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Such is a rich tradition of our country that there exist myriads of culturally diverse people across India. Yet, when it comes to a wedding we are yet culturally robust. That is to say, we still hesitate when it comes to marrying someone from a different religion or let alone say caste.


Our cultures have opened us to diversity. Yet, we would rarely overstep the cultural boundary when it comes to marriage.


Not that inter-caste marriages aren’t a thing in India. But the proportion is definitely and considerably lower than the rest. If you are searching for your perfect match in the Gujarati community, you are in a perfect place.


perfect Gujarati match with


Well, at Cupid Knot Gujarat matrimony, we help people in the Gujarati community find their match through our online matchmaking. Call us matrimony in Gujarat, but we are better regarded as matchmakers.


That is, we won’t leave you alone in your search for a life partner. We would search for your perfect match from our database and make sure that you find someone who suits you the best. 


More than a matrimony we are professional matchmakers and we like to ensure that the compatibility between our matches speaks the best. Here’s what makes us the best Gujarati matrimonial for you. 


  • Stop worrying about our database. You definitely won’t find a better clientele base than ours, anywhere else. Now, don’t confuse us for the marriage bureau in Gujarat. We are the matchmakers and we won’t let you settle for anything less. With us, you would find the perfect one, with the utmost ease. 


Find your perfect Gujarati match


  • We can help you make your marriage biodata online. We have a well-curated template theme suitable for your biodata. Trust us, your matchmaking search is bound to get easier with our attractive template themes. 


  • We are more of conventional matchmakers when it comes to tradition. We won’t cross our limits and would never reveal your identity. Your entire matchmaking search would remain truly confidential with us. 


  • We specialize in the community of Jain. Hence, you have better chances of finding Jain potential prospects with us than anywhere else. 


  • We only have verified profiles with us. Our associates across India and abroad help us build the most competitive database in the industry. You are bound to find qualitative matches with us. 


  • Lastly, we offer our services at considerably lower rates than our competitors. With us, you would get access to quality services at lower rates. Isn’t that worth considering?



Gujarati Match


Well, if you haven’t registered with us yet, do so right away. Download our matrimony app, be it on Android or IOS for free. And begin your search for a life partner with us. 


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3 ways to save yourself from matrimony fraud

Well, fraud on the Internet isn’t something new to hear. Right? Every now and then, we hear of stories of people being frauded on the net and how it all cultivate a very bad image of an entire community. Well, matrimony is amongst those industries where frauds are imminent.


But, that doesn’t mean that we stop availing of their services. Because let’s face it, Matrimonial sites in India have made our life easier and if developed properly, it can truly facilitate the wedding industry across the country. 


Save yourself from matrimony Fraud


However, when it comes to availing of services online, it is better to stay alert than being negligent and carefree. The Internet is a wonderful place to be. But it can be horrifying if we don’t practice enough precautions. Well, fret not. We have 3 effective tips to save yourself from online matrimony fraud. Here’s how. 


1. Be smart.

Don’t go around disclosing every information of yours on the Internet. Your privacy is your right and if a matrimonial site cannot ensure it, you should not register there. Those terms and conditions page may seem useless and pressing the I accept button may seem easy. But hey, take your time and read those terms. It’s the most deceptive part of any company and the truly advantageous matrimonial site won’t deceive you. 

In short, know what you are getting into before registering.


matrimony fraud


2. Be aware.

Remember those times when our parents said a strict no to take anything from strangers. Well, the rule applies here. Don’t give your confidence to anyone just over a text message. When you meet someone through an online platform, take enough time to know them. Never, we repeat never share your personal information with them. Never indulge in financial details even when you think you have gained their confidence. 


We aren’t saying everyone is a fraud out there but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


3. Verification process. 

There are millions of matrimonial profiles out there. Be sure, you choose a platform that can guarantee verified profiles. If so, you would definitely have a pleasant experience finding your perfect match online. 


The easiest way to filter the matrimonial sites is by choosing the ones that allow only verified entrants. Hence, you won’t be losing dealing with something waste. 


Just understand, you cannot get away with frauds on online platforms. Precautions are necessary. And only then would your experience would be pleasant. 


