12 Signs He is Into You.

Love undoubtedly is the most beautiful feeling any human could ever experience. Do you remember that first time you had been crushing on a boy? If only you would have known signs to ensure that he was into you.


Well, Life is better when you have someone just by your side. Besides, what is life if not lived for love? Talking about love, we cannot miss talking about marriages. Marriage although not essential, especially in times of today, strengthens the foundation of your love. And while the leading popular matrimonial agencies in India could help you with your search for a life partner, how would you know if he is the perfect one.


Now, love might not be the only requisite for a successful marriage, but it indeed is crucial for keeping the marriage intact. Love ensures that the beautiful journey of marriage stays beautiful throughout. Here are the clear 13 signs that he is into you and very darn serious about you.

1.  He would always take out time for you.

He won’t take you for granted no matter what. Regardless of his busy schedule, he would find time to spend some quality time with you. After all, you would know how much he values your presence with his actions. This is the sign that he is into you. He won’t make excuses but find reasons to be with you. 

2. He would take responsibility for the relationship.

Relationships as we know are nothing but the ebb and flow of happy and tough times. If he is truly into you, he would always find ways to stick together. Despite innumerable arguments, he would always try keeping the relationship intact. 

3. He would communicate freely.

Communication doesn’t come easily to men. But if he is truly into you he would look forward to communicating with you. He would try opening up instead of bottling his feelings from you.



12 Signs He is Into You


4. He goes to extreme heights to keep you happy.

That special one would ensure that you stay happy. He would do things you adore and love. He would do anything to make you happy, even when it means stepping out from his comfort zone. You would see that when your happiness would become their priority.

5. He won’t hesitate to talk about the future.

Men as we know are quite afraid when it comes to future commitments. However, if he truly wants you he would never dodge the topic of the future or at least won’t avoid it. Instead, he might surprise you with hints of the future together.

6. He won’t shy away from showing his incompetent side.

Common, none of us is perfect. But embracing our faults in presence of others takes guts. If he is truly into you he won’t shy away from showing his weaknesses to you. He would be brutally honest to you.

7. You won’t face trust issues.

Trust your gut instincts. He won’t lie to you and you would be knowing that. In fact, trust won’t be an issue when you would be with him.

8. He actually listens.

You would know that. He would attentively listen to all your blabbers for hours. He won’t need to pretend to listen to you because he would be actually listening to you.



12 Signs He is Into You


9. He remembers every minute detail about you.

Right from the color you’re wearing to your favorite food and song, he would know it all. He would always make you feel special by noticing and remembering every minute detail about you.

10. He’ll look at you often.

And you might have caught them red-handed, of course for looking at you. It is said that when men are in love they would consciously and subconsciously lay their eyes on their partner.

11. He introduces you to his family.

This indeed is the greatest of all signs. When the guy introduces you to his family, trust us he is damn serious about you.

12. Lastly, he would say that.

As simple as that, if the guy is into you you would know when he says that. And yes, it might take months before he finally gives words to those feelings. But he would eventually pave in.


Well, you can tell a lot about a person’s interest in you from his body movements. Study his body movements around you and you would know if he is into you or not. Lastly, trust your gut instincts, it would hardly prove you wrong.


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Tips on Building Better Relations With Your In Laws

Marriages, they say is the union of two people who agrees on never giving up. However, marriage is much more than just the two people involved. It is said in India that marriage is the unification of two families. That said, in-laws are amongst the most important part in the lives of any couple.


And as important as it is to maintain your relationship with your spouse, it is equally important to develop a cordial and happy relationship with your in-laws.


You see, it is easier to find your life partner through numerous matrimonial agencies in India. These Indian marriage agencies would help you find your partner based on various parameters. But when it comes to finding a perfect in-law family none of the magic formula works.


The only formula is striving to make it perfect whenever you get married. Like every relationship, this too could be the best relation of your life if properly worked upon.


1. Make them feel wanted.

Relationships work best when the people involved know that they are wanted. If you want to make close relationships with your in-laws assign them importance in your life. Your in-laws hold significant importance over your spouse lives and in all honesty, they need to have a strong position in your life too.


Don’t exclude them from your lives in the name of privacy. Let them help you with child care or house management, they obviously have years of experience you could benefit from.


Tips on Building Better Relations With Your In Laws


2. Understand them.

Glitches in relationships are absolutely normal but what is not okay is that you label that relationship worst before even trying. We, humans, seek for perfection in everything and when it comes to our closed ones we put our lot of expectations on them. We expect them to understand us truly all the time but on the contrary, we won’t even pay heed towards their opinions.


