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The community of Jain might be a minority in India but this flourishing community is indeed making a mark with its charity, peace propaganda, and versatile trade. This is the very community we are serving with our matchmaking services. Cupid Knot is a professional matchmaking platform offering niche and customized services to the community of Jain, Agarwals, Maheshwari, and Marwari.


If you are looking forward to availing of the services of matrimonial platforms, we would insist to give us a try. This is because we have a vast database of profiles that belongs specifically to the Jain community. Further, we have a specific profile from different samaj like Shwetambar, Digambar, Stanakvasi, Terapanthi, and others. This makes us very suitable for the Jain community in general.


Our associates are spread across different parts of India and that allows us to build a huge database of potential Jain matrimony brides belonging to different samaj of Jain. That is to say, we have profiles for Jain Digambar, Shwetambar, Terapanthi bride in ample. It’s hard to find the number and quality of Jain girls for marriage on other matrimonial platforms. Hence, we are the best Jain (Terapanth) samaj matrimonial in India.


Want to know what makes us so unique as a Jain Samaj matrimonial?

Jain Bride

  • Well, up until now, there are only Jain marriage bureaus in India. But we are the first matchmaking platform that offers services in both modern and traditional aspects.


  • Yes, we offer our services on the matchmaking app. But you cannot search for profiles on our platform. That is to say, you cannot go and search like Jain Matrimony Brides or Jain Shwetambar or Digambar bride and find results. In short, we are not a Jain marriage site where you can go and search. Instead, we make a search for a life partner for you based on your needs. We are the matchmakers, not the search platform.


  • You won’t find as many numbers of Jain Girls for marriage as you would find on our platform. Hence, it is definitely worth spending your money where there is a possibility of finding someone.


  • Lastly, our packages are moderately priced compared to other matrimonial platforms. Hence, your money is better splurged here than anywhere else.

Best Jain Matrimony Website in India

There are several Jain matrimony websites in India providing online matrimony services. Finding a compatible matrimonial service is definitely a daunting task. Cupid Knot is a leading Jain matrimony website providing matrimony services to Jain, Agarwal, Maheshwari, and Marwari communities in India. 


Apart from other Jain Matrimony websites, we offer more compatible matrimony solutions to these communities. As we delicately serve these communities, we have gained expertise amongst Jain matrimony. 

Check more details about us at Cupid Knot. Read more about marriage and relationships on our blog. Visit Cupid Knot to find more interesting reads.


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