Matrimonial Fraud


So have you found a matrimonial site in India suitable for you? Well, Cupid Knot is your place to be. In reality, we are neither those search platforms nor like an online marriage bureau. In fact, we are the online matchmaking service provider. We search for the perfect match for our clients by sourcing through our database. We offer fully confidential matchmaking services, thereby not revealing the identity of our clients. 


Download our matrimony app available for free download across all Android and IOS devices. Begin your search for a life partner with us. 


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Find Your Soulmate Using Matrimonial Service By

Not that we are trying to glorify the concept of perfect one but hey there’s someone out there, meant only for you. We agree that the should of better half and perfect life partner is vague. And for all the right reasons.


After all, no one is perfect enough to complete you or mend your broken pieces. But we would like to disagree, gracefully if you ever say that having someone out there meant for you completely, is a myth.


We are the cupids and unlike the online marriage bureau, we are in the business of online matchmaking services. We won’t settle you for anything just because the religion and caste standards fall on the same page. From a compatibility check to an intrinsic goal check, we believe in exploring various parameters while searching for a life partner for you.


So before we walk you through our matrimonial services, let me help you understand who we actually are. First things first, we are based in Surat and our service offerings are available across India and even abroad. We might not yet be on the list of best Indian matrimony sites, but hey we aren’t anywhere less either.


Matrimonial Services Cupidknot


We might not have years of experience on our back but one thing we can say with certainty is that try hard but you won’t find a Jain Matrimonial as good as us. As our name suggests, we are the cupids. We love playing cupid and help people find their imperfectly perfect one.


So instead of being an open search platform, where the number of frauds is greater than the success stories, we play the role of being a matchmaker. That is to say, we would search and send you profiles that might suit your personality the best, by sourcing them from our database.


Speaking of which, we have our associates spread across the country and they help us build this vast database of potential Grooms and brides in India. Oh, and we also offer subsidiary services to complement your matchmaking experience. Having said that, we can make a biodata online for you. We also offer astrology consultation to meet the Indian needs of matchmaking.


All in all, we reduce the burden of sourcing through thousands of profiles before finding the perfect one. We simply send you the best matches for you.


You may ask, why Cupid Knot?


Find Your Soulmate Using Matrimonial Service


Well, what is the first thing you think of when you hear of matrimonial websites in India? Last chance, right? When you have nowhere else to look for you would pave your way through the matrimonial site. But at Cupid knot, we encourage you to make us your first choice.


We will make the process of finding your life partner so much easier for you that you won’t have any hassle at all. We are the experts in matchmaking and we firmly believe that advancing a society such as ours requires experts who understand the nuances of marriages to great depth.


When you replace us with your family matchmakers you open yourself to options outside your social circle. You find someone compatible with you rather than settling with unneeded compromise.


Now, availing of our services is as simple for adults in their forties as it is for someone in their early twenties. We have a well-curated Android and IOS application that is easy to use for people of all ages. When you register with us we would send you suggestions sourced according to your requirements.


You can either accept or reject the suggestion through this mobile application. As simple as that. No complex processes, no technical glitches. Besides, our offline assistance is available all week round during our working hours.


Now, when we specialize in communities of Jain, Agarwal, Maheshwari, and Marwari and we haven’t found anyone as strong as us in our niche. Our matchmaking services are confidential and help you maintain your privacy.


Yes, registration is free on our platform but we so have membership packages curated for our customer needs. Lastly, we promise you nothing but the best matchmaking experience so that you can find your life partner in no time.


Begin your search for a life partner with us today. Register with us and allow us to help you. Cupid Knot 


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Why Online Matrimony Is The Way To Go?

The concept of Arranged Marriages has evolved drastically over time and has evolved for good. In this modern era, when every aspect of our lives is being digitally driven, it’d be a shame if you do not adopt online matrimony and upgrade your ways to get yourself or your children married.


No longer do potential bride/grooms see the picture and decide, things have gotten way sophisticated now. So to keep up with the new-age marriage solutions, here are a few reasons why finding a partner digitally is the best way to go at it.


