What’s the role of parents while choosing a life partner?

Marriages in India are definitely a union of two souls. But what’s more, is that in Indian marriages are usually a lifelong relationship between two families. Hence, while choosing a life partner may seem like a task that individual needs to make on its own, family influence is also a part of it. To be specific, the role of parents while choosing a partner is quite important.


Arrange marriages in India are still prominent. And as far as, arrange marriages are concerned, parents and family play a huge influencing role in choosing a life partner. Leave aside arrange marriages, parents play a role of importance even in love marriages. Here’s how. 


1. They determine the cultural fit.

Now, usually, couples in India live with their parents. Hence, the decision of whom to marry cannot be taken by a person individually. Parents influence the decision. Now, the role of a parent in choosing your life partner would be to determine the cultural fit of your partner in your family.


This is true, especially if you are a man who is going to bring in a wife. Parents would ensure whether the life partner you choose would fit in the cultural patterns of your house.


The role of parents while choosing a life partner


2. To determine the compatibility.

Now, this is true that only you can say if the said person is compatible with you or not. But, parents ensure that the person you bring in as a life partner suits your lifestyle and expectations. No one knows your life patterns more accurately than your parents. Hence, they would ensure that your partner also has the same qualities as you.

3.To check financial security.

The financial stability of a man is still a matter of crucial importance when it comes to the wedding in India. The bride’s father would ensure that the groom has enough financial resources to sustain the standard of lifestyle his daughter has been living. The bride’s father makes it a point to check that the groom does have enough capabilities to help her daughter survive.

4. Compatibility with family members.

Your partner is going to spend more time with your mother than you if you belong to a typical Indian family who would bring in a housewife. Hence, it is important that the equations between your mother and the life partner you bring in matches. Else, you would always be sandwiched between the urges of two.


What’s the role of parents

5. To ensure a perfect match.

Parents know things better than us. And you must accept their role in choosing your life partner, especially if you live with your family. We understand the decision of whom to marry must be independent but in an arranged setup, the family helps us know better.


What are your opinions on how should parent involve themselves while you choose your life partner? Let us know in the comment section below.


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5 challenges to an inter-caste marriage

We might be living in a culturally and religiously diverse country. However, marriages in India are still robust to cultural and religious changes. Leave religion aside, even an inter-caste wedding is a huge deal in this country.


Well, we all must have seen those typical Bollywood romance stories where people are literally being killed in the name of inter-caste marriage. Guess what, it’s not completely filmy. 


Even today, caste issue prevails and the upper caste and lower caste marriage in India is still a matter of life and death, literally. Inter caste marriage is different from intra caste marriages, and the latter is even more difficult.


The meaning of Inter-caste marriage is getting married to someone outside your immediate caste but within your religion but intra caste marriage is marrying someone from a completely different religion. 


Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain. Inter caste marriages in India aren’t simple. And here are 6 prominent challenges every couple in inter-caste would face. 


Inter-caste marriage


  • Tarnished societal reputation.

Yes, the main reason for not opting inter-caste wedding is the damage it will bring to the family reputation. Not everyone has a steel of heart to face the backlash of society. In many cases, the family and the couples are banished from the society and community for getting married outside the community. 


No this isn’t an exaggeration. This is the sad reality that pertains even today. 


  • Lack of acceptance. 

In many cases of inter-caste marriage, parents break all the relations with their kids and part their ways. In many cases, the groom’s side of the family wouldn’t accept the bride and would add troubles and trauma to their married life.


We are already aware of how women are mistreated by their in-laws. Well, in the case of an inter-caste wedding, this trauma amplifies. 


  • Upper caste and lower caste marriage

Many times, when the decision to marry is taken in the heat of the moment, the consequences are faced at the later stage. Couples cannot take up the difference in caste and may end up separating themselves.


You see, caste is deeply ingrained in our minds. Hence, even when we claim to be modern and all educated, we cannot take the punch of inter-caste quite well, all the time. 


  • Religious problems.

Being an atheist is something that is not prevalent in India. Religion has an impact on our minds, even when we tend to disagree with it. Now, marriage is living with someone and accepting the wholes of each other. Hence, there are a considerable amount of chances that disputes arise because of religious disagreements amongst both partners.


Now, dealing with such problems is not the trick everyone knows to excel. Hence, it requires 2 mature individuals to get in an inter-caste wedding.


inter-caste marriage.


  • One may end up losing their life.

Honor killing is still very persistent in India. Yes, we have progressed and education has made us capable enough to move above our caste. Yet, many can’t accept inter-caste weddings. And the ones with a great social upstanding often retort to honor killing to save their family from the dishonor of inter-caste marriage.


