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Kundali matchmaking is an ancient method of Vedic astrology to check compatibility between bride and groom before marriage. Digitalization and the increasing use of technology had made it easier for us to do anything, anywhere, and at any time.


Online Kundali matching is the most accurate and easiest process to check the compatibility of prospective bride and groom. It’s way easier than the traditional way of matchmaking, where you have to consult an astrologer and pay him for horoscope matchmaking.


Cupid Knot is a leading matrimony service provider in India for Jain, Agarwal, Maheshwari, and Marwari communities in India. Being a trusted service provider, we offer free Janam Kundali Online matchmaking services absolutely for free.


If you are not actually aware of what kundali matchmaking is, let’s help you understand what Kundali matching is and how our online matchmaking services work.


What is Kundali Matching/Horoscope matching for marriage?

Kundali Milan or matchmaking is one of the most important rituals before marriage. Astrologers use birth charts of bride and groom to determine or see whether their stars and nakshatras are in a harmony for a successful relationship. Kundali Milan or Guna Milap is dependent on several factors that are also known as Gunas.


Here are three major factors that could affect Kundali matching.

  1. Presence or absence of Mangalik Dosha
  2. Guna Milan Score
  3. Navamsa Characteristics

Kundali Match


How online kundali matching works?

Horoscope or Kundali matchmaking is one of the most important aspects of Hindu marriages. People in India consider Kundali matchmaking as the most important factor for marriage.


Kundali matching for marriage was initially done by family astrologers or priests, but with the increasing use of technology and the internet, people have moved towards online kundali matching services.


There are two different ways of kundali matching for marriage, one is by name and another by date of birth. Kundali matching by birthdate is considered the most popular yet accurate way of the matchmaking process.


It is based on the traditional age-old India Ashtakoot method. Astrologers use various methods for horoscope matchmaking still, Ashtakoot method is considered the most accurate one for horoscope matching for marriage.


Can we rely on online Kundali matching?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by people in India. So, the answer is yes, we can rely on online kundali matching software. Many expert astrologers have claimed that online matchmaking software is the best way for horoscope matching for marriage.


Kundali match-making software uses similar mathematical calculations as ancient astrologers used to do for matchmaking. You can easily find accurate data of your Guna Milan points with our Online Janam Kundali Matchmaking software. 


One more thing, our matchmaking software is absolutely free, so register for free now and match your Janam Kundali Online for free with our matchmaking software.


Importance of horoscope matching for marriage

Several people are confused about the importance of the horoscope matching for marriage process. Dasha-Krama, Ashtakoot Milap, and Doshas are some important factors of horoscope matchmaking. Marriages last for seven long lives according to ancient Hindu Scriptures. 


Kundali matching for marriage is the easiest yet the best way to check the compatibility of a relationship. You cannot judge a person based on the first meeting, but with the Kundali matchmaking process, you can have a better understanding of the other person, their interests, and their passion.


Though it doesn’t offer any guarantee of a successful marriage, it’s still better to consider matching horoscope before marriage to stay on a safer side as it helps you find a person who shares similar interests, passion, and goals towards life. 


Kundali matching for marriage is an excellent way of checking compatibility based on Nakshatras. This process is also called ‘Guna Milap’ or ‘Ashtakoot Milap’ in different regions in India.


Most frequently asked questions about Janam Kundali Online matchmaking

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Kundali matching for marriage that could help you get over some misconceptions about Janam Kundali online matchmaking.


What does a very low score in horoscope matching for marriage mean?

A low score is not a good sign. A low score in horoscope matchmaking means you both have fewer similarities, and a lack of similar interests and goals could lead to bitterness in a relationship. 


Is this the best way to know the compatibility between two people?

The answer is yes. You cannot know a person well just on the basis of the first meeting, but Kundali matchmaking for marriage is the best way to know the compatibility between two people.

Online Kundali Matching with Cupid Knot is the easiest yet most accurate way to know the compatibility between groom and bride.


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