Fast-Paced Life:

With the traditions and methods evolving rapidly, the whole concept of a wedding has changed in its own way. For example, back in the days, people got married when it was the “right time” and not according to their wish.


The country is developing, the youth is much more responsible and career-oriented. Their priority is getting their career in line then when they feel settled enough, they look for a partner and setting up a family for themselves. In such a fast-paced setting, online matrimony not only saves time and resources, it helps finding the right partner easy.




Easy Shortlisting:

Imagine shortlisting potential bride/groom with every niche detail at your convenience. Settling for less has become a thing from the past now. With matrimonial sites as the first option for families now, people can sort their potential candidates through educational qualification, creed, caste, state, financial status, social status and much more.


Meetings are way more sorted with the help of online matrimony sites and you can get a background check of the family done and then proceed with the meetings.


Finding a Middle Ground:

The process might have evolved for the better, but the essence of the traditions and rituals still remains the same. Meeting the one and getting to know them before tying the knot helps you gain perspective and you can be assured of a happy marriage.


Parents allow their kids nowadays to see if the couple bonds well, not keeping them in shadow till the wedding day. This middle ground of an arranged love marriage is working just fine in this digital era. This way you can find the love of your life with the blessings from your parents.



All the profiles that you come across on the matrimonial sites are verified and safe. The profiles are thorough and KYC verified, so you don’t have to get your children married on someone’s word. You have all the information you need for your first meetings and then you can go ahead with the further procedure after the meeting if you find it worth giving a try.


A lot of people are now engaging in matrimonial sites, and it’s the right step. When you can trust your money online, why not marriage profiles? And Cupid Knot, India’s most trusted matrimonial Services is fully competent in offering safe & effective ways in finding the ideal partner for you or your child. To know more, give us a call on +91 9909926929 | 0261 4800880 or visit

Myths Revolving Around Matrimonial Sites In India


Transforming the way weddings happen in India, matrimonial sites have seen a welcome rise in their acceptance and popularity. Keeping up with the technology that surrounds us, a crucial part of our lives has also been made easier by it. Indian matchmaking has become way more versatile, trustworthy, and efficient over the past 5 years and seems to grow exponentially in metros and in mid-level and small cities.


But with such rising success, certain myths have also surrounded around the idea of finding one’s soul mate online. And so we, Cupid Knot, emerging to be India’s most trusted online matrimonial network are trying to bust these myths and create transparency around the idea.


If you are searching for Life Partner in India, then Cupid Knot will help find your perfect life partner with ease. Cupid Knot is a 100% secure matrimony service in India as all the member profiles are genuine. Across all communities. Register Free Now!!


Safety can’t be Guaranteed:
The internet may have an impression of spreading your information to a wider audience, with the right tools and safety measures, it is possible to keep your personal data secure and completely confidential. And at Cupid Knot, we work extensively hard to achieve exactly that for all our members.


Myths Revolving Around Matrimonial Sites In India


Most Profiles are Fake:
Marriage is a matter of grave importance and understanding that, extraordinary security measures are taken to ensure people who sign up are real by verifying each one of them and at Cupid Knot too, all members go through KYC verification to warrant their true identity.


Constant Sales Calls:
Apart from calling for meetings, provide your preferred service, and personal assistance, no calls are made to the members. At Cupid Knot, we streamline major work through online channels and reach out personally only when required so your time is not wasted on unnecessary telephonic conversations.


Matrimony in India


It’s Confusing & Time-wasting:
Digital media can be confusing, especially for parents or grandparents, given the idea of it being a new trend. And understanding that, we at Cupid Knot have a fairly simple and user-friendly layout. If parents, grandparents, or anyone is not familiar with the system of the website, Cupid Knot constantly assists them and also helps create the account and then gives access to them.


Finding your life partner has never been this easier. With Cupid Knot you can search for your life partner without any hassles. Just register with and we shall take the entire process of Online Life Partner Search ahead for you. Now, we are professional matchmakers and unlike other matrimonial sites where you can search for a life partner individually, we have no search option. That is to say, we search for your life partner after understanding your needs. We search for the desired match in our database and thereby suggest potential matches.


Download our matrimony app from the Play Store or App Store and get access to our professional matchmaking services.


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