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Live-in Relationship in India

Whether you’re slightly familiar with the concept of live-in relationships or a total amateur, this article will help you understand everything about live-in relationships in India. Let’s start with what is a live-in relationship?

Live-in relation or cohabitation is an arrangement whereby two people decide to live together on a long-term or permanent basis in an emotionally and/or sexually intimate relationship. The term is most frequently applied to couples who are not married.

In simple words, a live-in relationship is an experiment. An experiment to check the compatibility of two to-be life partners. 

Legal Stand on Live-in Relationships in India

Two people are living together without being married is a little tough for Indian society to digest. However, the youngsters of the country have already started taking a lateral step and break the barriers. 

A live-in relationship between two consenting individuals is a legal act if both are of legal age of marriage and agree to be in the relationship. There is no such law in the Indian Constitution that allows or denies such relationships. But, when such couples seek protection from society or their families, it’s up to the high court. Some high courts allow protection and tag live-in relationships as an immoral act and deny protection to the couple. 

That said, let’s find out what are the perks of a live-in and how it can become messy at times.

Freedom to Make Decisions

Live-in hands you the freedom to choose for yourself unlike marriage where you need to discuss everything with your husband first then it goes to the jury of your in-laws for approval.

It’s a good Compatibility Test

Live-in relationships work as a litmus test for compatibility. According to a lot of youngsters, while marriage is full of commitments, live-in provides them the time for a compatibility check before committing to a person. In case the relationship doesn’t work out both parties can part ways without any conflict.

Better Understanding of the Other Person

Unlike marriage, a live-in relationship provides you with the time and flexibility to first understand the person better and then commit. A lot of married women often have complaints that they've to manage both work and household responsibilities. However, in a live-in, there are clear boundaries about the duties. 

All these perks might make live-in relationships sound like all rainbows and sunshine. But that’s not true. As we mentioned earlier, live-in relationships very much like marriages get messy at times. 

Commitment issues

Though youngsters opt for live-in as they don’t have to commit to somebody all of a sudden, commitment in any relationship is important. Be it a little late. In some cases, it happens that one of the two doesn’t want to commit at all. They are in a live-in relationship for the fun and freedom it provides. And they part ways the moment they are tired of the relationship. Which is very wrong. 

Another case that often repeats itself is committing to a negative or toxic person. Opting for a live-in relationship is no kids' play. One needs to think very carefully before making a move. 

Social Criticism

India still has a long way to go to accept live-in relationships. Though it's the 21st century, society still gives some creep looks to couples living in a live-in. For rural India, it is an immoral, unethical act. However, things are a little better min big cities.

So, is it okay to be in a Live-in Relationship? 

Well, we are no judges of someone’s life. We believe it’s totally the couple’s decision whether they want to or not. All we would say is whether you opt for marriage or a live-in, be prudent while choosing the person you step in with and set some clear boundaries regarding responsibilities and respect. 

With that, we hope you make the right choice for yourself. 

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