First Meeting Questions – Check these off before you take it forward!

While the idea of meeting your potential partner and their family may seem like an exciting idea, we know there’s equal amount of nervousness along with it. First meetings are always hard – there’s the stress of making a good first impression, of finding out if you like them, and so much more.


But one thing most of you tend to overlook is not preparing for the questions you need to ask before taking the relationship forward. Cupid Knot has devised a list to help you find out what you need during your first encounter.


“What is more important to you? Family? Career?”

Both of these are important, but to know where your partner’s inclination lies is essential so you both are clear about your family and professional life.


“How many kids do you want?”

It is always a good idea to be on the same page about the number of kids you want so both of you can have an idea of your future beforehand.


“How important is travel to you?”

You want to know beforehand how they feel about travel, how often they wish to take trips in a year, et cetera.


First Meeting Questions


“Have you had any past relationships?”

It is always advisable to know about each other’s pasts and develop transparency, which in turn helps you devise a clear, honest relationship in the future.

“If you could have one superpower, which one would you pick?”

It may seem like a fun question, but it’s something that will give you a clear idea of what their nature is and what they truly desire.


“What do you value the most in the entire world?”

The answer could be family, love, friendship, money – or something else, but it is certain to give you a window into their minds.


“What has been your most embarrassing moment?”

Vulnerability always elicits the raw emotions in a person – something that will help you understand them in a much deeper way.


“What is a non-negotiable trait you want your partner to have?”

A simple point black question like that will bring a clear answer out of them as well, and in turn will help you understand their expectations from you.


“Where do you see yourself 20 years down the line?”

Knowing what their future looks like to them is probably one of the most important things you can ask them, so you can see if it is in tandem with your future plans and how you both can move forward together.

“Why do you want to get married?”

It may seem like a clichéd question, but it is the one that can truly help you find the answers you are looking for.


So that’s it, check these off in your first meeting when both of you get to talk to each other, away from your families, and we are sure, the answers will help you make the right decision for yourself and your future.


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