The Pros and Cons Of Matrimony Explained

Marriage as an institution of togetherness is completely accepted by society as a whole. While no marriages are same, there exists underlying notions and ideas about the fundamentals of marriage that could be predominantly seen in various societies.


Marriages are beautiful and it is seemingly easier to find your partner through the top and best marriage bureaus in India. But is marriage an only way of being acceptable in society? Well, I could have agreed to this years back but with the changing scenarios of society, I would say that marriage is no longer a compulsion.


Everything in this world is two faceted and same is the case with marriage. It has its own set of pros and cons that are weighed through priorities and perspectives of varied individuals.


Pros/Benefits to marriage


1. You get a partner in everything.

People crave for companionship and marriages are a full-proof way of getting a lifetime companion. You get to share the adventures of your life with someone precious. Be it happiness or sadness with a correct life partner, one gets a trusted companion for life.


2. Security.

Marriage brings along with it a sense of security and protection. With a partner by your side, you would never be alone in the vicinity of your dark thoughts.


The Pros and Cons of matrimony



3. Societal acceptance

Marriage is socially accepted by all religions and people of all faiths. It strengthens love and lays the foundation of a secured family. With a marriage badge, it is quite easier, to begin with, family.


4. Financial benefits.

Finance is closely related to marriages. Marriage is a great way of reducing financial expenses. Together with a partner, one can manage their spending and saving habits. Besides, sharing a home brings its own sets of benefits. You get a partner in sharing rents, bills and taxes.


5. Stability.

Marriage makes people more stable. However meagre it may sound but a piece of paper actually holds great power in connecting two individuals. Married individuals are usually more stable and possess a virtue of sharing and love.


The Pros and Cons Of Matrimony Explained


Cons of marriage.


1. It all depends on the partner.

You may try all you want but marriage won’t succeed with an improper partner in it. As much as the efforts of two individuals are required for a successful marriage, the lack of efforts on both individuals sees the doom of marriage. Besides you cannot change the underlying personality of your partner. Nothing could be done if your partner is not the one you wish to spend the rest of life with.


2. Commitment to an individual.

Marriages stay strong on the foundation of trust. It requires the utmost commitment of both the partners involved in it. Marriage binds you to one person for a long period of time and if you couldn’t commit yourself to such a huge responsibility, not getting married would be a wise choice.


The Pros and Cons of matrimony



3. Loss of individuality.

Contrary to the modern preaching that states marriage isn’t a loss of individuality, more often than not partner lose a significant aspect of their personality when they get married. You see, marriage is always about looking out for others. You would have to sacrifice on multiple grounds to secure your marriage. If you couldn’t stand the thought of altering your choices for someone else, marriage isn’t the necessity you would have to bind by.


4. Societal pressure.

Although marriage is a beautiful unification of two people, more often than not it is intruded by the opinions of outsiders. Marriage gets you a respectable place in society. But the same society would pressurise you in holding together even when your marriage turns toxic. Marriage was never meant to be forced and any such relation which pulls you down should not be entertained.


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