You see relationships are based on ebbs and flow, be it with your spouse or their parents. You could maintain a cordial and close relationship with your in-laws by simply putting yourself in their shoes. Put in efforts to actually understand them as individuals. Because you become more accepting of their flaws when you realize that no human is made of cent per cent positive traits.


3. Appreciate them.

Appreciate the efforts put in by them for easing your life. Express your gratitude the same way you would be thankful for your parents. You see, despite glitches in your relationship with them, your in-laws would never expect anything bad for you or your partner. Besides, we all know how little acts of gratitude and appreciation could mend the relationships and make them stronger.



matrimonial services


4. Listen to them.

In all honesty, you could make everything work if you develop a habit of listening. Advises coming from your in-laws would sound less irritating when you would understand the intention behind it. You see, they have years of experience, be it about marriage relationships, house management or child care.


Don’t take everything as a personal blow towards you. Instead, listen up and see if their advice could be of any help to you. Even when it doesn’t make sense to you it is better to listen first and then ignore than completely ignoring them.


5. Let go of things.

The key to any relationship, for instance, is letting go of little things. Stop holding on to words and your in-law’s actions that hurt you. It is obviously better to communicate the glitches but you need to understand that certain things just cannot be in your control.


Be more accepting towards their flaws just the way you accepted your parents. Things would definitely turn out better this way. Don’t let the little irritating traits of theirs bring hurdles in your relationship with them.


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15 Myths About Marriage: Busted

Planning to get married? Well, you could begin your search for a life partner by choosing the best marriage sites in India. Moreover, an all India marriage bureau can make your life partner search extremely easy. But before you begin your partner search, answer this.

Are you willing to let go of age-old notions relating to marriage? If not, you won’t be satisfied with your marriage ever. This is because marriage is much more than what we know of it.  We are aware of more myths than facts. Hence, a reality check for you.


Let’s bust some most popular marriage myths.


1. Partners should share common interests.

Partners don’t need to share exact similar interests, every time. On the contrary, the partner should have different likings and interests. Moreover, differences in personality are as important as the similarities.

Having a distinct taste keeps the marriage lively. Besides, partners won’t get bored of each other with different interests to share.

2. One should marry before 25.

Well, there is no perfect age for marrying. Marrying at 30 is as normal as marrying in your twenties. This is because maturity, sensibility and security come at a different age to different people. Besides, there are numerous reasons to decide when to marry. So, don’t let anyone define perfect marriage age for you.

3. Your partner must know what’s wrong with you.

Your partner is as much of a person as you are. They cannot figure magically as to what is going in your head. A successful marriage is built on communication. Communicate what you expect from your partner instead of waiting for them to guess.

Not, everyone is mature enough to communicate clearly. Hence, learn talking before heading towards marriage.

4. Marriage requires you to lose individuality.

Yes, marriage makes strong teams. But, every team is made of strong individuals, right?

You see, marriage requires you to do things together. But don’t lose your individuality while working for a perfect marriage. Because can you recall of a team that works better with weak team players?


15 Myths About Marriage


5. Fidelity is only cheating physically.

Cheating your partner is wrong, be it physically, emotionally or financially. So, no affair is not the only reason why marriages end. When people cheat emotionally and financially, it breaks the trust, which in turn leads to divorce.

6. You have to follow the order of events.

Every marriage is unique and you don’t have to follow the commonly followed order of events for a successful marriage. Kids aren’t the only way out to take your marriage forward. Every couple needs to mutually agree on common grounds before making big decisions.

7. Kids make your marriage strong.

Planning kids is a huge responsibility. Kids don’t come with a magic wand of solving everything. Address your core problems before planning kids. Because kids can make your life beautiful only when your marriage is sorted.

8. You have to avoid arguments.

Arguments aren’t dead-end for marriage. In fact, conflicts are an important part of every marriage. You have to resolve them together to make your marriage work.

Healthy arguments are always the best. It helps you improve your marriage. But, it requires you to set aside your ego and listen to your partner.

9. All you require is love.

Yes, love is important. But it isn’t the only thing that keeps your marriage strong. Marriage requires compassion, Understanding, Respect and commitment to make it work.

Love evolves but trust and honesty form the strong foundation of your marriage.

10. Marriage needs to be perfect.

No one has a perfect marriage. In fact, marriages were never meant to be perfect. Ups and downs are common in marriage and like every relation you have to work on it. Put in your efforts and make things right. Lows in your marriage don’t make it a failure.


