The Magic and Agony of Finding Love Online

Decades ago the use of online platforms for finding a life partner or love was looked up with skepticism. It was considered as a desperate attempt of finding a better half and as a last resort when there were no chances of finding love offline. However, times have changed and the mushrooming matrimonial services in India are proof of this. People have started availing of matrimony services in India not as a last means but as a platform with better offerings.


Dating services and platforms are emerging at an increasing rate and youths of this nation have taken the matter of finding a life partner into their own hands. And while there isn’t denying the fact that in a country like India religion and caste play the most crucial role in fixing a match, Personal interest matters are equally important now.


Now when we talk about the matrimony platform, even if you’re availing the best matrimony services in India, your experience for the same won’t be exactly similar to another person. That to say people experience the magic as well as agony while finding love through an online platform.


1. It’s agony if you don’t know what you’re looking for. That to say, There are millions of matrimony profiles on an online platform and your search would be futile when you are unaware of what to look for. Answer these questions for yourself, before filtering the profiles.


The Magic and Agony of Finding Love Online


  • Are you specific about the religion or caste you wish to seek in your partner?


  • Is there any specific profession you want your partner to be pursuing?


  • Is there any income specifics attached to your choice of partner?


  • If you’re looking for a female, specifically in India, do you wish for a homemaker or career-oriented person?


  • What are the geographical parameters for your partner to be eligible? And many other search alternatives.


When you’re clear with what, where, and how to look for, your experience of finding love is rather pleasant than agonizing.

2. It’s a magical platform to find myriads of options that would exactly fit your criteria. Urbanization has led to declining in socialization and it is difficult to practice traditional matchmaking. An online platform, be it dating or matrimony allows you to find your nearly perfect match at ease. All you have to do is prioritize your essential criteria for a life partner.

3. It’s agony if you’re using a platform not suitable for your need. i.e. There is a serious problem if you’re looking for a regular fling on a matrimony platform. If you are interested in casual dating or even serious dating, you need to opt for a dating platform.

On the other hand, if you’re very specific about the religion of your life partner, make the use of niche matrimonial sites leading in that religion. You see there are myriads of online platforms and your experience of finding love online depends on the selection amongst these matrimony platforms.



Finding Love Online


4. It’s magical if you’re open to flexibility. Yes, we all have predetermined sets of conditions that must be there in our life partner. But it is wise to demarcate these needs based on priority. Besides, could you be cent percent sure about the type of person you want to marry.

You have to loosen up your search and be open to possible matches. Compromise on aspects where it is possible and you would be surprised with the choices you get.

5. It’s agony if you continue to weigh your experience based on other people. There must be numerous people out there for whom online platforms for finding love didn’t work.

But you need to understand that each experience is different for numerous underlying reasons. Give yourself a try before making a judgment about such platforms.


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