  • Are we against inter-caste marriages? Not at all. 

But we do agree that there are ample challenges to inter-caste wedding and you must get in one only when you have assured all the potential risks beforehand.


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Why is the first Diwali after marriage always special?

Well, marriages were always special than other relations we foster in our lives. Marriages are cherished and in a country like India; they are worshiped. 


Talking of togetherness, marriage allows us to experience the happiness of celebrating with our only love. And trust us there couldn’t be anything more exciting than celebrating the first of everything after marriage. Besides, isn’t together the very feeling that needs celebration? You see, we live in a country where festivals are synonyms to everyday life.


Be it first Holi, Navratri or Diwali, first of each festival are quite special after your marriage. But you won’t disagree if we say that Diwali is a little more precious and special than every other festival, probably even when combined. 


This festival of light is indeed going to be illuminating, post your wedding. Here’s why the first Diwali is always special.

  • Celebrating togetherness.

First Diwali after marriage always special


Well, the week-long break of Diwali allows you to spend much needed time with your beau. Just imagine, a week of pure bliss, ample food, celebrations, and fun activities. It’s the little things that you would get to experience this Diwali.


Be it attending parties, hosting get-togethers, decorating, or even doing Puja as a couple for the first time. Diwali with your hubby or wife would just warm you with its fuzzy feels. Moreover, the memories would remain etched in your hearts forever. 


  • Experiencing ethnicity.

The cultural experience of India is so diverse that even when you would marry someone from the same caste, you would experience cultural changes. And this diverse culture is what makes us a strong powerful nation. The first Diwali after your marriage would give you an opportunity to experience different traditions and RIWAZ, something that would warm your heart with its beautiful intricacies.

  • Getting to know each other better.

Well, there’s no better way to know the person than to spend time with them. The festival of Diwali is perfect to know your life partner a little better than you already do. Diwali vacay would give you a much-required opportunity to know your partner well. Besides, Diwali with its eccentric vibes would only make things better for you. Well, we are yet to find someone who doesn’t get excited about the onset of Diwali.


first Diwali after marriage always special


  • A truckload of memories.

Down the lane, after 10 years of marriage, when you would be struggling to meet ends with your partner, the memories of the first Diwali would help you sail the ebb. Diwali is all about creating happy memories together. Food, clothes, Decor, traditions, etc. all add to the rich experience you would gather for your relationship. The first Diwali would only strengthen your love in marriage to face the downfalls in the future. 


So, how are you prepping for your first Diwali after marriage? Now, whether it has been months since you have been married or quite a few days, you are bound to experience jitters. Make sure you do something special to make this festival of Diwali a little extra for your love. 


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The 12 Most Misunderstood Facts About matrimony/ marriages.

Marriage is a bond of beautiful togetherness. However, in our chase of making it perfect, we often end up turning it bitter. It is because of the various misconceptions that have arrested our mind that we cannot accept the marriage to be anything less than euphoric.


The numerous trusted and genuine matrimonial sites in India could only help you find an ideal partner. But these marriage websites in India doesn’t hold the key to ideal married life. The key lies within you. Get rid of these misconceptions for a long-lasting successful marriage.


1. Marriage is a constant bliss.

Marriage is ultimately an act of honouring the vows between two individuals. Every day in your marriage won’t be merry and cheerful. Stop dwelling in a fantasy world curated by our favourite rom-coms. Marriage brings its own share of beautiful togetherness and constant struggles. Marital bliss isn’t a myth, constant bliss is.


2. Marriage instils trust.

If you couldn’t place trust in your partner before the wedding, it won’t happen magically after entering a marriage. Trust binds the marriage together and the lack of it usually ends in divorce. Trust is perhaps more important than love when it comes to the secret of long-lasting marriages.


3. Marriage is a loss of individuality.

The moment an individual loses its individuality, the marriage fails. Marriage doesn’t facilitate complete dependency on a partner. Regaining an individual identity makes you strong and allows you to make a fair share of your contribution to the marriage. Marriage means empowering and not disabling.


Facts About matrimony/ marriages.


4. Marriage is only one person’s effort.

You cannot expect your partner to undertake an entire responsibility of marriage. The success and failure of any marriage equally depend on the joint efforts of both the partners. Your partner is a human and not a superhuman who would eliminate the gloominess in your life with their magic wand.


5. Marriage is a one time work.

Happily ever after is a myth. You cannot accept your marriage to remain the same until the end of your lives. It requires constant efforts, dedication and unconditional love to bind it together for the days when you feel like giving up.


