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17 Mar 2023 , By Cupid knot

4 reasons why you should attend a Gujarati Matrimonial SOON!

Gujaratis are colorful, die-hard foodies, fun loving & intelligent people. They’re known to be the most chaotic & loud when it comes to celebrations. May it be festivals or wedding ceremonies, it’s always the grandiose celebrations.

Gujarati weddings are no less than carnivals. If you are attending a Gujarati wedding of your close mate, you will come across all or some of these things we are gonna see below.

A Gujarati Wedding is a grand affair. There are several rituals and ceremonies where family, friends and well-wishers from near and far gather to cheer the newlywed couple. This day is considered to be one of the most auspicious occasions for a Gujarati. The couple is treated as the King and Queen for a day, and an entire day is spent in celebrating the marriage.

Known for its historicity & hospitality, Gujarat offers you a wide variety of exciting wedding traditions.

1. Garba Nights

Gujaratis hold Garba Night a few days before the actual wedding day. Where friends and family from both sides come together to do Garba together. Since Gujarati people love dance, Graba nights last more than one specific night. Most probably goes on till the day of Wedding day.

2. The Wedding Shagun

Gujaratis take wedding gifts pretty seriously. Whether it’s a gift to the bride or groom or their families, it’s always extravagant & helpful stuff they give. More often than not you’d see them bringing money in envelopes since there is nothing more helpful than cash.

3. Dhokla, Khandvi & many more mouthwatering dishes

Gujarati Wedding isn’t complete without delicacies, is it? To put it better, Gujarati Weddings are a whole feast at it. Dhokla, Fafda, Khandvi, Puri and a lot more dishes are like cherry on the top. With good food, comes the good mood. Weddings become extra special when the mood is just right after food. If you are a non-gujarati attending a Gujarati wedding, you are in for a ride.

4. Flirting over Dandiya

It’s not flirting over the drinking era, it’s flirting over the Dandiya era for Gujaratis. They are such a great flirt. That’s the reason why you will find many young couples blooming in Gujarati Weddings. Dandiya is a fun dance with sticks where you get to interact with people at your fullest. In fact, many future matches are made at one or the other wedding.

5. Aeki Beki

Aeki Beki is played by the couple where a large bowl is filled with milk, vermillion, water and coins. They put a gold ring in it as well which the couple has to find. They are allowed to use their right hands only. Whoever finds it first gets the prize. Aeki Beki is another one of few exciting games they play during the wedding.

Weddings are always fun and exciting to attend, and Gujarati weddings are no different. If you have been invited to a Gujarati wedding, you should jump at the chance to go. You will have a great time, and you will be able to show your support for your friends or family who are getting married. We hope you will be able to attend a Gujarati wedding soon and have a great time.

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