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12 Mar 2022 , By Cupid knot

Here’s How You Can Make the Most Out of Your Marital Biodata

A successful marriage is not defined only by how much you know about each other but by how compatible you are. While marriage is a lifetime journey with your ‘the one’, an impressive marriage biodata can be your ticket to it. 

A marital biodata unlike your usual job biodata or CV is not something you keep polishing over the years with rewriting the new experiences and learning. It is something you need to pour your heart and soul into while creating. A marriage biodata if not the most important factor is one of the most important factors of you meeting your potential partner. The sole purpose of a marriage biodata is to showcase your best personality and your aspirations from life to your potential partner. That makes it important that you take the work seriously. 

Before we start off with the expert tips on making an impressive marriage biodata, here is a list of four important details you need to include in your marriage biodata. 

  • Personal information
  • Family background
  • Your personal profile
  • Partner preferences

That being said, let’s move on to the tips to make a lasting impression through your marriage biodata.

Put a heart-winning Portrait

Because ‘First impression is the last impression.’ Let’s be honest, humans have the trait of being attracted to pleasant appearances. Be it a view or the portrait of a prospective partner. While character and everything else matters, a smart, dashing or beautiful profile photo can create their interest in you. That doesn’t mean you have to photoshop your pictures to achieve AI beauty levels. Remember, Nothing beats natural.

Add an impressive and heart-winning profile picture to your marriage biodata.

Have a powerful ‘About Me’ section

This short space is all you’ve got. This is where you have direct communication with anyone reading your biodata. If written well, this brief section can hook them up to you. Use powerful words depicting you. Write only what resonates with you. Be authentic. Show the type of person you actually are. Remember, don’t fake. 

Introduce your Family

In India, a marriage isn’t an affair just between the couple but the whole family. So it’s better you give your future partner a glimpse of your family. Let them know about your parents, family ideologies, what are their expectations from their future son/daughter-in-law and their family. This saves latter clashes and builds trust between both the partners as well as the families. 

Share your Education, Profession 

Share details about your educational background and what profession you’re into. Some people also prefer sharing their income details in this section. Well, that’s totally up to you. 

Let them know who you are looking for

After ‘About Me,’ this is the next most important section. This section also clarifies things for the better. Mention what are the qualities you are looking for in your future partner. It can be career perspective, interests & hobbies, financial status, religion, anything you want specific or think is important for someone to spend their life with you. Dedicating a little thought and time to this section of your marriage biodata can do a lot of good. Mentioning your preferences in your marriage biodata can save a lot of time.

Take care of the above mentioned points and you will have a magnificent marriage biodata to impress them. 

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