Importance of Pros and Cons of Kundli Matching

Marriages in India are considered extremely holy and sacred. Arrange marriages are deeply rooted in Indian society and a large proportion of people still prefer arranged marriage setup in India. Horoscope matchmaking is a prominent way of identifying potential matches in India. Based on the principles of astrology, Kundali Milan is considered to be an extremely reliable way of finding an ideal partner.


The onset of the Internet saw a rise in numerous popular and genuine matrimonial sites in India. With the motive of offering effective and relevant Indian matchmaking services, myriads of these sites offer services of online kundali matching for their clients.


Are you amongst those people who believe in kundali? Well, then give this article a read. It will walk you through benefits and disadvantages of Kundali matchmaking, in an absolute neutral way.


Benefits of Kundali Matching:-

Pros and Cons


1. Excellent way of assuring compatibility.

A successful marriage doesn’t consist of 2 people with similar interests. It is based on the compatibility between two partners. You see, marriages exist for a longer period and it cannot be a successful and happy process if the partners within it aren’t in the capability of living with each other.


Kundali matching or better regarded as horoscope matching is simply the calculation of aligned stars that states the compatibility between two partners. The higher the ratio of aligned stars higher is the chance of marriage being successful.


2. It doesn’t leave any room for confusion.

It removes the air of any uncertainty you could have regarding your future partner. Just like certain zodiac signs make for an exceptional pair, the same is the case with kundali matchmaking. It gives you assurance and certainty that the person chosen for you is a perfect match for you.


3. Certain traditions are worth following.

It’s all about faith. Based on these traditions our ancestors found their life partners. And what is the harm in believing in such matchmaking if you’ve already faced hard luck finding your life partner? It is worth giving a try before hissing this entire process as superficial.

Cons of Kundali Matchmaking:-

Kundli Matching


1. It offers no guarantee.

There is no proven track record of Kundali being the most efficient way of partner match. Even the people with the highest possible aligned stars get divorced at a later stage and we have seen people with minimum aligned stars staying together till the end unlike anticipated. Hence, it wouldn’t be best in your interests to weigh your decisions based on astrology.


2. It feeds superstitions.

We couldn’t continue to use the age-old methods of matchmaking when the world around has changed drastically. People are getting more educated and kundali matchmaking to them is nothing but another of a deeply rooted superstition in society.


We live in a world of limitless possibilities. Why should we hamper our choice of partner just because some horoscope match passed the verdict of you being incompatible?


3. You undertake your marriage negligently.

If you have used kundali match-making while finalizing your marriage you are probable to take your marriage more negligently. Just because you married a partner with high compatibility and horoscope test concluded you and your partner to be the perfect match you would not put in efforts in your marriage.


On the contrary, you would associate every bad event to be unlucky if you knew beforehand that the stars of your partner don’t align with yours. It is easier to blame fate rather than acknowledging your mistakes when you take the help of horoscope matchmaking.


There couldn’t be a direct conclusion as to whether kundali matchmaking is fruitful or not. It varies from individual to individual and nothing could change the conditioning of your culture and values.


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Why is the first Diwali after marriage always special?

Well, marriages were always special than other relations we foster in our lives. Marriages are cherished and in a country like India; they are worshiped. 


Talking of togetherness, marriage allows us to experience the happiness of celebrating with our only love. And trust us there couldn’t be anything more exciting than celebrating the first of everything after marriage. Besides, isn’t together the very feeling that needs celebration? You see, we live in a country where festivals are synonyms to everyday life.


Be it first Holi, Navratri or Diwali, first of each festival are quite special after your marriage. But you won’t disagree if we say that Diwali is a little more precious and special than every other festival, probably even when combined. 


This festival of light is indeed going to be illuminating, post your wedding. Here’s why the first Diwali is always special.

  • Celebrating togetherness.

First Diwali after marriage always special


Well, the week-long break of Diwali allows you to spend much needed time with your beau. Just imagine, a week of pure bliss, ample food, celebrations, and fun activities. It’s the little things that you would get to experience this Diwali.


Be it attending parties, hosting get-togethers, decorating, or even doing Puja as a couple for the first time. Diwali with your hubby or wife would just warm you with its fuzzy feels. Moreover, the memories would remain etched in your hearts forever. 


  • Experiencing ethnicity.

The cultural experience of India is so diverse that even when you would marry someone from the same caste, you would experience cultural changes. And this diverse culture is what makes us a strong powerful nation. The first Diwali after your marriage would give you an opportunity to experience different traditions and RIWAZ, something that would warm your heart with its beautiful intricacies.

  • Getting to know each other better.

Well, there’s no better way to know the person than to spend time with them. The festival of Diwali is perfect to know your life partner a little better than you already do. Diwali vacay would give you a much-required opportunity to know your partner well. Besides, Diwali with its eccentric vibes would only make things better for you. Well, we are yet to find someone who doesn’t get excited about the onset of Diwali.


first Diwali after marriage always special


  • A truckload of memories.

Down the lane, after 10 years of marriage, when you would be struggling to meet ends with your partner, the memories of the first Diwali would help you sail the ebb. Diwali is all about creating happy memories together. Food, clothes, Decor, traditions, etc. all add to the rich experience you would gather for your relationship. The first Diwali would only strengthen your love in marriage to face the downfalls in the future. 


So, how are you prepping for your first Diwali after marriage? Now, whether it has been months since you have been married or quite a few days, you are bound to experience jitters. Make sure you do something special to make this festival of Diwali a little extra for your love. 


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