What’s the role of parents while choosing a life partner?

Marriages in India are definitely a union of two souls. But what’s more, is that in Indian marriages are usually a lifelong relationship between two families. Hence, while choosing a life partner may seem like a task that an individual needs to make on its own, family influence is also a part of it. To be specific, the role of parents while choosing a partner is quite important.


Arrange marriages in India are still prominent. And as far as, arrange marriages are concerned, parents and family play a huge influencing role in choosing a life partner. Leave aside arrange marriages, parents play a role of importance even in love marriages. Here’s how. 


1. They determine the cultural fit.

Now, usually, couples in India live with their parents. Hence, the decision of whom to marry cannot be taken by a person individually. Parents influence the decision. Now, the role of a parent in choosing your life partner would be to determine the cultural fit of your partner in your family.


This is true, especially if you are a man who is going to bring in a wife. Parents would ensure whether the life partner you choose would fit in the cultural patterns of your house.


The role of parents while choosing a life partner


2. To determine the compatibility.

Now, this is true that only you can say if the said person is compatible with you or not. But, parents ensure that the person you bring in as a life partner suits your lifestyle and expectations. No one knows your life patterns more accurately than your parents. Hence, they would ensure that your partner also has the same qualities as you.

3.To check financial security.

The financial stability of a man is still a matter of crucial importance when it comes to the wedding in India. The bride’s father would ensure that the groom has enough financial resources to sustain the standard of lifestyle his daughter has been living. The bride’s father makes it a point to check that the groom does have enough capabilities to help her daughter survive.

4. Compatibility with family members.

Your partner is going to spend more time with your mother than you if you belong to a typical Indian family who would bring in a housewife. Hence, it is important that the equations between your mother and the life partner you bring in matches. Else, you would always be sandwiched between the urges of two.


What’s the role of parents

5. To ensure a perfect match.

Parents know things better than us. And you must accept their role in choosing your life partner, especially if you live with your family. We understand the decision of whom to marry must be independent but in an arranged setup, the family helps us know better.


What are your opinions on how should parent involve themselves while you choose your life partner? Let us know in the comment section below.


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