Be selfless.

Love is meant to be selfless. Stop keeping counts on what your partner did wrong and what all great things you did for them. Be selfless when it comes to your marriage. Give it everything it deserves to keep it alive and healthy. Besides, the little joys of life lie in offering your selfless self to others. The more you give in your marriage, the more benefits you would reap in the long term.


6. Take some time off.

It’s okay to step aside and have some alone time with yourself and your friends. You’re bound to get agitated with your partner at times. An ideal couple doesn’t do everything together. Instead, they maintain enough personal space and foster meaningful relationships apart from marriage. The key to a healthy marriage is sticking together but not at the cost of each other’s individuality.


The initial years are perhaps the most difficult yet beautiful years of your marriage. With an attitude of never giving up, you could actually make your marriage the best relation of your life.


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Positive influence of life partner on your mental well-being.

Everything that you are is enough. However, even the brightest of the souls face their share of gloomy days. We humans have the wonderful ability to share, communicate and understand others. But, it’s the blessing that we often take for granted.

Sometimes, all we need is a person to rely on. The person whom we can confide with. The person who can help us cope with our darkest whims. Someone with whom we can be our truest self. However, this individual could be anyone from our parents to a dearest friend or a companion of love. Speaking of companions, life partner has much to do with our well-being, physically, mentally and spiritually.

When we label our companions as life partner we are giving them access to our lives. It is our responsibility to not hand over our lives to any detrimental person. However, it is undeniably true that a life partner could positively influence your mental health. Don’t know how?

1. You get a trusted ally.

When you are truly connected with your life partner you get a trusted ally at your side. Everyone is fighting some sort of individual battles. But having a life partner helps you fight those battles without draining too much of yourself. Sometimes, all one need is someone to hear them out. Your trusted ally would be your ardent listener and the best supporter. Even when they won’t be able to do much to help you out, their constant source of inspiration would help you face tough situations. They are your most trusted allies, given that your relationship isn’t toxic.


Mental Well Being

2. You would never truly be alone.

Yes, we all are capable of leading our lives in an individual manner proficiently. But we all need support, a confidant, a companion to lean on. In the times of difficulty, you need a person who has more trust in you than you yourself. With a life partner by your side, you would never be in the darkest corners of your mind alone. You would always continue to remain the most important person in their life, regardless of what may come.

3. A large chunk of mental illness begins in solidarity.

Now, this does not mean that solidarity is inessential. In fact, it is the most beautiful thing in the world. But when you have a partner by your side you get to remould the negative energy that arises from being too aloof. Your partner would identify the signs of your trauma and would not let you sip in further. The best relationships have the capability to lift you up and raise your spirits.


Positive influence of life partner

4. You get someone to constantly look out for you.

It is great to be self-sufficient but that term doesn’t mean sailing on a boat alone. Having a partner by your side means you would never truly be aloof. They would look out for you in your best and worst of days. That in itself would save you from sinking deep into depression.

5. They would never let you down.

A life partner knows you well inside and out. They won’t let you face pressing loneliness. They would stand by your side even when everyone would fail you, with their unwavering support.
We, humans, are made of love and there is nothing that a healthy dosage of love cannot solve. It is said that the signs of mental illness are subtle at start and glaringly evident at later stages before it finally takes a form of something inconceivable. Having a life partner positively influence your mental health. In fact, the emphasis on it cannot be pressed enough. However, it all comes down to a single point. Having a considerate and empathetic life partner.

Your life partner would greatly influence the way you shape your life. Make sure you don’t make the wrong choice there.


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How To Make Your Biodata?

Guide to choosing that perfect Cupid biodata.

Are you looking forward to availing matchmaking services in India?  Well, there is no doubt to the fact that matrimonial sites in India are mushrooming at a rapid rate. The popularity of these best matrimonial sites in India is increasing, and the growing user base is offering enough evidence to support it. Now, whenever you would try making a profile on one of these popular matrimonial sites you would have noticed that the file section emerges where you would be required to upload a marriage biodata.

Talking about biodata, it is a piece of document that covers major aspects of your life, prominently, your education, family, occupation, personal interest and biological details. However, in times of today, you can agree that the presentation of information is equally important to appeal to anyone else. Being in a matchmaking industry we cannot place enough emphasis on the role that matrimonial biodata plays in finding a potential match. 

Don’t fret. You won’t have to spend hours designing that perfect biodata. We have got you covered. At Cupid knot, we help our clients by preparing their biodata for marriage in English. We have designed 9 attractive wedding biodata each with unique significance specifically for our clients. Read this guide, on biodata selection to choose that one marriage biodata template that fits perfectly for you.


  • Cupid Knot Darpan Biodata.

Just like a mirror, this biodata for marriage proposal would help you to express yourself the way you are. Now, we are not into favouring of pink for women and blue for men, but the bubble pink of this biodata would fit perfectly for you if you have a vivacious and vibrant personality. We recommend this biodata for someone who is fun, bubbly and outgoing in nature.

matrimony biodata



  • Cupid Knot Mangal Biodata.

The biodata you choose speaks a lot about you than the information within it. This Mangal biodata of ours is apt for individuals who wish to portray sophistication. The maroon colour would blend perfectly with such personalities helping them stand apart without grabbing too much attention. It’s refined, elegant and simply effective.

matrimonial biodata girls


  • Cupid Knot Tulsi Biodata.

Just like the pious plant of Tulsi, the teal green of this extremely beautiful biodata is especially for individuals who are humble yet likes to keep their life private. The subtle gold hues on this biodata are offering balance to the teal green making it perfect for people who are balanced in nature.

matrimonial biodata



  • Cupid Knot Lakshmi Biodata.

Just as the name suggests this Lakshmi biodata is perfect for the profile of women. The pink-purplish hues of colour give it a very appealing look making it perfect for women who are sociable in nature. Go ahead with this biodata if you wish to portray your creative and charismatic nature.

Marriage biodata



  • Cupid Knot Agni biodata.

As the name suggests, Agni, this biodata is a perfect fit for individuals who are ambitious and focused in nature. The vivacious coral shades of this biodata offer it a very affable look. Go ahead and make a choice of this biodata to show your completely raw nature.

marriage biodat for girls



  • Cupid Knot Varmala Biodata

This Varmala biodata is exceptional with a balance of perfect blending colours. It’s for people who still believe in the beauty and magic of vibrant colours. It’s neither too loud nor too bland. It’s merely perfect, just like you. 

Make Your Biodata



  • Cupid Knot Chandan Biodata

Just like the fragrance of sandalwood is unmissable, this biodata is all things plain, simple and appealing. Get on board with this Chandan biodata to portray your simple modish life choices. The basic undertones of blue and yellow are perfectly complemented to make your biodata stand apart.




  • Cupid Knot Haldi Biodata

There is no colour as cheerful as yellow and this Haldi biodata is an apt example of it. Portray your bright effervescent energy with this minimal Haldi biodata and you won’t be disappointed.

marriage biodata for Girls


  • Cupid Knot Shankha Biodata

This Sankha biodata speaks louder about your personality than anything else. The toned-down yellow still exudes brightness and cheerfulness. The apt amalgamation of colours on this biodata is perfect for you to portray a fun and adventurous personality along with your responsible nature.


So what are you waiting for? 

Download our Cupid Knot app now from  App Store or Play Store and start building your online biodata for marriage. The search for a life partner is just a profile away.

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