6 Rituals And Traditions Kerala Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding

05 Nov 2022 , By Cupidknot

Kerala is God's own country. From the mesmerizing backwaters to rich culture and traditions, one cannot help but fall crazy with Kerala. And while the state is legendary for various places and scenic spots, it's equally known for its traditional weddings. Weddings in Kerala aren't only authentic and cultural but also equally beautiful. Everything during a Kerala-style wedding is unique, from the Kerala bride donning a shocking white saree to a grand Sadhya meal. And if you're soon to be a Kerala bride, we bet these customary rituals will blow your mind and make your wedding more personal, genuine, and fun. 

6 Rituals And Traditions Kerala Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding

Pudamuri: Unlike other ceremonies, this ceremony in Kerala weddings is particularly for Kerala girls for marriage. Whether or not the girl is independent and capable enough to take care of herself, the family always ensures that her partner supports her all their life. And for that, this ceremony takes place in Kerala. As an element of the ceremony, the groom has to prove how well he can care for his bride. And for the identical, the groom gifts his Kerala bride a gorgeous silk saree with a blouse on a designed platter which signifies that he will fulfill all her dreams and take utmost care of her. And like other ceremonies, this one is celebrated with pomp and grandeur. 

Kanyadanam: Hindu weddings are stunning, and each ritual has its significance. And a bit like other Hindu ceremonies, in Kerala weddings, the marriage takes place in front of the holy fire. Both bride and groom take rounds of the holy fire thrice, and then the groom ties Taali (a delicate yellow necklace) around the bride's neck. And once this is done, the custom for the Kanyadanam begins where the bride's father hands over his daughter's hand to the groom. And here, it states that the daddy is now giving over his responsibilities to the groom.

Sparsham Ritual:  during this ritual, the groom must take a seat on the floor and make sure that he faces the bride and their foreheads align and touch. And then, with holy chants being hummed by the priests, the Kerala girl for marriage puts rice within the Veil. Post this, and the groom puts the bride's foot on the grinding stone. This ceremony marks their courtship, and the bride is now ready to be a part of the new family while leaving her family behind. The chants, the ambience, and the Kerala girl dressed traditionally- there's nothing you will not like about this ceremony. 

Sadhya: While all the festivities are fun during a Kerala wedding, there's one custom that the Kerala girls and boys look most forward to the classic Sadhya feast. With over 25 different sorts of meals served on the traditional plantain plate. The 25-meal course includes rice, three sorts of curries, savory pickles, and pleasant sweets. And while Sadhya may be a must-have, other dishes are also served with the fundamentals. Beat all, Sadhya may be a treat, and you actually must make a point to eat Sadhya at Kerala weddings. And for relishing it to its fullest, eat it with your hands just like others do at the Kerala-style wedding. 

Griha Pravesh: In Kerala, everything is completed with style and fun. In fact, unlike other Hindu Vidaai ceremonies, brides in Kerala follow this ritual with a smile on their faces. With no tears, the bride enters the new home together with her husband in style. And this auspicious ceremony is planned well beforehand. The bride enters her new home with a standard lamp in her hand, known as Kudivep. This one is additionally considered the most auspicious ritual of Kerala wedding ceremonies. Everyone showers the bride with flowers and love on her entry to the new house.

Sthuthi Cholluka: Kerala may be a diverse state that makes their weddings quite different, both culturally and aesthetically. Sthuthi Cholluka is performed during a Catholic Kerala-style wedding, where the couple says prayers before heading to the church for marriage. This ceremony is followed by Gurudakshina, like Dakshina Kodukkal, where the couple touches the elder's feet and seeks blessings. 

Whether you're going to be a Kerala-styled Bride or not, you want to try to attend a wedding in Kerala to have an unforgettable experience. With multiple rituals and ceremonies in situ, you will surely learn about Kerala and its traditions, which are way beyond the tourist spots. And while you're there, don't miss to require part in the festivities while savoring the grand Sadhya meal. 

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