Wondering if He’s Into You? Look for These 9 Signs

04 Apr 2022 , By Cupidknot

Guys at times can be hard to predict. You might be hanging out with them for a while. Going on lunches and dinners, talking hours over the phone and talking evening strolls but still unsure if he’s into you. This might also be because sometimes even guys themselves aren’t aware that they’re crushing over you.

However, if well observed, a person’s behaviour and body language towards you can tell you a lot about their feelings for you. Here are the 9 signs to look for to know if the guy you’re hanging out with is into you. 

He enthusiastically starts up a conversation

Whether is a topic of seriousness or an idle chi chatter, he’s keen to carry the conversation with you. He likes talking to you and is probably interested in you. 

His eyes tell you the truth

Though smiling is a good sign, how do you know if he’s genuinely smiling at you or just faking it? You will find the answer to this dilemma in his eyes. 

He makes an effort to impress you

He proudly tells you about his achievements, looks at you for approval of his jokes and stories. He shows genuinity towards things. He’s doing all this because he likes you. He might exaggerate at times but that’s only because he wants to impress you. He wants you to know how great he can be as a partner. A man only acts like this around the people whose opinions he cares about. 

He shows you his vulnerable side

Men normally don’t expose their vulnerability publicly. However, if he’s having deep conversations with him where he drops off the armour he usually wears and bares his soul to you, it’s a strong sign that he likes you and genuinely wishes a future with you. 

He’s constantly staring at you (not in a creepy way)

In case you catch him staring at you longer than usual or find his eyes locked on you, take it as a compliment and know that he’s falling for you.

He mirrors you 

All humans get influenced by their fellows’ actions to a certain degree. For example, laughing when someone else is laughing, or seeing someone yawn and then finding yourself yawning too. When a guy likes you he’s even more likely to be influenced by your body language and actions. 

He doesn’t check his phone while he’s with you 

Find him totally focused on you and only you when he’s in your company? No doubt he’s into you!

This shows he doesn’t care about the zillion things happening around when he’s with you. He respects your time and makes you a priority when he’s with you. 

He compliments you on things beyond physical appearance

It’s easy to notice something physical about a person but it takes time and effort to discover someone on a deeper level and recognize the gifts and magic they’ve been blessed with. 

If he compliments you on things apart from your looks, it shows he really sees you and all the beauty that ruins through your soul. 

He remembers things about you that even you don’t remember

This is one’s a subtle sign that he’s into you. He remembers even the smallest things about you. Be it something you shared with him or a thing he discovered about you on its own. 

He remembers the details because what’s important to you is important to him too.

All that said, if you’re wondering where you stand with the guy on the scene, keep an eye for the above mentioned signs. The guide should be able to help you reach a conclusion. 

Till next time!

Happy Matchmaking!

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