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CV / Resume and biodata are the two most important documents in our lives, one could get you your dream job, and another one could help you find a better half for you. Whether you are seeking a life partner through offline mediums or online matrimonial services, biodata is the must-have document for your marriage.

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First, let’s understand what exactly a biodata is.


What is Biodata?

In simple terms, biodata is a document consisting of all the important information about you that you showcase to find a better life partner who shares similar interests and goals in life as you do.

You can add different things according to your preferences in your biodata for marriage. Still, name, contact details, family details, occupation, and education are some must include information in biodata for marriage.

You must be thinking that it's kind of similar to a CV, yes it is, but actually, it’s not. Let me explain how it’s different from a CV or resume.


How is Biodata different from CV and resume?

The main difference between biodata and CV/resume is that they both are used for different purposes. CV and resume are used to showcase your education, skills, experience means it’s an overview of your professional career.

The sole purpose of a biodata template is to showcase your personal information and portray your personality to the reader’s mind.


So, as the purposes of both are different, there are different formats and writing styles too. In this post, we’ll help you create an outstanding marriage biodata online and also provide an amazing biodata format for marriage for boys or girls. 

We will provide you the biodata format for marriage, but first, let’s understand what to include in a marriage biodata online.

Biodata for marriage boy

What to include in your Biodata for marriage for boys or girls?

As mentioned before, there are different types of formats for CV and biodata.

So, it’s a strict no, if you are thinking of using the same format for biodata as you do for a resume. Like an SUV and Van, both are types of cars, but uses are different, the same goes here.

So, let’s see what are the important things to include in a biodata format for marriage for boys or girls.


1. Personal information

2. Family background

3. Your personal profile

4. Partner preferences

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Put a heart-winning Portrait

Always remember that a good profile picture is your trump card. No one is going to read further if your profile picture in your biodata for marriage is not appealing enough. So, make sure to include a winning headshot of yourself while creating a marriage biodata online for boys or girls.

Here is how you can rock your biodata with an appealing picture(Dos and don’ts about a profile picture).

Consider hiring a professional photographer, if you don’t have a good photo.

We know, smartphones can click amazing photos too, but professionals are professionals. A good photo is always a plus for your marriage biodata online on matrimonial sites.

Avoid using selfies and group photos.

Please, please don’t. You know why, so just avoid putting selfies and group photos.

Avoid extra filters.


Portray your picture with your personal information

This section of your biodata should offer all the necessary information about you. Make sure to include all your personal information in as few words as possible, as no one likes the overload of information. Here is the overview of what you can include as your personal information.

1. Name

2. Physical information - Height, Weight

3. Age

4. Location

5. Education

6. Community

7. Languages Known

8. Any other relevant information

Biodat For Marriage

Rock your profile with dominating ABOUT ME section

This is a part where you can wow the reader and sparks their interest in your profile. After a good photograph, this section has the ability to grab the reader’s attention.

Just include your appearance, education, occupation, interests, and additional information using creative writing techniques. Here is a sample bio for your biodata format for marriage for boys and girls.


“I am a tall, fit, and brown-haired guy with a cheerful and ambitious personality. I graduated with a BBA in finance from Symbiosis University in 2014. Currently, I am working as a project manager at JP Morgan Chase in New York, USA.

I love to read thriller novels in my spare time, and I am a passionate traveler too. So, I’m an adventurous guy.

I also love animals and often spend time with my pet Max.”


Introduce your family

Make sure to include your family in your biodata format for marriage.  Make sure to include your family members in your biodata with care and attention.

1. Father’s name, occupation

2. Mother’s name, occupation

3. Siblings name, occupation

Add a brief description about your family, describing their personality and interests.


Partner Preferences - Tell clearly who you are looking for

This section allows your readers to understand whether you guys could make a great couple or not.

Be precise and clear about what you are looking for in a partner. You can mention everything here like what you like, what you can sacrifice, and what you couldn’t live without.

Here are a few things to consider when you are writing the partner preference section

1. Career perspective

2. Interests

3. Religion

4. Vegetarian 

5. Confident

6. Financial status

7. Likes and dislikes

Put all the information together and write a compelling partner preference profile. Here is an example of a good description. 


"I reached a satisfactory level of my career, and I am looking forward to focusing on life and family.

I’m looking for a professional and independent Jain woman, who shares similar values and interests as I do and respects others. As a sporty and fitness freak person, I would like my partner to be fit and willing to travel to adventurous places.

Must be confident, and an animal lover, as I am."


Furthermore, you can include your details for horoscope matchmaking. You can skip the horoscope section if you don’t believe in horoscope matchmaking.


Final Takeaway

We not only offer a free biodata format for marriage in PDF, but we create it on your behalf.  All you need to do is register for our free marriage biodata online and the rest is our responsibility to provide you with the best biodata format for marriage in PDF.

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