How to make the most out of Cupid Knot’s Interactive Bio Data.

Apart from various integrated services we offer, Cupid Knot’s interactive Bio Data is one of our main features. It gives members space where they can put their opinions, thoughts, and details in a clear, coherent manner.


Our Bio Data is effectively divided into sections covering all the important aspects of an individual, thus making it easy to understand and fill up. Check out these tricks to make sure you make the most out of your Bio Data.


About Yourself

Your ‘About Me’ section will be your only direct communication in the initial profile matching process, so take that seriously. Adding details that truly resonate with you is a good way to begin.


You need to write what is important to you, your expectations, and your preferences clearly to ensure you are represented in the most real way.


How to make the most out of Cupid Knot’s Interactive Bio Data


Your Family

As it is known that you don’t just marry the person in India, you marry the entire family, details about your family are of grave importance to your potential matches.


You can also specify an ideal family for you to help us find you a match that suits your preferences.


Your Education & Profession

An essential part of your upbringing, details about your educational background are crucial for every potential match. And information about your career and professional goals are equally important.


It is advisable to mention your preferences and expectations from your partner along with your details to help us match people with similar thoughts.


Partner Preferences

Unless you state what you desire, you always live in a dilemma of finding the right match for you. Writing down your preferences and what you expect from your partner can truly help you find a partner who knows how you think and vice versa.


You both can blend your lifestyles to match one another and build a life together with mutual agreements.


And there you have it! These tips, if followed correctly, will help you create a Bio-Data that is interactive, effective and one that finds you matches that perfectly suit you. So, if you haven’t finished your Bio-Data, fill it now. It's easy, user-friendly, and effectively quick.

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