15 Myths About Marriage: Busted - CupidKnot


11. Counselling works only in serious problems.

It is advisable to seek professional help right from the time when the problems creep in. When you rush in at the last moment, more often than not problems in marriage become irreconcilable. Don’t wait till your marriage hits rock bottom.

12. Marriage work on its own.

Marriage requires two partners who are willing to never give up. That’s all. Such commitment pushes them to put in efforts that keep the marriage alive.

13. Opposites stay strong.

Opposites attract. Now, we have heard this enough number of times that we have begun to believe it wholeheartedly. Indeed, opposites attract but vats differences in the basic core values between partners stem unsolvable differences over a period of time.

14. Couples do everything together.

Couples don’t need to be a partner in everything. Each partner should foster relations outside the marriage. Attaching all your expectations from a single person and relation leads to dependency which isn’t good.

15. Your partner completes you.

Your partner doesn’t complete you. They only need to compliment you. Expecting your partner to be your better half in everything would only lead to unfulfilled expectations.

Some of these myths are repeated with utmost casualty and normalcy everywhere. So much that we have started to foster unrealistic expectations from marriage.


Get rid of these myths before they begin to impact your married life.


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A Beginners Guide to matrimony

Beginner’s guide to marriage.

To love and being loved back is an exceptional feeling. Marriage is nothing but the beautiful unification of these two people who promise on never giving up. Your wedding may seem all dreamy and peachy but when it comes to marriage all it requires is efforts on your part for the rest of your life.


The search for ideal half is made easier with the presence of numerous best matrimonial agency in India. But are you willing to make your marriage as perfect as your wedding?


The initial phase of being married might surprise you, astonish you, might hold down your expectations and on days would overwhelm you. But with this beginner’s guide, you can work on your imperfectly perfect marriage.


1. Stop dwelling in dreamy paradise.

Marriage indeed is beautiful but there are high chances of ruining it if you couldn’t distinguish between your dream and reality. You see all those rom-com movies you grew up watching have distorted your view of reality. Every day isn’t going to be peachy with your life partner but neither would it be forever gloomy. Just accept this fact and you might enjoy your marriage more than repenting it.


Beginners Guide to marriage


2. Talk it out.

With marriage, you share your most vulnerable and wonderful self with your partner. In the midst of being perfect, don’t miss out on the conversation. Don’t get too habituated that you run out of topic for conversations. Communication is extremely important for the survival of any sort of relation.


3. Be grateful

The initial phase of your marriage might overwhelm you. But be grateful for the presence of your partner. Be grateful for the little things they do for you. You see getting married brings along with it drastic changes in both of your lifestyles. It would take time but eventually, you would find ways to stay on the same page.



4. Surprise

Just because you got married doesn’t mean you put an end to all the special things you did for your partner. Plan surprises for them as you did while you were dating, no matter how small the surprise. You see, the efforts are what keeps the light of marriage alive.


Beginners Guide to matrimony


5. Accept

Living together will bring a set of its own confrontations. You might not like a habit or two of your partners. But the same would be the case with them. Accept their flaws as graciously as you accept their strengths. Just get off that idea of perfect husband/wife.



6. Avoid negative talk.

By negative we mean extreme statements of divorce and leaving. Frustration is as normal a part of marriage as happiness is. Work on your anger and instead of venting try understanding your partner. Avoid threats of divorce with every passing argument. Act like a mature individual and confront real issues with your partner in a civilized way.



You see marriage is extremely difficult. It was never meant to be easy. But it is worth every dime of efforts it takes to keep it alive. After all, it is an exceptional feeling to have someone by your side for a lifetime.


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How to Keep The Love Alive In a Marriage

Marriage tends to get boring and flat after years of staying together in close proximity to your partner. However, it is in the hands of each individual partner to undertake this responsibility of rekindling their love. Nothing worth having ever came easier and same is the case with marriages. You have to nurture it every day till the end to make it work.


Much importance is laid down on how you find your life partner. But you see no matter how much time you spend on best matchmaking sites, none would guarantee you a partner with whom marriage could be a smooth ride. None of an Indian matchmaker could assure you lifelong effortless love in your marriage. It needs to be cultivated and here are fewer common and easier ways of keeping that flame of love burning.


1. Prioritise and spend time alone.

Marriage is the most important relationship in your life and you have to understand this first to keep your marriage healthy. Prioritize time with your partner over a show you love binge-watching. Some years into a marriage and you would be overloaded with responsibilities of kids and family.


How to Keep The Love Alive In a Marriage


However, don’t put your relationship on the third seat whilst these other responsibilities. Go on date nights with your partner be it a small dine-in at your favourite restaurant or a hike nearby.


