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Cupid Knot is a leading matrimony service provider in India, known for its specialized services for Hindu communities all over the world. We are one of the fastest-growing matrimony apps in India connecting users through AI on both android and iOS platforms.

No, You cannot make your matrimony profile on our website. Our online services could be availed only through our mobile application. We have a well-curated Android and IOS application that supports devices of various types.

No, you cannot use the same email address for different profiles as every email ID is linked with one profile only to keep the account secure. Happy Networking!!

You can easily make changes to your profile by logging in to your account. Simply go to edit your profile, and you can change or update your profile information.

Yes, you can, but you have to create a new account again.

No. We do not share any personal information of yours with any user without your approval. All details are shared only after your selection or approval. Happy Networking!!

Yes. We have a huge client base all over India, and even in several countries. So, whether it’s your first marriage or the second one, we provide the best possible services.

No. Making a profile on our mobile application is absolutely free.

Yes, you can make a profile on behalf of any of your family members or friends.

We offer complete confidentiality to all our members and so all your personal information like your name, email, contact address, and password is kept safe and not shared with anyone. Other members can see your complete profile, your pictures, etc. only after there is mutual approval. For further details, you can read our Privacy Policy. Happy Networking!!

We ensure the safety and privacy of all our users and thus need thorough verification from everyone who joins the website. We aspire to give all our users a pleasant experience free from fake profiles and thus require the verification process. Happy Networking!

All profiles that sign up on Cupid Knot are verified by us through their number, personal details, KYC details, etc. so you do not have any adverse experience while you use our services. Happy Networking!!

We show relevant profiles according to your partner preferences on the Cupid Knot application. You can directly contact your matches through the Cupid Knot App. We also have premium subscription packages where we provide more personalized services with a modern approach.

The eligibility to create a Cupid Knot account is 18 years. We usually work with people between 21 - 45 years of Age.

Our application is available for both iOS and Android users. You can simply create an account or sign up using your Google Account.

Yes, all profiles on the Cupid Knot App are communicating with us, and you surely can find a compatible life partner online with Cupid Knot.

If you are a public user, Your profile will be accessible and visible to all users, you can also see all public profiles on the platform. Furthermore, you will also have access to schedule a call with your matches by yourself. If you are a premium user, Your profile will be private and confidential, no one can access it without your permission. A dedicated relationship manager will work on your profile and provide you with suggestions according to your partner’s preferences, with specialized customer support and a modern approach.

Yes, your personal information, as well as your bank account details are absolutely safe with Cupid Knot.

Yes. We have both paid and free services for our users. Paid services have some extra benefits, but our free services also are worth trying.

You can easily change your personal details simply by logging in to the Cupid Knot App. Go to the menu, select edit profile, you can edit or add new information to your profile.

Cupid Knot App is super user-friendly, you can easily change or remove your photos from your Cupid Knot profile.

No, all profiles on the Cupid Knot app are fully verified, and there is no place for fake profiles on the Cupid Knot App.

You will have great connections on the Cupid Knot app still, if you wish you can easily delete your account any time by going to the Menu > Settings > Delete My Account. Your account will be deleted permanently, and your details will immediately be deleted from the App.

Partner preferences mean your preferences about what kind of a person you are looking for. This includes height, caste, income, etc. Partner preferences allow us to know about your preferences and serve accordingly.

We are a global matrimony service provider for all Hindu communities. We have a huge database of Hindu communities all over the world, and we’re one of the fastest-growing matrimony service providers in India.

No, we are a trusted matchmaking service provider and we do not provide any kind of friendship or dating services. So, you are at the wrong place if you are looking for dating services.

You only can approve five profiles before completing your profile.

You can send us a request for any kind of issue or query on support@cupidknot.com.

Yes, you can schedule a call with your match from the Cupid Knot App.

‘Approved profiles’ is a dedicated section for the profiles you approve on the Cupid Knot App.

A wish list is a dedicated section for profiles you put in for reviews. It’s compulsory for a user to take mandatory actions on these profiles within the next 48 hours, if not these profiles will be removed from wishlist. You can put 5 profiles in wishlist at once.

When both the users approve each other’s profiles they become a matching profile for each other and can be seen under the section “Matches”.

In wallet, you can see your cupid coin balance and use them as per your need.

Transaction history is the history of your transactions done in Cupid Knot coins on the Cupid Knot app.

You can check or review your transaction history in your coin wallet.

We offer a sign-up reward when a new user signs up on the Cupid Knot. You will get 10 Cupid coins as a sign-up reward.

We have a safe payment method, so you can easily purchase different types of coins from the Cupid Knot App using your debit/credit card, UPI, or Net banking.

Apart from the purchased coins, we do offer free coins as a reward to Cupid Knot users, you can win such rewards by logging in to Cupid Knot regularly, by completing your Cupid Knot Profile, or sharing our app.

Yes, now with our new chat feature, you can send chat request to your match using connect coin. Once they approve your request, both of you can chat for as long as you like.

No, it’s not compulsory to upload your biodata, but more detailed information about you and your family helps us work more efficiently on your profile. So, we highly recommend uploading your biodata for better results.

Yes, completing your profile is compulsory as you can only approve/disapprove five profiles before completing your profile.

E-KYC means a feature on the Cupid Knot that asks you to upload your identity proof( Aadhar Card/Passport/Pan Card/Driving License), this lets us and other users know that you are a genuine and verified user.

E-KYC lets us and other users know that you are a verified and genuine user, and genuine users are more likely to be found by potential users on the Cupid Knot Matrimony App.

Verification failed means there was something wrong with the details or document you provided while updating your E-KYC on the Cupid Knot App. Don’t worry, you can upload your document again for the verification process.

Yes, Cupid Knot has a super user-friendly interface on our App. You can easily create bio data on our matrimony App.

All the payments for the services of Cupid Knot Matrimony once paid will be Non-Refundable and any amount paid shall stand appropriated. By using our services and making payment to the Cupid Knot application, you agree to be bound by these payment terms & refund hereinafter referred to as Payment Policy. Cupid Knot Matrimony will not refund any member if they no longer wish to use our services. A refund can NOT be given in part or whole for any subscription, whether the member has used or not used it for whatever reason. Users who wish to cancel their subscription will not be given any partial or full refund for any reason.

You get Cupid Coins as rewards when you complete your profile and login to Cupid Knot App everyday.

One cupid coin is used for approving profile.

Two Cupid Coins are used to match with profiles.

Three Cupid Coins are used to connect with profiles.

After matching with them, you can send chat requests by using 3 Cupid Coins for non-premium matches and 6 Cupid Coins for premium matches

We have a safe payment method, so you can easily purchase different types of coins from the Cupid Knot App using your debit/credit card, UPI, or Net banking.

The premium section is where you can see partners you share your mutual connections with.

Users can connect their social medias to their profiles. And you can spend flat 499 INR to access your match's social links.

You can see mutual connections at flat 999 INR by activating premium.

Yes, you can block users anytime at any stage of connecting with them. Cupid Knot is built with staged data-sharing system which lets you have the freedom to stop sharing your data at any stage.

Yes, you can disapprove people after approving them as well. Go on their profile and click the 3-dot menu on top right of the screen. You will get the option to disapprove them.

Yes, you can report users on Cupid Knot app. At the bottom of their profile, you can find report option.

We have finely curated special offers every day on the app. You can find and buy different bundles of Cupid Coins every day. The special offer makes it cheaper to buy coins in bulk.

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