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Not that we are trying to glorify the concept of perfect one, but hey there’s someone out there, meant only for you. We agree that should have better half and perfect life partner is vague. And for all the right reasons.


After all, no one is perfect enough to complete you or mend your broken pieces. But we would like to disagree, gracefully if you ever say that having someone out there meant for you completely, is a myth.


We are the cupids and unlike the online marriage bureau, we are in the business of online matchmaking services. We won’t settle you for anything just because the religion and caste standards fall on the same page. From a compatibility check to an intrinsic goal check, we believe in exploring various parameters while searching for a life partner for you.


So before we walk you through our matrimonial services, let me help you understand who we actually are. First things first, we are based in Surat and our service offerings are available across India and even abroad. We might not yet be on the list of the best Indian matrimony sites, but hey we aren’t anywhere less either.


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We might not have years of experience on our back but one thing we can say with certainty is that try hard, but you won’t find a Jain Matrimonial as good as us. As our name suggests, we are the cupids. We love playing cupid and help people find their imperfectly perfect one.


So instead of being an open search platform, where the number of frauds is greater than the success stories, we play the role of being a matchmaker. That is to say, we would search and send you profiles that might suit your personality the best, by sourcing them from our database.


Speaking of which, we have our associates spread across the country, and they help us build this vast database of potential Grooms and brides in India. Oh, and we also offer subsidiary services to complement your matchmaking experience. Having said that, we can make a biodata online for you. We also offer astrology consultation to meet the Indian needs of matchmaking.


All in all, we reduce the burden of sourcing through thousands of profiles before finding the perfect one. We simply send you the best matches for you.


You may ask why Cupid Knot?


Find Your Soulmate Using Matrimonial Service


Well, what is the first thing you think of when you hear of matrimonial websites in India? Last chance, right? When you have nowhere else to look for you would pave your way through the matrimonial site. But at Cupid knot, we encourage you to make us your first choice.


We will make the process of finding your life partner so much easier for you that you won’t have any hassle at all. We are the experts in matchmaking, and we firmly believe that advancing a society such as ours requires experts who understand the nuances of marriages to great depth.


When you replace us with your family matchmakers, you open yourself to options outside your social circle. You find someone compatible with you rather than settling with unneeded compromise.


Now, availing of our services is as simple for adults in their forties as it is for someone in their early twenties. We have a well-curated Android and IOS application that is easy to use for people of all ages. When you register with us, we would send you suggestions sourced according to your requirements.


You can either accept or reject the suggestion through this mobile application. As simple as that. No complex processes, no technical glitches. Besides, our offline assistance is available all week round during our working hours.


Now, when we specialize in communities of Jain, Agarwal, Maheshwari, and Marwari, and we haven’t found anyone as strong as us in our niche. Our matchmaking services are confidential and help you maintain your privacy.


Yes, registration is free on our platform, but we so have membership packages curated for our customer needs. Lastly, we promise you nothing but the best matchmaking experience so that you can find your life partner in no time.


Begin your search for a life partner with us today. Register with us and allow us to help you. Cupid Knot 


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