It cannot be expected to work on its own after entering it. A cent per cent efforts by both the people would eventually lead to a successful marriage.


6. Kids will improve the marriage.

Kids aren’t the magicians who would normalise everything between a couple with their arrival. Planning kids is taking a step forward with family planning. If you have a strained relation and if you cannot trust your partner, then marriage counselling is the way. Plan for the kids only when both the partners are ready to undertake responsibility.


7. Your happiness is your partner’s responsibility.

Your happiness, worries, anxiety, stress all belongs to you. Handling them isn’t your partner’s responsibility. They could help you sail the ocean by being at your side, but they can’t swim it for you. Majority of the problems would be solved if individual partners undertake their responsibility for happiness.


8. Marriage needs to be perfect.

Nothing is perfect and nor would be your marriage. But that doesn’t mean your marriage is a failure. The demand for perfection is an unrealistic one. After all, marriage is a journey of two humans and not an automated robot.


The 12 Most Misunderstood Facts About matrimony


9. Marriage is a farewell to dreams.

Entering a sacred unison of marriage in no way implies the death of dreams and aspirations. Our dreams and aspirations make us unique. And there is no point in marriage if we cannot regain our uniqueness. Marriage is in fact shared efforts in achievements of dreams.


10. Partners should not sacrifice.

No matter how hard you try, things would not align in your favour every time. Sacrifices are the only way to a successful marriage.


11. Your partner would complete you.

Marriage isn’t a way out from getting rid of the responsibilities of a single life. Your partner should complement you and not complete you. You are your own responsibility.


12. Love is enough

No one shows a picture after happily ever after. However harsh it may sound, marriages don’t sustain merely on love. Shared financial and emotional responsibilities make it easier.


Marriages are beautiful. We as humans need to stop glorifying it for the sake of ourselves. We need to free ourselves from the misconceptions attached to marriages for making it successful.


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Why Is It Easier To Succeed With Marriage Than You Might Think?

Marriages were hard since beginning and we wonder if there ever existed a happily ever after. If so, we are extremely keen to learn that secret formula. But what we have learnt is that marriages are nothing but a consistent series of ebb and flow.


However hard it may seem, every one of us would still happily choose we over me at the end of the day. There are numerous matrimonial agencies in India that could help you find your ideal life partner but none could help you create a perfect married life. We all know that marriages are incredible but fortunately enough they aren’t flawless.


They are exceptional but not seamless. They are an imperfectly perfect journey of togetherness. Glitches in marriage isn’t always a dead end. It requires conscious efforts on the part of an involved person to make the marriage work. And however exhausting it may seem, one more effort is always better than ending in divorce. It is easier to succeed at your wedding rather than absolutely giving up.


1. Let go of that thought of perfection.

Marriages aren’t meant to be perfect and lack of perfection doesn’t mean failure. No person is flawless and so is the case with the people involved in a marriage. On some days it would take serious efforts to stand the imperfections of your partner.


And there would be times when there would be no one as perfect as your partner. However, that is what it takes to be married. Letting go off the expectations of perfection.


Why Is It Easier To Succeed With Marriage Than You Might Think


2. Loosen up with your expectations

Marriage is the prime relation in your life but doesn’t make it your only relation. Have a group of friends to hang out with, take a trip without your partner, learn new skills and always unravel the layers of your personality.


Couples spend too much time with each other that they eventually get bored of each other. It is essential to step off by not over spending time with your partners. It is easier to let go when you can be considerate about unfulfilled expectations in your marriage.


3. Be grateful.

Don’t make a mistake of ignoring their constant efforts just because you’ve got too comfortable with their presence. Notice and appreciate whenever you get a chance to do so. Life is much easier with gratefulness.


Say thank you even if it’s just an early morning breakfast your partner made for you. Show your appreciation when they stay awake for nights after nights to look after you. Appreciate more and complain less.


4. Learn the art of letting go.

You don’t have to pick up a fight on everything that annoys you. Sometimes, it is important to let the moment pass and let go of things. You might not feel as frustrated the moments later and you would be saving yourself from an unnecessary fight.


The art of not damaging requires constant forgiveness, forgetting and moving on. Don’t bottle up the little things, just because you’re not addressing an issue now. You have to absolutely let go off unnecessary fights.


matrimonial agencies in India


5. Communicate

Never burn the bridge of communication. Communication is the heartbeat of any relation. Marriages see a dead end when the partners stop the communication. Always remember, there exist no problems without a solution. It requires the sincere efforts of both the partners to keep the marriage alive.


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