2. Communicate

Now that you have known your partner in their most vulnerable state and you know everything about them, you might run out of topic to discuss. However, the healthiest way of rekindling any sort of relationship requires active communication. Find some time out every day, no matter your busy schedule and talk with your partner.


Talk about your day, the show you’re watching or the activity you’ve started to learn. These light and happy conversations every day keeps the tensely and negative situations away from your marriage. Besides, listen as actively as you speak.


3. Plan yearly vacations with your spouse.

Surely, you’re overburdened with the responsibilities of your kids. But it is rather a prime necessity for couples to take some time off and indulge in each other’s company.


Go on a vacation with your spouse leaving your children with your parents. The holiday doesn’t necessarily have to be an exotic week-long getaway. Even a weekend away from your responsibilities could help you spend quality time with your partner.


Love Alive In a Marriage


4. Do things together.

Doing house chores together is a great way of spending fun times together. You can also sign in for a new activity class that you could both enjoy. Watch your favourite shows together and indulge in competitive games. In short, do anything and everything that would allow you to spend time together.


5. Surprise them.

Revisit those initial years of your marriage when you showered your partners with presents and surprises. Surprises are as important after the 5th year of marriage as they are in the initial year. You don’t necessarily have to go to great ends and show grand gestures. Surprise dinner at a favourite restaurant, gifting them their favourite podcast or book, roses and occasional love notes are a great way of rekindling love.


Marriages are exceptional and it is in your hands to make it extraordinary by not letting that love fade.


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10 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Married Life

Marriages can get quite monotonous over a period of time. After all, staying in close proximity to your partner all the time eventually makes it a habit. With each passing day, it is increasingly difficult to keep a marriage exciting and partners need to put in efforts for revamping their relationship.


There is numerous matrimonial agency in India which makes the search of life partner extremely easy. However, working on a relationship with that life partner depends solemnly on you and your partner. These tips on revamping your relation will add a tint of excitement to your rather repetitive
married life.


1. Rekindle your love.

Partners get too acquainted with each other’s presence that they hardly put in the efforts for reviving their relation. Go back to a time when your relation started out and the efforts you put in back then. Plan for a date, go for fun movies, play your favourite video game or merely go for a walk. It is in these little moments that you would revive your lost love.


Completely Revamp Your Married Life


2. Talk and listen.

Indulge in conversations with your partner. Every day take out at least 10 minutes from your busy schedules to talk. Don’t make this a talk about work, complaints and kids. Talk about anything that captured your attention. Unravel the layers of each other’s personality. On the contrary, develop a habit of listening. No matter how insignificant the talk, listen to your partner by actually taking an interest in them.


3. Offer compliments.

Go old school and be the kid who was hopelessly in love with everything about their crush. Don’t be a miser and shower your partner with compliments every single day. Tell them how gorgeous that new attire looked, how impressed you are with their obsession with fitness,
how that new achievement made you feel proud. There cannot be any measure to indicate the effectiveness of doing so.


4. Be thankful.

When your partner puts in tiniest of efforts, acknowledge them. Be thankful for the things they do for you. Appreciate their efforts in reviving your relation.


5. Practise being honest.

No one understands your marriage better than your partner. You could at least be honest with them. Be honest and be kind to them. Be proud of the trust they have placed on you.


6. Be spontaneous.

Don’t lose the sport you had when you started dating. Make spontaneous plans. Go for the musical concert you so wanted to go for, take in those classes with your partner, plan for your vacations and do anything that makes your relation feel alive and fresh.


7. Celebrate victories.

Cherish individual victories, be it the promotion, getting a dream job or merely another year of getting along together. Achievements feel like a victory when celebrated with your loved ones.


married life


8. Prioritize their needs.

Put your partner needs ahead of your needs. It is exciting to be the reason for your partner’s happiness. The relation is a two-way process. If you would go to lengths to make your partner happy, you won’t be disappointed.


9. Surprise your partner.

Don’t make your relation a monotonous one. Keep it exciting. Plan surprises for your spouse exactly the way you did when you started dating. Your surprises don’t need to be extravagant. They just need to make your spouse feel special.


10. Put yourself first

Don’t limit your growth. Keep learning new things, experiment with new ideas and your partner would be more than happy to have you in their life. Being married doesn’t mean an absolute loss of individual identity. The more exciting you’re as an individual, more exciting would be your relationship with your spouse.


Marriages are difficult but it is worth every dime of efforts it requires to be together.


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