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Times have changed and so have our society’s outlook on arranged marriages. Gone are the days of ‘marry the one we chose for you or you’re dead to us’, ‘Humne dekh liya hai. Ladka acha hain. Khush rakhega tumhe’ or ‘Ladke se kya baat karni hai. Humpr bharosa nahi hai?’

Parents now understand the need and importance of a friendly meet up or conversation between the prospective bride and groom before binding them with the sacred knot of marriage for seven lives. 

But finding a decent and veracious spouse for their boy/girl isn’t an easy task even for our wise and judicious parents. 

Cupid Knot can be your saviour here. We are one of India’s leading matrimony service providers with a wealth of authentic perspectives for matchmaking. 

Our suggested profiles aren’t just people genuinely looking for marriage and matchmaking opportunities, but are also the ones selected according to your preferences and compatibility. 

With our years of experience in matrimonial affairs, Cupid Knot looks for the perfect fit. And the best part! We include both the parents and the intended.

But don’t you be worried. The privacy is well taken care of! 

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