The Wedding Of Dreams Amidst The Lockdown.

Intimate weddings!! Well, is that even a thing in India? The fact to be told our intimate is nothing less than hundreds and thousands. But nothing is predictable, now that the time changes in an almost inexplicable manner. The recent situation perfectly depicts how everything you plan can turn to ashes in no time. COVID19 didn’t only confine us to house boundaries but forced us to be innovative with the situation we are in. And, this perfectly Cupid couple shows us how love triumphs all, even the pandemic. Well, theoretically, with their lockdown wedding.

Henny and Sanam, buddies from high school, found solace in the company of each other and fell deeply in love, even before they realized. Love doesn’t come an easy way, especially in an Indian society where being in love still don’t get easy acceptance. However, after clearing their ways through height, caste and societal issues, when they finally managed to get together, officially, COVID had to step in. Forget the elegant, luxurious big- fat wedding, they got in a situation where they had to consider marrying from home. The ritual of “Muhrat” played a challenging role and they had to grab it before their wedding plans get shifted to 2021.

Occasions like the wedding don’t happen every day, it has to be special. After all, wedding celebrations are once in a lifetime thing. You just cannot get it wrong. This quirky couple had no choice but to make the most of their wedding through little things that actually matter. As a matter of fact, they got it all perfect, be it the pre-wedding functions, the rituals or the government regulations.

With a glimpse of small functions here and there to make you realize that intimate weddings aren’t dull at all.


Intimate Functions during Lockdown wedding


Celebrations are nothing if not cherished with friends, right? These to be wedded also had wild bachelor plans with their friends before lockdown. Besides, it is sort of mandatory to make GOA plans with your friends, even when they are cancelled almost every single time. Now, while GOA wasn’t in their best luck, their friends did a pretty amazing job at bidding them farewell from a bachelor life. At times even the gloomy places may seem perfect with
the right people around.


Bachelor Party before Lockdown wedding


Pre-wedding in Jaipur was perfectly planned but it might be their fifth-anniversary gift to each other now!! Henny, the photographer by profession compromised with the location but made it through with beautifully captured memories, which the couple would certainly cherish years from now.


PreWedding Photoshoot


Haldi Function before Lockdown Wedding


Be it Haldi, Mehendi, Mandap or a pyjama night, there was nothing that was off the chart for this couple. The celebration was limited to the number of people but the fun element doesn’t seem to be missing anywhere. Does it?



And finally comes the wedding day. The bride looked ethereal and the groom indeed was handsome of all. With only the dearest ones around, celebrations didn’t seem exhausting. Weddings that are usually hushed and chaotic was ordained in a perfectly calm and serene setting. Yes, certain closest ones didn’t make it to guest list but a Facebook live connected them all. More than the grandeur of celebration what mattered them most was their dream turning to reality. From boyfriend-girlfriend to fiancee to being husband and wife.


Lockdown Wedding Bride and Groom


This wedding might not be the one they grew dreaming about, but it certainly was a fairy tale distinct wedding. A wedding which would inspire people, a wedding people would love reading about and certainly the wedding that was filled with loads and loads of love.

Congratulations to this beautiful couple as they settle in their new life with an abundance of love. Advice may not be our strong forte, but all we can say is keep that love alive, don’t let it fade away.


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